Trying to cap (skill build need !)

Discussion in 'Mechanic' started by Azeris, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Azeris Daddy's Lil Monster <3

    Hello im 60lvl F.Mechanic and im looking for some guide for fast cleaning rooms, PvE only.
    Also looking for skill build bcs im rly noob on her and only spamming Viper :S i dont use robotics (maybe i should ?).
    I got other max lvl chars so u can speak to me in DFO language :D

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Ipsen

    You should use Robotics.

    Your skill build...Is just g-series to the max plus whatever else you like. G-Series is what the class is designed around; the other robots supplement. While leveling, Viper and Air mech: Gale Force are likely also instant max in my book for the ranges they cover (also the damage recently was jacked way up on galeforce).

    This is...aged, but I think it's still pretty darn relevant. Use the details here to decide what else to pack along with G-1, G-2, G-3, and Robotics.

  3. Hey that's my outdated build.

    Some changes:
    BBQ: 10 + TP to make it a super grab

    Spriggan: 1

    Viper: Max

    Sparrow: Max

    Silver Bullet: 0, the dmg from this is almost never above 1m for me event when maxed.

    Viper Zero: Dump, drop points if needed to max other skills.

    Mech Drop/Gale: Pick 1, Gale was recently buffed and I feel like he's a better drop-and-go than Mech Drop. (Later patch makes the bots jump at he target with detonate which I think is a bigger burst)

    EZ-8: I didn't have SP to max this anymore

    Robotics: MUST MAX. It's a swappable perma buff that adds a whole lot of skill damage now.
  4. Azeris Daddy's Lil Monster <3

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  5. I never used RX-78 but yeah with EZ-8, just summon and aim detonate or tap detonate if you are within the enemy range.

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