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    I wrote this up while I was stuck in the john today (thanks food poisoning!). If you guys see anything wrong, please notify me. Don't wanna spread misinformation.

    black earth:

    2nd room: first thing you should do is ground quake tiamat and then do agni when your ground quake is about to end. rinse and repeat.

    3rd room: throw ghost orbs at him until he goes tornado mode.

    4th room: I like to ground quake, cancel it, do 2nd awakening, then immediately run up and do agni pentacle.

    5th room: I throw a ghost orb right when michael is vulnerable and then kill him while he's hitstunned. for the 2nd form, I do junk spin assist at the beginning and then kill him. (needs more info here)

    ozma: I use 1st awakening here cause of multihits and quick wmb regens. first thing I do upon entering the room is toss a ghost orb then string, iws, fws, and more ghost orbs until he's down. GQ when he nears the end of his vulnerable stage.


    2nd room: ground quake as soon as you enter the room.

    3rd room: you should turn off your thundergod passive first. if I get the disease, i usually wait until the stalkers are away from neiser and together then i toss a ghost orb at them.

    4th room: I do deadly enticer in the middle of the room when the evil numaks spawn.

    5th room: I like to use 1st awakening here because your iws is pretty much fucked anyway. first thing I do is toss a ghost orb then the xstring, iws, and fws (While in wave eye!! Don't freeze him or hold him). if he does the breath thingy, do deadly enticer using this column as a reference point.

    I got nothing for bakal.

    void rift:

    2nd room: turn off thunder god energy. turn off murderous wave if someone has hammer of repentance.

    3rd room: throw a glacial wave 1 second after he says "Haha! The meteorite is right there!".

    4th room: nothing much here

    5th room: i like to use 1st awakening to clear the room here. refer to the video.*alternatively, you can rush down to the bottom row and throw a glacial wave to freeze, clear that row.

    gaunis: you can actually burst him down between phases. refer to this video.*

    * - here's the video:

    goblin kingdom:

    1st room: i got nothing.

    2nd room: feed with wws, blood lust, or with murderous wave. whatever floats your boat.

    3rd room: interrupt olli with a cube move when he says "eek! here goes my spear!"

    4th room: nothing

    5th room: you should be the one bombing since your evasion can screw you over.

    boss: ground quake the boss when he reaches around 60 health bars (hard mode)

    castle nebulous:

    1st room: indra net the mobs if you can. nothing else really comes to mind.

    2nd room: if your damage is high enough, you might be able to nuke the 4 puppets.

    3rd room: i like to summon a number 28 right when you get to the gold dragons and then use deadly enticer on the middle gold dragon while everyone else nukes.

    4th room: can use asura spirit crescent to kinda push them to the corner

    5th room: ground quake magneus right when you enter

    captain petrilisk: nothing comes to mind.

    rangelus guerrilla:

    2nd room: wws, bloodlust, deadly enticer to keep baulthral in the corner while nuking the hell out of him.

    3rd room: spirit crescent is handy here.

    4th room: quickly make a beeline for salvo and ground quake or agni him.

    5th room: one shot kill swagger is fun to keep on bouncing around.

    boss: i like to 2nd awaken them to the corner and then ground quake them.

    Feel free to add your own tips to the pile.
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