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    literally neople's song to the entire fmage class at this patch point
    yes there's a fair risk of getting infected with MLP earworms if you click all the clickies in my posts
    And for maximum overdrive earworm

    An actual anime OP that somehow becomes even more anime with the addition of ponies.
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    The Zen master said, "The baby carriage may not always be as fast as the rickshaw, but it comes straight from heaven, with all the attendant gifts and luxury and pampering that brings."

    The Zen master said, "Besides, God Loves the Lolis, many times the baby carriage is faster than the rickshaw *anyway*."
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    Why elementalist is OP: elemental burn elemental mastery ele focus magic festival
    Why it's an Achilles heel: Actually ingenuously fair and balanced, only as strong as the character itself and her gear/stats/level. No hilarious fixed damage multiplication, level scaling advantage, etc

    Why BestMage is Best: Fixed damage plus quad-digit Battle Groove stat buffs plus stacking like 30+ Chasrs Lunched in the span of a 1.5s Punto = god dps
    BM and Chaos and summy derive a huge chunk of their op from stacking so many multiples of the same damage number on top of itself that even a small number becomes OP, and then they get to multi-stack big numbers
    Why BugMage is bugged:

    Why summy is fucking broken: At lv64 I can summon lv72 t1s and a lv87 Kasijas with a grand total of 600k's worth of equipment and there's way more scaling I have yet to tap are you fucking kidding me
    Why summy has a weakness:

    The high and low of witch: Tbh I have no idea haven't gotten mine back up yet '3'
  5. ArcLight Hiatus

    My friends description of Witch:
    High of Witch: Literally does almost everything.
    Low of Witch: Trolling can only get you so far...

    My description of EM:
    High of EM: So much utility, with SO MUCH DAMAGE to boot
    Low of EM: Not really much CC, and relies on a lot of buffs.
    Most MP wasted came from Magic Festival, hilariously.
    And Mobile Cast actually can screw you over quickly.
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    The sensei said, "The newling blames the elementalist. But the wise student says to himself, 'I must learn to Ride the Lightning.'" (Strike)
    but seriously arctic one shots literal entire rooms and fvv solos bosses better than parties do, how is "lack of cc" an ele weakness :confus:
  7. ArcLight Hiatus

    I should've resaid that, I meant CC as in Boss SA controlling. It's really annoying when bosses just walk out of your attacks instantly, which can end up getting me killed instantly if it weren't for Ice Mirror being the most godlike hallelujah (AKA Glacial Master Jesus goin "I got ya, girl") that ever existed in the world for my EM.

    Considering Black Hole and Void exists, CC on groups isn't really bad.

    Also, I apologize, master. I will practice my Ky Kiske until I can fully Ride the Lightning!

    Also, two additional things I'd love to say:

    1. For every Anti-magic minion born in the world, an FMage cries.
    2. My face when 3 lightning strikes, 2 sun Bursts, 1 Ice wall and an Halloween Buster on an Anti-Magic minion turns to an "Miss, Miss, Miss".
    Does EM have bad hit rate or something? ; ~;
  8. Dubin carried by fmage

    That's the point where I say, "Fuck it, unloading the full festival fvv godwalls bh astral loop I was saving for the next room

    Camping the entire 40s cd before moving on because FUCK anti magic mobs"

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