The future of this sub genre... or the closest thing to it.

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    Let me start by saying that frankly while I still like DFO, it's hard to entirely ignore its age and issues (related to said age and not), and it's hard to tell how much it'll have. I feel it maintains its dominance of the sub genre though a mix of its reputation and its remaining good points. Honestly I hope my fears don't come true (Raids end up killing the game due to excessive pushing of gear and burst meta)

    This brings me to the matter of successors or the lack therefore of as while there's actiony MMOs, what's actually around are A) trying to become established/etc as DFO and B) not quite as Beat'emish as DFO. And should kDnF fold, I suspect it might mark the end of the beat'em up MMO subgenre.

    However in a few gaming scenes, people have been doing beat'em up/RPG hyrbids of various types (not k-MMOs), maybe not to the sheer mixing of DFO, though they might be better for it. It's likely in these games that people post-DFO/DnF will find their fix. It's at this point where I feel perhaps the best beat'em up RPG is Dragon's Crown (thus not on the PC)

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