The Elemental Damage Formula [revisited]

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    For anyone that does not yet know, the current formula being used to explain the amount of damage from elemental attack is found in this thread.

    I propose the following elemental damage formula instead:

    [Increased Damage] = [Base Damage] * (1 + (10 + [Elemental Damage]*0.9)/200 - ([Elemental Resistance] - [Elemental Reduction])*0.9/200)

    which reduces to

    [Increased Damage] = [Base Damage] * ( 1.05 + {([Elemental Damage] + [Elemental Reduction] - [Elemental Resistance])* 0.9}/200).

    For my testing, I used Fire/Light Knight's Armors. Both of these legendaries provide an elemental proc of 50,000 attack damage for their respective elemental attribute. The unique thing about these procs is that they scale with elemental damage but do not scale with strength/intelligence. They also completely ignore normal defenses. Finally, their damage is only reduced by elemental resistance. This means that when testing with these two legendaries, I did not have to worry about any variance from my strength/intelligence stats and/or the physical/magical defenses of the monsters I tested on. After much data collection (I also tested using skills and XXX attacks), I created the above formula.

    A couple of things to note:

    1). Elemental Damage and Elemental Reduction are essentially the same thing. No surprises here. (Well technically they are not the same thing since elemental reduction will help out a teammate's damage if they are using the same attribute as the attribute boosted from your elemental reduction.)

    2.) Against an an enemy with zero elemental resistance:
    a) Even with 0 elemental damage, adding an attribute will increase attack damage by 5%.
    b) Having 100 elemental damage will increase attack damage by 50%. Using the other formula, one would need to have 111 elemental damage to
    increase attack damage by 50%.

    3) Being attacked by an enemy with zero elemental damage:
    a) Having 100 elemental resistance will reduce the damage taken by 40%. Therefore having 100 more elemental resistance than an enemies
    combined value of elemental damage and elemental reduction will reduce the damage taken by 40%.

    4) The reinforcement machine has zero elemental resistance. Having 0 elemental resistance is consistent with it also having 0 physical/magical defenses. The other formula needs the reinforcement machine to have an elemental resistance of -11 in order for it to be valid.

    5) 0.9 = 1/1.111111111... <----Both formulas are actually very similar.
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