The 7th DFOG to kDNF. Questions wanted here.

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    EDIT: The question pool has been now closed. Thank you for your participation.

    Hello folks. mms0208 here.
    Done with the 7th kDNF to DFOG, now it's time for the 7th DFOG to kDNF.
    Rules are as same as ever.

    1. Reply on this thread with the question you want to ask to kDNF players or Vote on the questions that's been submitted by other users by clicking on 'Agree'
    If you are submitting your question, to distinguish between regular posts and actual question, please begin your reply with '(Question)', like example.

    (Question) (Your question without parenthesis here)

    2. The top 3 questions with the most number of 'Agree' will be chosen.
    If there are multiple questions with the same number of 'Agree', the one that's been posted earlier will have priority.
    Note that only the number of 'Agree' counts toward the vote.

    3. If a question is pointed out by 3 or more users for logical reason that it's not appropriate, that question will be excluded from question choice regardless the number of 'Agree' it has or how fast it was submitted.

    For the 7th DFOG to kDNF, total of 7 questions will be chosen to be asked to kDNF players;
    3 from DFO Nexus
    3 from DFO Reddit
    and 1 extra to make up with what happened during the 6th DFOG to kDNF.

    The deadline for the 7th DFOG to kDNF is April 7th, 2017, 0600 PDT.

    ...and a bit of notice for you all.

    The 7th DFOG to kDNF will be the last of my communication project. It's a little shame for this project to go out after just a few more rounds after resuming, but I think this is project is beyond my ability, and I don't think I can continue on this project when I'm not that deep into playing kDNF as much as I used to.

    Well, I gotta finish what I started, so I'm going to complete this before I turn to something else. I'm going to save my last messages for the last post with translated response. For now, it's time to ask your question.

    Alright then, let's get started.
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  2. Cross187

    (Question) In the previous kDNF to DFOG, I commented that the gap of synergy between physical and magical parties was due to a lack of devoted physical supporters. With that in mind, what physical classes could you see becoming more support-oriented? And how would you see it done?
    For example, I think Elven Knight could make a good buff support, if the party-wide effect of 6pc Defend and Cry was made into a passive add-on skill to War Cry (kind of like an inverse of the passive add-on to WM's Iron Strike), along with regaining the support abilities she used to have.
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  3. YanDaMan263 lol @ u

    (Question) What are Korean player's overall opinion and satisfaction level with the new revamped Luke Raid along with the Luke Raid HP buff? What are their opinion on Neople's design philosophy to further alienate the majority of their players by increasing gear requirement for the sole purpose of destroying sell parties, a very small percentage of the playerbase? What should they have done differently?
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  4. Zealtron Chinese Goldbuyer

    (question) What do people think of the future of DNF? The last couple level cap increases have introduced massive amounts of power creep and increased reliance on epic gear creating the current gear disparity and high requirements for Luke Raid. At this rate, what would become of the game with the next major content expansion? I ask this as someone who has been very dissatisfied with how 90 cap turned out for gear progression.
  5. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    Do you think that events make-or-break the success of DFO? If yes, then do you think that it should be improved with better content that requires 0 FP, content that promotes party play even with casual players, or just something else?

    Let me elaborate in case some things aren't clear.

    I'm pretty sure that most of you have heard about Ragnarok Online, and even up to this day it's my favourite MMORPG (I played it up until Kafra Shop and Renewal patch were added). I'm also pretty sure that majority of people wouldn't enjoy it like it was in its prime days: the game went really hard on players since the very start. There was no ordinary quest system that would help you to quickly level up and gain money, so the grinding started pretty much from Level 1.
    Worst thing is that it never ended, even after reaching the highest Level - best equipment was locked behind awful rates (and most of bosses existed in quantity of 1 on the entire server, so it was an insane competition for a small possibility of BiS drop) or money wall (when people actually got BiS drop, they either used it for themselves... or sold it for stupidly high prices; problem is, there was nothing you could do but grind money in order to afford it, because its droprate was really small). It also didn't help that there was zero events to shorten the grinding for players in some way.
    But even with those problems... the game was very fun to play, mostly thanks to the huge open world, interesting quests, huge amount of item crafting that even casuals can do, as well as the fact that the game was built around party play.

    DFO have the same two problems: awful rates (these days it's mostly Monster Cards and Epics) and money wall (because Epics aren't tradable, Demon Challenges and Monster Cards became the most important things on the market). But here comes the real problem: DFO is a multiplayer beat 'em up game, not an open world MMORPG.
    There's no locations to explore, so the game comes down to "grinding, grinding, grinding" (personally I'm okay with it, but that's probably because I just got used to this kind of grinding after many years).
    There's too few optional quests to do, and that's a shame, especially for a game with lore of such great potential.
    Crafting got overshadowed by Compounding, and these days it's not worth it unless you're creating an Essence item.
    Party play is unnecessary and is not promoted in most cases: Scenario Mode is easy to solo clear, Otherverse got nerfed up to easy solo clears, Ancients got reworked up to easy solo clears, Hell Mode shouldn't be done in party play, even Guild Dungeons doesn't really require party play. The only dungeons left are Pandemonium Rift (the only dungeon that's really effective to clear in parties) and Raids. Anton Raid got nerfed really hard, so you can easily clear it even in pubs (no need to gather your friends for good coordinated Raid anymore), and Luke Raid is behind high cutline that is "Get lucky in Hell Mode, scrub!".

    With more and more people saying "Events are meh, not even gonna bother to log in", I take it that events are what motivating people to play, which is... a bit strange to me. It's the core game that should be fun to play, while events should be just an addition to it, not the very reason to play it. I like events like Adventurer Maker or Seasonal Server, because they take a different angle at DFO and make it enjoyable to play without grinding, but I really dislike events like "Here's a free X Demon Invitations for you" - not because I hate free Demon Invitiations or something, but because they're not enjoyable and just serve as a temporary measure for the flaw in core design of the game.

    I think that some new dungeons that cost 0 FP might help. Valley of Fallen Souls and Dark Elf Ruins dungeons are too short to be really interesting, so maybe there should be some dungeons that take a lot more time, but in return they give some decent rewards? Or maybe just bring back some event-only dungeons that were pretty interesting and fun to clear, and update the rewards you get for clearing them.
    Another thing I'd love to see is some dungeons for party play - something like Forgotten Land, but where a party can enter. Several players spread through small map, do different tasks and open as many treasure chests (with some material that you can trade for items through NPC) as possible within time limit; after the time is up, the rewards are split between each party member. The more people you have in party, the more rewards you can collect within time limit. It shouldn't even be a difficult dungeon - just make the rewards neither lackluster nor stupidly good, and both casual and hardcore players will enjoy it.

    (@mms0208 - I'm sorry for a very long question this time, but because I learned that this is the last translation project you're gonna do, I just had to go all out (initially I planned to ask all this stuff in several questions). In case the question will be picked for translation, you might drop the first two big paragraphs so you could translate less stuff - I just wrote them in order to show that you can design a Korean MMO with grinding and expensive BiS items, but still make it fun without events)

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