The 6th kDNF to DFOG is here.

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    EDIT: The 6th kDNF to DFOG response pool is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

    Hello folks. mms0208 here.

    This time I bring the chosen questions from kDNF players.
    From this time being, DFO Reddit is included into the scene, so there's minor tweak on the rule.

    Here's the rule:

    1. Click on the following links to get to respective translated questions from kDNF players.
    First Question
    Second Question
    Third Question

    2. You can either post up your own response, or click 'Agree' on existing response.
    To make it easier to distinguish between regular replies and actual response, please start your reply with '(Response)' if you are making response to kDNF players.
    For the sake of translator's life, please keep your length of response down to 250 words or less. :D
    If there are multiple responses with the same number of 'Agree', then the response that has been posted earlier will get the priority.

    3. For each questions, Top 2 responses with the most number of 'Agree' at the deadline will be chosen.
    For the 6th kDNF to DFOG, 2 Response from DFO Nexus and 2 Responses from DFO Reddit will be chosen, making total of 4 responses for each question.

    4. If a response is pointed out by 3 different users for rational, righteous reason that it has problem, that response will NOT BE chosen regardless the number of 'Agree' it has or how fast it has been posted.

    The deadline for the 6th kDNF to DFOG will be Feb. 20th 2017, 0500 PST.
    Links to the questions will be added once it's ready, won't take that long.

    Well then, Let the answering begin!

    EDIT) Links has been added.
    EDIT2) Added mention of having '(Response)' at the beginning of response to kDNF players.
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