The 6th DFOG to kDNF; It's your turn to ask!

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    EDIT: The 6th DFOG to kDNF has been paused due to technical difficulty I'm getting on DFO Reddit. Sorry for your inconvenience. It will come back on as soon as the problem gets solved.

    Hello folks. mms0208 here.

    As the name of the thread implies, it's time for the 6th DFOG to kDNF.
    For the 6th DFOG to kDNF, 2 questions PER community will be chosen (2 from DFO Nexus, 2 from DFO Reddit).

    Here are the rules.

    1. To ask question to fellow kDNF players, submit your question as reply to this thread.
    In order to distinguish regular replies and actual question candidate, please start your reply with '(Question)' if you are submitting a question.

    (Question) (Your Question without parenthesis here)

    Or, if you don't have good question to ask but you see one among submitted questions, Click on 'Agree' on the question you'd like to hear back from kDNF players.

    2. On the deadline, top 2 questions with the most number of 'Agree' will be chosen.
    Anything other than 'Agree' will not be counted toward the vote.
    If there are multiple questions with the same number of 'Agree', one that was posted earlier will get the priority.

    3. If a submitted question is pointed out by 3 or more users that it has problem for reasonable, rational cause, that question will not be chosen regardless number of 'Agree' it has or how fast it's been submitted.

    Should be easy enough, but if you don't get any part of this project or have better suggestion, feel free to tell me about it.

    The deadline for the 6th DFOG to kDNF is March 1st, 2017, 0500 PST.

    Now then.... ask away!

    PS) Oh.... almost forgot. For your reference, here are the questions that has been asked in the past DFOG to kDNF. Questions from the 1st to 3rd DFOG to kDNF is old enough that it won't hurt to ask again, but it's better to have you guys noted of questions that has been already asked.

    1st DFOG to kDNF (This was held only in DFO Core, and I believe it was before the actual launch of DFOG.)
    1. How well do you (the kDNF players) think Neople is equipped to manage a global version of DnF as their first solo publishing project? How successful do you think they will be in spreading the word about the game's revival in order to create a successful game launch and maintaining a healthy number of players to sustain the game's existence?
    2. What do you like about DnF? What are the aspects that you would tell someone if you were to recommend the game to them? What do you believe separates DnF from other games?
    3. In the time that you have been playing kDNF, have you noticed a significant decrease in the number of players? If so, what factor have contributed most to it?
    4. How do you fell about M.Mage and thief starting with only 2 subclasses, while newer classes are getting all 4?
    5. How many avatars does the average F.Mage player possess in their wardrobes?

    2nd DFOG to kDNF (From this point, DFO Nexus was included into this communication event)
    1. How optimistic are DnF players about the future of DnF and where it's headed? What DnF players generally want to see in the future of DnF? (For example: More balance, more content, more classes, etc)
    2. How much do Koreans "listen" to tier lists when making OV parties? Do they care about what class somebody is playing or do they base it on what kind of gear the person has rather than what their subclass is?
    3. How well do you think Neople will handle priest second awakenings?
    4. What do they suggest Veteran players do since the game is starting off completely fresh and we'll have potentially the largest impact on the market. How can we get our economy off on the right foot?
    5. What nicknames does the kdnf community have for Kiri?
    6. What does the PvP community think of the revamped General Arena vs Fair Arena?

    3rd DFOG to kDNF (It had 7 questions because I made mistake in the 2nd DFOG to kDNF that one question that should have been chosen did not get chosen. To make up for it, I added one extra for that one question.)
    1. What makes a famous player famous...? Do you know of well known subclass players that have large influence when providing feedback to Neople? How did they come onto the scene and are they still in relevance today?
    2. What do you consider as the golden age of DFO, is it just simply before the Kiri's promise incident happened?
    3. What are your opinions on Male Mage, do you think people would go back to play Male Mage if he got the last 2 subclasses?
    4. What is the general consensus among the Korean community on which classes are fun?
    5. Which class would you want to see buffed or re-balanced and why?
    6. Which events that have been released in KDNF only once would you like to see again in KDNF and why?
    7. Is Male Grappler weak?

    4th DFOG to kDNF (It was a miniature event right before I enter the R.O.K. Army, and it was the first time when DFO Reddit was included into this communication event.)
    Is DnF Fun?

    5th DFOG to kDNF
    1. Do you miss otherverse sets or do you prefer the way it is now? Back when otherverse was the endgame, every class had a very diverse number of builds and permutations, even if most of them were just unviable gimmicks; but now it's mostly radiant gold, 5 senses, and ancient civilization with savior. Though this makes it easy to understand what to strive for, it also kills a lot of diversity, since chronicles and legendaries are now a minor stepping stone, and every epic seems to strive for some kind of baseline dps rather than focusing on a specific facet of a character.
    2. What do Korean players think of the DFOG PvP scene, and do they have a desire to watch DFO PvP tournaments?
    3. What is the one thing you would like to see happen to make kDNF better for the players?
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  2. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    Are Korean players satisfied with the current DFO's plot and story progression?
    In case the question isn't specific enough for you, here's some sub-questions to make it more clear:
    - Do you think that the Main Story progress too slowly? We're getting optional dungeons (Guild Dungeons, Dark Elf Ruins), balance changes (too many to list) and even new classes (Demonic Lancer, Female Priest) from time to time, but with all this new content... Story content is really lacking (at least that's how it looks to me);
    - Are you okay with possible retcons in Main Story in the future? There was pre-Scenario Mode story and post-Scenario Mode story, and the latter one created some inconsistencies with the former one (for example, in pre-Scenario Mode story it was hinted that Queen Clara could've been Lorian Cornaro, but in post-Scenario Mode story this plotline was dropped and Red Witch plotline was added instead). This might cause some confusion to players, and I heard that there might be some pre-Metastasis plotlines added in the future (not sure if they're gonna be an addition or a retcon to the current story), so people have to re-read the story again and again in order to not miss anything important;
    - Do you think that having Storybooks and Hidden Quests will be enough to fill the gaps in Main Story progression?

    (I think it was less than 250 words this time - hope you won't have another hard time with my question)
  3. mms0208 A Certain Ressurected Translator Passing by

    Thank you for your participation Jaðarsormr. As I'm experiencing some technical issue (the question collecting post on DFOR isn't showing on other people it seems) so the 6th DFOG to kDNF has been postponed.

    When it comes back after problem solved, your question will be included as extra since yours were the first and it does have some agree on. :D

    Again, thank you for your participation! I'll try to deal with the source of problem (whatever that may be) as soon as possible so I can resume this event.

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