Talk me into making a male spitfire

Discussion in 'Spitfire' started by Mr. Sly, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Mr. Sly Guest

    With the coming changes to fem spitfires getting a jetpack... all the other better classes and how they seem to be more for supporting other gunner classes.. Someone convince me why they're good and why I should make one x.x. I remember I used to enjoy them but with how their 2nd awakening is kinda crap damage... and everything else the fem spit seems to do better, well you get the idea. Prove me wrong!
  2. After the class revamp, both of M spitfire's awakening passive, Dual Flicker and War Hero, increase quite a few of their skills damage by ALOT. Black Roses as his first awakening active skill triggers the hell out of danger close, a skill that bombards enemies with rockets as they are hit. Danger close after the rework allows you to choose the element you want to apply to it, meaning you can basically proc the hell out of freeze from it, not to mention all the free damage it gives you.
  3. Mr. Sly Guest

    So basically, until the rework.... fem spit > male spit.... :/
  4. The Revenfaction Legion of Characters

    Totsugeki Love Heart
    Seems like you talked yourself out of making an M Spit real fast.
  5. Mr. Sly Guest

    I know x.x, been hearing alot of crap about them and I used to defend them, now I noticed it all and well... Guess it's left a mark on my perspective of them.

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