ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ Taking a """"Break""""" ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ [Mini-Rant inside]

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    I just logged into the game again after finding out that some Old avatars are available for awhile and bought a TAO set for SM and Skirm for the sake of lookin pretty as i shelve them indefinitely. I have decided to just stop playing DFO for a while (wew it was the first time i got a seria returnee package) back then it was family problems, but now everything i somewhat do in the game seems futile in the end big picture almost nothing stimulates for me in the game anymore and not playing the game also means way lesser reason to post in DFO nexus. A little footnotes on what i'm feeling at this moment.

    Time - as the game went on to become bigger and bigger, my available time for this has become smaller. Back then maybe in NA DFO i had guaranteed to play 3 hrs everyday but now id be pressed to even do 2 hrs in a week. Even logging in is just a reach. Apparently, i am supposed to be finishing FP bars to be economically efficient (screw that). An Employment would probably be the final nail in the coffin.

    Progress - i do not seriously know how to make money in this game, and i never really bothered because fretting for bargains/profits in this game because i'd rather play. I mostly never have starting "Capital" to do Ancents and Hellmodes. Since i never had the time to even farm gold my progress is literally halted, i can never go past that Chron/Gracia in improving. It's very disheartening to be left behind by everything in the game when you can barely only make babysteps or when you known the game so well that you could only drink droplets to satisfy a great thirst.

    RNG - oh the greatest equalizer in this game. One of the reason i stopped spending loads of CERA. The TAO/Wonderland title is just one of the last straws for me. Chile if i'm gonna pay for 27$ at least give me that +3 stat that i want right away.

    Game Design - I may have complained about this in the several general threads, but i feel that save for a few support classes, every class in this game has been homogenized into clones of each other. IMO characters are more defined by what gear they're wearing than anything, interesting mechanics/features have been killed for the sake of efficiency to the point that lots of newer classes follow the female striker blueprint. Gone are most of the things that make certain classes like BM, Rogue, Witch etc unique

    The Carrot on the Stick - I am done for this reason also as the game will just continue to introduce more and more extravagant stuff while devaluing/nerfing cheaper "alternatives" first it was Legacies, then chrons, then epics then anton blah blah blah. All those troublesome hoops and walls to jump through just so you can say you cleared Reshpon/Vilmark/Giant Nugol in 5 secs, i aint intereseted in that. I also do not bear some of the stuff they keep adding for artificial replayability like more and more equipment "slots" like emblems, enchants, insignias, earrings bleh
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    Enjoy your break!
  3. madchickins Flesh

    Come back looking fabulous at 90 cap

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