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    I've never seen this mentioned so I assumed it was suboptimal, but since I don't care about optimization so I've been messing around with weapon swapping on my Sword Master. Weapon Master didn't feel right, so I've never weapon swapped before. If you're a weapon swapping WM then you can most likely figure this stuff out intuitively.

    Any switch remotely worth doing is in Bold.

    Once rework hits I'll update this with new values (switching from a Katana cancel will also refund cooldown, making it even more drool-worthy). Zanbato into Bludgeon will become justifiable for Arcane Sword Blast. All kinds of fun stuff. :>
    Let me know if you spot any mistakes or have any further input!

    There isn't much reason to swap into Short Sword unless it's from Zanbato for super armor on Flash. Cancel into any skill with Katana then immediately switch to another weapon for a free 20% damage boost (oh my). Switch into Bludgeon before the final hit of Tossing Slash and Arcane Sword Blast for better shockwaves and damage. Switch into Zanbato while charging Crescent or before charging Swift Demon Slash for damage damage damage.

    Short Sword
    • Elemental Shift: No.
    • Magic Sword Medley: Strangely enough, it feels like the cooldown is determined by the weapon you have on rather than the weapon you last procced it with. In other words, proc with any weapon = 5s cooldown base. If you switch to or are holding a SS, you can proc it again in ~2.5s but switch to or hold another weapon (even after proccing with SS) and you must wait 5s. Almost impossible to test (I used Swift Demon Slash in training), and either way completely useless for swapping.
    • Flash: Not really possible to test this without spending all day in Training, but based on how every other skill works I'd venture the status bonuses only apply if you're holding a Short Sword as the waves hit. This is in line with how the other skills function when swapping. Switch into SS Flash from Zanbato for the super armor is all I can say.

    • Sliding Slash: Any hits while currently holding a Katana can bleed. As soon as you swap out you cannot apply bleed. Useless.
    • Blade Dance (Count): Swapping into Katana adds cancels. Swapping out of Katana removes cancels. If you hit 0 cancels from swapping out, the skill will go on cooldown!
    • Blade Dance (Damage): You must perform the cancel with a Katana to gain the damage bonus, but swapping weapons retains this bonus. In other words, "Skill -> Cancel -> Skill -> Switch Weapon" will retain the damage boost on the swapped weapon. This is HUGE, and I'd go so far as to say it's worth considering one point in Katana Mastery no matter what weapon you use.

    • Flash: Super armor is retained even when swapping weapons. No super armor for swapping into Zanbato after cast, so cast with Zanbato then switch. Decent synergy with Short Sword here I guess.
    • Crescent: It doesn't matter what weapon you charge Crescent with. If you swap into a Zanbato at any point in the charge/attack animation then you'll get the damage boost for the Zanbato only. Charging with Zanbato and changing weapons does not work. The boost is for hitting with a charged Crescent using a Zanbato. This is redundant.
    • Swift Demon Slash: The damage boost only applies to Zanbato and Zanbatos charge this skill faster than other weapons. The only swap I can recommend here is Katana -> Zanbato to increase damage, and you'll want to charge up with a Zanbato so switch quickly.

    • Mountain Press: The damage increase only applies while holding a bludgeon. You can swap into a Bludgeon mid-skill to get the damage boost, but I don't know why you would do this. Useless.
    • Tossing Strike: If wearing a bludgeon during the final hit, the shockwave will be larger. To utilize this, switch from other weapons into Bludgeon before the last strike.
    • Illusion Strike (Count): The hit count is determined by the weapon used to cast this skill. Because Bludgeons are the only weapons that utilize this skill fully, there is no reason to switch here.
    • Illusion Strike (Shockwaves): The shockwaves are based on your currently equipped weapon. If you equip a bludgeon, the illusion will begin creating shockwaves. As soon as you unequip the bludgeon the shockwaves will disappear. Somewhat useful to transition into Bludgeon, but you will lose one hit by not casting it with a Bludgeon.
    • Arcane Sword Blast: Swapping from Bludgeon is almost purely detrimental. Swapping into Bludgeon after the second hit of any other weapon's version of this skill grants the larger shockwave. Note that the shockwave is the initial impact on the swing that creates the blasts, NOT the shockwaves of the individual blasts. If you can't see it, equip a bludgeon and watch the floor for a white shockwave on initial impact about the size of the blast radius. The damage is based on your currently equipped weapon, so hold a Bludgeon with Mastery during the following subsequent blasts for maximum damage. Oh, and the timing for this is deceptive. Switch as soon as you see the damage numbers for the second slash because any later and you probably won't get the boost.
    S) Flash w/ Zanbato -> Switch to Short Sword = Super Armor, Status Effect +
    K) Cancel Into Any Skill w/ Katana -> Immediately Switch to Primary Weapon = %Damage +
    Z) Charge Crescent w/ Any Weapon -> Switch to Zanbato = %Damage +
    B) Tossing Slash w/ Any Weapon -> Switch to Bludgeon before final downward hit = Larger Shockwave, %Damage +
    B) Arcane Sword Blast w/ Any Weapon -> Switch to Bludgeon after second slash = Larger Shockwave, %Damage +

    1) It is worthwhile to put one point (no more) into Katana Mastery regardless of your weapon. The charged damage bonus stays around 20% even at max. This is a free 20% damage boost on any skill at the cost of 25 skill points and a quick slot. Swap to Katana before an important room, then cancel into your strong skill and main weapon for a free damage boost. This stacks additively with Zanbato Mastery's bonus for a fully charged Crescent, for example. You can do Katana -> Cancel -> Charge Crescent -> Zanbato -> Use Crescent and both passive boosts will apply.
    2) Katana/Zanbato are a match made in heaven. Katana spams low CD skills with a % boost for canceling and it can stack this boost with Zanbato's hard-hitting Crescent/Swift Demon Slash.
    3) You can't cancel a skill into itself if its cooldown is reset. This doesn't matter once rework hits since our Awakening passive will no longer grant CD resets.
    4) The acronym of this thread's title (SMWS) is the same upside down. =)
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