Summoner PvP NERF: 7/5/2016

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    This patch is totally different from the KRDnF Fmage skill revamps in the future. THIS NERF AFFECTS PVP SO MUCH.
    Note: There are now Summon Limitations.
    I tested everything so far.

    Sacrifice NERF:
    The size of explosions from Ador and Stalker sacrifices were nerfed. Does same damage, but range is much smaller now. RIP Sac Summies.
    Naias explosion range is still wide, but still smaller.

    T2 Spirits Limitations w/ Sacrifice Passives
    NERF: You can only have ONE T2 SPIRIT at a time if any SP is invested in Sacrifice passives.
    So if you have
    one Flame Hulk out, you have to wait until it dies/disappears/converts into Eccheveria in order to summon Glaerin, Dead Murker, or Aquarius.
    If there are no SP invested in Sacrifice Passives, then the limit for T2 Spirits is 3 at a time.

    Hired Summon Contracts Limitations:
    NERF: 2 Summoning limit or 4 summoning limit (Dependent on build)
    Just like it sounds, you have a 2 hired summon contracts limitation. So in the beginning of a match, if you want to summon
    Panzer and Freet, you have to wait until one of them disappears in order to summon Louise, Sandor, or Akuso.

    However: If you have no SP invested in T1 spirits Passives (All Spirit passives level = 0), you can summon up to 4~5 hired contracts. This makes summoners have to choose builds carefully. If you invest points in T1 spirit sacrifice passives, you can only summon up to 2 hired contracts.

    Your thoughts on the nerf? Not so drastic, but still makes me feel really annoyed. I want to summon everything ;-;
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