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Discussion in 'Striker' started by Lithiumzs, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Lithiumzs

    Hello!, hope everyone's doing good. i would like some advices related to the striker skilltree, i've been trying out couple of builds and skills but i do not feel "the touch" of the striker power, i've tried setting up my own but doesn't feel good either. i like Mountain pusher and Bone crusher, but then i don't feel im doing that which the striker is good on, Bursting. i got a tactician contract tho. also currently farming ov2 for brutal tango, dunno if my build should be oriented around the skills brutal tango buffs for maximum output too. anyways, i would like someone who excells on a striker to enlight me with some advises. Thanks for taking your time on reading this!

    Current build for reference:
  2. Xerxesrage12 z

    Might wanna take some points out of Torpedo and put some in Physical Crit. Other then that your build is fine for a damage build. I'd take some more points out of Torpedo to spec some into Flash Move and Quick Step, but that's personal preference I guess.
  3. Lithiumzs

    Hey! thanks for the reply! made the changes, tested and it seems you're right, i do feel im doing some damage now, the Psysical crit does make a big difference. swapped Montain for bonecrusher(bone crusher doesn't knockdown npcs) and it does feel alot smoother in my chains. thanks again for taking your time and for helping me! wish you the best.
  4. JasonReborn Boosted Nen Master

    do you have a level 90 striker skill tree I am new too striker and haven't found any good skill tree except for yours.
  5. Zebedee 2

    See above for some suggested skills. Continuum kick has been nerfed a bit, thus we can now max bone-crusher or mountain pusher. Still taking 10 lightning dance and TP for mobbing.

    Highly suggest taking the time to get steal skills from Albert and picking up neck snap for gimmicks in late-game content. Also suggest putting quickstep and torpedo on hotkeys for fast movement cancelling from torpedo to quickstep. A lot of our level 1 skills are great for muscle shifting, low kick, tornado kick, knee, and bone crusher/mountain push: get used to using them even if you don't really need them leveling up. Leap and indomitable spirit are used for amnesia ring and ancient civ. proc fodder.

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