Sub Equips and Magic Stones

Discussion in 'Rogue' started by Lunariel, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Lunariel

    What should I be going for? My current set up looks like this 7MRgSxj.png
    Weapon +12
    Should I be going for legendaries now? If so which ones?
  2. Poison Guest

    anton bulky config for accessories which you get through anton normals

    aside from that there's nothing that really beats a hit end set aside from epic sets so it's hells pretty much and anton
  3. Lunariel

    What about sub equipment? Is the nobility tome the best it's going to get apart from an epic?
  4. Poison Guest

    as far as i know tome is really good the real upgrade for that would probably be the general's textbook ( epic) and for magic stone really the highest ele tear you can get or king's tear (epic)

    with a class like rogue you really just are set already especially with your gear just aim for bulky config accessories
  5. aStray

    Yea from what we can see you're pretty much sorted other than an 85 ele magic stone. Your patk is veeery low for a +12 goddess dagger though, what's the rest look like? your avas/pet/enchants.
  6. Lunariel

    I'm not completely done with enchants, i have +9 fire damage on each of my accessories, +37 physical attack total on top+bottom, full gold emblemed advanced avatars while i get the emblems for my rares. The sort of terrible Alcyone pet since I don't really have anything else.
  7. aStray

    alcyone pet is actually great. +1 nova remnant is amazing!
  8. Lunariel

    I've been told by pretty much everyone to "get a real pet." lol
  9. Syrion

    for sub equips, as far as I understand
    silver watch > textbook > maximizer = machine heart (assuming fire) > roxy's glove > +1 hitend TP subs

    for magic stones
    dethroned should be somewhere between the power of an epic tear and the anton raid tear depending on your setup. The rest of the stones are very easy to compare
  10. aStray

    Alcyone petit is of course not going to be "best" if you already have a source of crit dmg, but +1 to nova remnant isn't easy to get and it's a huge boost to it's dmg so it's useful *at least* for swapping. From my testing a couple weeks back, The Behemoth pet is only slightly higher in overall dps increaese, but +1 nova remnant makes up for it imo so I don't really swap right now. Maybe once i get crit dmg.
  11. Poison Guest

    people raid even with 65 pink ele tear

    don't sweat about it

    you need petit pet for nova remnant the damage boost is real that's for swapping purposes only; behemoth pet is your main pet though

    sub equip again i wouldn't bother the nobility is great just do hells during events only and hope for the best

    make sure you get 97% crit in dungeon though nothing higher and start doing the anton normals now for that bulky config setup it's too good

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