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  1. Silvas Silver Blooded

    I don't get how the passive works, someone mind explaining it to me?

    I'm clueless here, but hey. I can't understand everything right off the bat haha.
  2. Bucket

    Basically you get a damage increase for a short time after using a kick.

    For instance Mach Kick > Headshot.
    Headshot gets a %damage increase if you do it soon enough after mach kick.

    That's according to the tooltip.
  3. Citric

    Also, once you get it, you can use Headshot with Backstep and if Punisher fails to grab anything, it'll perform an AoE stomp attack instead
  4. Orbus

    Also lets you cancel from any kick skill into a shooting skill.
    Of course since triple clutch technically already allows you to do this, although restricted to a specific combo of skills, it gives TC an additional damage bonus.
  5. Doodle

    Also gives you 0.3 seconds of super armor when initiating a kick skill.

    Also canceling out of Mach Kick into Rising Shot or Head Shot increases Phys Crit Chance by 10% for 7 seconds which is more than long enough to keep it up constantly.

    It's kind of a terrible yet amazing passive at the same time... For PVP it's kind of OP (And thus prohibited because M Rangers would wreck everyone = w =) but for PVE it's kind of like how Sudden Death use to be but not as bad as how Sudden Death is now. What I mean is it's useful but it's only a minor increase in a gunner's overall effectiveness... don't get me wrong, if you're min-maxing the stats on paper compared to Twin Gunblades Male Rangers win out for better passive with 2nd awakening and a highly reinforced weapon... <: T but Twin Gunblades actually makes F Rangers seem like a class of it's own.. and before a highly reinforced weapon and 2nd awakening Male Rangers are just kinda.. Male Gunners with a wild shot every 20 seconds.... and Death by Revolver... revenger... gun guard....good stuff, but yeah, it just never seems like you advance to anything and your Busters are just going to completely obliterate every other skill you have in terms of damage while leveling anyway so what's the point in adding 10% dmg to nothing... That's why I find it to be a lack luster ability... but +10% damage is something you'd have to pay millions for if it showed up on a weapon you found.. and super armor frames are rare on most classes... canceling kick animations to increase your dps and the speed of which you play the game is nice and it is a somewhat noticeable change but it just doesn't seem like enough to me, like it's good, but it needs something, extra... to make the class more fluid and super stylish.... something like.. Fedora Bullets... or... Randomly Reloads 1 to 7 Silver Bullets or Current Ammo per enemy you kill. : T
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  6. darkfrost9

    It'd be nice if perhaps following up a machine kick with head shot adds a 2 or 3% chance of causing bleed. That'd definitely help m. Rangers
  7. ArcLight Hiatus


    Especially at Tower of Despair. Sneaking Fastest Draw and Stylish into gun skills like Wild Shot or Multi Head-shot will determine whether you can burst a NPC down before they kill you.

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