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Discussion in 'Striker' started by DFOMarra, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. DFOMarra

    70 Cap Pve Female Striker Build
    I felt that the rising uppercut skill line was to expensive requiring 5 in muse uppercut and 5 in rising fist for a skill that launches you extremely high up into the air. Instead of floating down from the air and missing out on valuable dps, I decided to make the low cd striker skills as strong as possible. Low kick, mountain pusher, and crushing fist are all maxed and have tp upgrade. I also took out the 5 air walk into tornado kick route out because I felt that there was no real point to going down that route.
    For my QP I tried to keep a mindset of speed running dungeons and only put points into stuff that helped out damage or helped speed run. I dumped some points into spirit for the extra survivability and mana regen.
    I dumped all my tp points into low cd spells for increased overall dps. I felt that I would have an overall dps increase by getting the upgrades for low cd abilities which I can use multiple times per dungeon run and get more value out of the tp.
    If i use 18 abilities with tp upgrades in a run rather then 2-3 abilities with tp upgrades then I should have more dps overall.
    Anyways let me know what you think about the build :)
  2. Poison Guest

    Don't bother with 70 cap; just go read a book or something or play cDNF instead.
  3. drew

    Wait until 2nd awakening changes and this class becomes 100x easier to use.
  4. 15th

    so are we there yet or no.. I think we're already there
    for reference - this is female strikers 2nd awakening update and data on the skill changes:
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  5. drew

    I checked myself and all the good stuff (fatal aim passive and one time cast muscle shift) are in.

    Totally gonna make one myself.

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