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    Talk about luck, I just got Talking About Kartels 3 just today also.

    Never knew Gizel's last name was Logan.

    Might as well try to get Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Refined Aradians Chapter 4 on imgur form.
  2. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO

  3. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO


    All 3 Chapters are now in this thread.
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    So do we just put the storybook we have found here? I have few (specifically Winds of Empyrean 3 and 4).

    EDIT: Sry meant 2 not 3
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  5. MysticShadow Mystipedia

    Low Ranking Knight Ch 1:
  6. Shinigami936 Gimme panties

    Broad and Shallow Chapter 2
    Wingless Angel Chapter 2

    I didn't actually check if Wingless Angel is ordered correctly because I'm fuckin lazy. Lemme know if anything is off.
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  7. Red Sin Chapter 1
    RedSin1b.jpg RedSin1c.jpg

    Young Imperial Knight Chapter 1
  8. Saturn

    Castle of the Dead storybooks!
    No chapters to this one, the entire thing is in one storybook.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    anton and the tartans \o/
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    Hey guys, thanks for posting these. I've been using this as a reference to fill out the Storybook Page on the DFO Wiki. I've recently added the new books New Genesis and Taybers's Light to the page.
    You can view it here:

    Right now the wiki is missing the following chapters/books:
    • Blue Guardian
    • Great Adventurer Karakas: Chapter 1, Thanks Badgame
    • Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Refined Aradians: Chapters 1 & 5, Thanks Raz and Tetrominon
    • Children of Chain Peace, Thanks Novaan Verdiano, MysticShadow, Raz, and Einwand
    • Black Crusade Report, Thanks PlatinumMad
    • Red Sin: Chapter 3, Thanks Jaðarsormr
    If you're curious, you can always reference this page for most of the missing storybooks:던전 앤 파이터/외전 스토리
    Although it would be preferred to have the actual translation.
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  11. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    I thought the only book I had was The Cyphers one, but, to my own surprise, I actually found Red Sin: Chapter 3 in one of my character's inventory. I also decided to write it in text instead of cropping from screenshots, so you can easily modify it and add to Wiki:
    Robato arrived at a big testing ground surrounded by forests. For someone who spent most of her life practicing her swordsmanship, that place was a completely new world filled with high-tech equipment and flashy gadgets.
    A researcher who was Robato's age said the testing ground was equipped with the highest technology available in Arad, and her duty was to make sure the technology remained disclosed.
    Guarding the testing ground and escorting the researchers were like child's play compared to fighting in the battlefield. She felt so at ease, as if she was on a vacation. She had more than enough time to plan her future.
    In retrospect, Robato enjoyed peace for a fleeting moment. She regretted that she was so absorbed with herself that she didn't care to check what kind of place she was in.
    She shouldn't have believed that it was simply for security reasons that the testing ground was hidden in a remote woodland.
    At a certain point of time, the atmosphere of the testing ground changed. The researchers were no longer allowed to go outside the training ground. Neither were Robato and the other guards. Instead, things came in from the outside.
    Big wooden containers were let in the training ground multiple times a day. She was told the weeping noises were of animals that were brought in for testing purposes.
    One night, she couldn't sleep. She was walking outside when she took notice of some strange activities that were taking place inside the testing ground. Quietly, she approached.
    She didn't have permission to enter the restricted area, but she entered anyway, bracing for an accident. And she arrived in a strange place.
    There was a big machine that looked different from the other testing equipment she was used to. Shaped like a tangled chain of loops, the machine boomed and shook as if it was about to explode.
    The researchers around the machine looked nervous, but not because something went wrong. It was because something incredible was about to happen.
    Instinctively, Robato hid behind a box.
    The machine boomed and shook for a little longer until the center of the machine glowed, and then from it a blindingly bright light exploded with a gust of wind that pushed everything backward, including the box that Robato was hiding behind.
    What the hell happened? Confused, Robato looked around and then froze. She saw something that she hadn't seen because of the darkness.
    There were children. There were adults. All of them were gagged and their arms were red. Robato gasped.
    She turned toward the machine, praying what she was thinking was wrong. The researchers were looking at a man kneeling at the foot of the machine that was still emitting light.
    Like the others infected with the Ghost Arm, he had his arm shackled with an unbreakable iron chain, and he was covered with bloody wounds.
    He couldn't talk with the gag in his mouth, but he didn't need to talk. His eyes showed the anger and hatred that he was feeling.
    Robato stood up to stop the researchers, but the light from the machine intensified and the whole place was swallowed by ominous light.
    Robato opened her eyes and couldn't believe what she was seeing. In place of the gagged man, there was a strange creature in chains.
    Having the dessicated head of a fish with tree roots for a body, it looked so grotesque that Robato wasn't sure if it was even a creature. She remembered the circus magic that she once saw switched things, then shook her head.
    Her brain couldn't register what her eyes were seeing. She just stood and gaped at the creature. Her heart was racing.
    Suddenly someone touched Robato. She turned, panicked. Some female researcher, looking desperate, mouthed a "follow me" to her.
    She didn't look like she had malicious intent and Robato was too confused to refuse her. She ran after the female researcher. She could hear exclamations, sighs, and muffled screams from behind her, but it was all she could do to pinch her throbbing Ghost Arm.
    The female researcher, when they safely got out of the facility, warned Robato not to come back again before she went back in. Robato just nodded.
    She returned to her room, disheartened. She was naive to think that she could change the Empire.
    The creation of the monster she saw was proof that the empire was truly immoral. What the hell was happening in here? What should I do now?
    Since that night, everything changed. The face of the monster overlapped with those of the researchers who smiled and said hello to her.
    She didn't know what to do in a place that she didn't really know, alone. She was still debating what to do, when she was ordered to catch a theif who stole confidential materials.
    Reluctantly, Robato joined the search team, and when they found the thieves, she froze. All of them were in tatters and malnourished and had the Ghost Arm.
    As if possessed, the thieving Slayers lunged at the guards. Robato was forced to kill a few of the thieves in self-defense.
    By the time the fight was over, all the other guards in the search team were dead and the Slayers who were alive but on the ground were glaring daggers at her. Robato had to choose.
    She was ordered to catch them. If she let them go, she'll become a traitor. Since she had the Ghost Arm, the researchers may decide to experiment on her, using that terrifying machine.
    She was only their enemy because she was a knight of the Empire.
    Slowly, she approached the Slayers. The image of the grotesque monster kept flashing through her mind. She wasn't afraid of dying, but being turned into that kind of monster was a completely different terror that was hard to overcome.
    In the end, Robato chose to follow her heart. She told the Slayers how to get out of the forests, and then took care of the guards that came after the first search team. She didn't kill them, but what she did was enough to make her a traitor.
    That day she lost her knighthood and became a fugitive. She traveled around Arad, carrying nothing but her sword. She always had to be on guard, even when she was asleep, but she never regretted helping the Slayers escape.
    She arrived at Underfoot after her arrest order was lifted quietly. It'd been whispered that the emperor found out about the inhumane experiment that took place in Vilmark and imposed severe punishment to the researchers. The truth was buried in time.
    Robato stopped reminiscing and watched Vaughn Walshuted ride away on his horse. She heard Vaughn was the most trusted and distinguished warrior of the emperor.
    How much does he know about his own country? Is it possible he's being used like everyone else in the Empire? Robato couldn't give him advice even if she wanted. All she could do was hope that the admired hero of Arad could change the Empire.
    Robato turned and wormed her way out of the crowd. She was going to pray for those whom she killed directly and indirectly. Her heart was heavy from all the sins she had committed.
    >All she could do was hope that the admired hero of Arad could change the Empire
    Yeah, about that...

    tl;dr - Robato had a hard life, Male Slayers can use Daggers and Vaughn is worse than Hitler.
  12. Novaan Verdiano

  13. PlatinumMad

    This is the Black Crusade Storybook. At times it refers to other 'materials' (which I took to mean other parts of the report), but there is strangely only one chapter, so please do not be confused if it seems incomplete.

    This Document is confidential and accessible only by those approved by the faithful representative of Remidia Kathedra.

    No part of this Document may be reproduced, distributed, or transmited in any form or by any means.

    Failure to comply with these standards is grounds for expulsion and punishment, and violators may be detained for an indefinite period.

    The following content must be preserved without omission or modification. Annex notes may be added if they can be supported by credible proof.

    The Anti-Ozma War, also known as the Black Crusade, was fought by the holy priests with Michael of the Holy Eye in the lead, to save every life in Arad from Ozma.

    The war cost numerous lives, but it was meaningful in that it helped clear the world of the Apostle and his army of Imposters.

    The Priests who were instrumental in the victory of the war were made saints. Their leader Michael of the Holy Eye was made a patron god so he could inspire bravery in the followers of God, but the decision was only made to prevent confusion among his followers. (Refer to Material 1.)

    Dear God, please guide us! Micael, believed to be one of the most faithful, wisest servants of God, was in fact a demon who led many of his followers astray.

    Michael was a follower of Satan. He used God's name to decieve and corrupt us. The wisdom that we thought he had was mere trickery he used to entrap us.

    We must pray and repent. We must be ashamed of our foolishness and praise God's mysterious ways.

    No one knew the truth until that evil Michael revealed his true colors, and when he did, all of us were devastated. (Refer to Material 2 and 3 for the proof of Micheal's identity as an Apostle.)

    Magar Rosenbach, the Archpriest of the Priest Order and a great Crusader, had to officiate Michael's inauguration ceremony with grim determination. (For the reason of his uncanceled inauguration, refer to Material 4.)

    Magar Rosenbach, however, decided that this report be opened to public when Arad is finally at peace, so that the truth can be told to His followers with minimal damage.

    Everyone who reads this report, regardless of era, must do their best to honor Magar Rosenbach's wish.

    -End Story-

    Some pretty eye opening stuff. This story book reveals the real reason Michael of the Holy eye is found as an enemy in OV3 Dark Side (that reason being that Michael was actually evil, and an Apostle?!).
  14. Krispy3k

    @Zaktor I have the Ulu storybook quest unlocked let me know if you need it and how you want it posted.
  15. Holypie

    He's not actually evil, the reason he's in dark side is because he had trapped ozma there. The real big bad is Hilder who wants to get all of the other apostles killed off, and killing ozma would have just played into her hand and Michael knew this, so he decided to trap and watch over ozma forever as a compromise. Then we go and kill them both rather than listening to Michael (he repeatedly tells us not to kill ozma) for sweet loot.
  16. Zactor Scale Tipper

    Hey, thanks for posting. Your help is greatly appreciated. Sorry, but I already have Last Heir of the Ulus added on the Wiki page. If you find any of the ones listed in my previous post, please feel free to post it here. I'll add it to the Wiki as soon as I am able. :)
  17. MysticShadow Mystipedia

    Children of Chain Peace Chapter 5:
  18. Raz

    Here's 2 more missing books.


    Also Broad and Shallow Chapter 2 was already posted here, but it hasn't been added to the wiki yet.
  19. Einwand

    Maywin is sitting on her hospital bed, reading a book. She looks up from the book as someone knocks on the door.

    Reflexively, she tries to get off the bed and open the door, but then realizes she can’t move her legs. She yells for the visitor to come in.

    Maywin has no family. The only visitors she has are the members of her unit, and all of them visited her already. The visitor enters the room after a moment’s hesitation. Maywin quickly salutes.

    Colonel Woon Lyonir is standing in front of her, his face grim. Woon puts down a gift next to her bed as he asks after her in a subdued voice.

    Woon: How are you feeling?

    Maywin: You don’t have to worry about me. The doctor said I should be able to walk with some physical therapy.

    Woon: I see.

    Maywin: Thank you for coming to see me. I know you’re busy.

    Woon: No, I’m…

    The young colonel who is usually confident doesn’t’ seem to know what to say in a situation like this. Maywin sighs knowingly.

    Maywin: Gosh, you’re a colonel. Can’t you think of something to say? Do I really have to ask you to talk to me like you would outside work?

    Woon: …Sorry.

    Maywin: Take that chair out and sit. I hope you aren’t as nervous as you are with other soldiers you visit. You look like you’re uncomfortable breathing even.

    Woon: …This doesn’t just happen when I visit someone in the hospital.

    Maywin: Commander Eagle Eye makes you unable to breath in different ways, I see. How is he doing?

    They talk about trivial things. Most times, Maywin asks and Woon answers. This quiet young man was no longer the mischievous little boy she remembers. She smiles ruefully.

    Maywin: You’re a soldier th rough and through. Don’t you smile any more? You like like you’re wearing a mask.

    Woon: I’m sorry.

    Maywin: Sigh… How long are you going to stay in the army? Are you still looking for Rebecca?

    Woon: …

    Maywin: You need to give up. It’s been over ten years. Even if she escaped from the site, she couldn’t have survived in the desert by herself. She could’ve been captured by the Kartel, or…

    Woon: She’s alive. She was the one who dragged me out of that collapsing cave.

    Maywin: Then where is she now? Where did she go after she saved you? If she’s alive why hasn’t she shown up?

    Maywin: Let’s say she’s alive. I wish she was alive. She was the leader of Chain Peace and my friend.

    Maywin: But Woon, you used to be scared of soldier uniforms. When you said you hated soldiers, I knew you were scared of them. You’re not in the army because you like it there. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to find her.

    Woon: I know I may be wasting my time, but I promised Rebecca that I would help her find her father.

    Maywin is struck dumb. Suddenly the ten-year-old scars start throbbing.

    Maywin: All right, if you really want to help her find her father, then knock yourself out.

    Maywin: But we shouldn’t see each other anymore. Before Rebecca returns… No, even if she does, it wouldn’t do us any good to see each other. At least that’s what I think.

    Woon: …

    Woon doesn’t respond. Maywin is annoyed by his impassivity. If her legs were still working, she could’ve gotten off the bed and slapped him senseless. She wonders if screaming would make her feel better, t hen thinks better of it. Nothing she does can change the nightmare that is called reality.

    Ten years ago, she was so young and naïve that she thought that she c ould get rid of the Kartel. She was wrong. Every failure is painful, but that failure hit her the hardest. All she wanted to do was cry, but her country was already at war.

    When the enemy abducted the Imperial Princess, Empyrean sent child soldiers, even the wounded ones, back t the battlefield. There were not enough grownups, even children had to fight. No one complained. Villages were wiped out of existence on a daily basis.

    After a long time, the war ended and people lost their friends and families. She couldn’t change any of that, even if she wanted to, and the old pain that she tried hard to ignore has come back with vengeance.

    She knows she is taking her anger and guilt out on Woon. Instead of encouraging him to forget the nightmare, she’s yelling at the youngest of them all because he’s changed.

    Maywin: …You’d better leave.

    Maywin: Leave. Will you leave if I salute?

    Woon: I’ll go. Take care, and…

    Woon: I’m sorry.

    Woon leaves her room. Maywin nonchalantly pats her comforter smooth and holds her book back up. The tragic story of the main character is ab out to reach its climax. Starting from tomorrow, she’ll have to prepare for her retirement. She’s determined to forget about Woon and enjoy the rest of her day.

    Maywin: …

    Maywin drops her book. After she was injured, she finally has the time to read this tragedy novel, and it’s boring.

    Nothing is more tragic than reality.

    Woon’s father was a hunter. He couldn’t remember exactly when he first learned how to approach game without alerting it, but he remembered that he learned to shoot a gun before his teens and that his father was a good hunter.

    The makeshift bullets that even petty thieves wouldn’t want were cheaper than a bottle of alcohol. Woon hunted small animals to support his father’s drinking habit. His mother was a soldier but she didn’t come home often.

    He didn’t remember when Mother became a soldier, but it was probably after Father lost his left leg. When Father got drunk, he often beat Woon and kicked him out of the house, forcing him to sleep under the roof.

    His skin was always blue and yellow with bruises and scabs over scratches from animal claws. The village grownups weren’t unkind, but they weren’t caring either. None of them tried to stop Woon’s father from beating him.

    Jay, the oldest boy in the neighbourhood, defended Woon against his father, and the strong, righteous mother of Rebecca took him home and bathed and fed him.

    Rebecca acted as if Woon was always bothersome, bu t she’d always wanted a younger brother, and Woon was affable and charming. She and Woon got close quickly. Rebecca took good care of him and didn’t mind sharing her mother with him.

    But Little Woon’s good behaviour and cheerful personality were the results of his father’s violence and his mother’s negligence. Woon was afraid of being abandoned, so he was desperate to please Rebecca and her mother, and that saddened Rebecca’s mother.

    The happiest days of his life ended with the death of Rebecca’s mother. Rebecca and Jay decided to fight t he Kartel, and Woon insisted that he’d be included. He couldn’t imagine fighting grownups, but he was afraid of losing the two.

    On the day they left the village, Rebecca said that they should take the same family name. Jayu scoffed, but he came up with myriad family names. They bickered over the name for a while, and then decided on Lyonir.

    Woon became Woon Lyonir. He was happy because he felt like he’d become their real brother. He would later learn that Rebecca wanted a different family name to avoid her father.

    Chain Peace had a good cause, but its existence was precarious. The Wespeace Army thought the children could serve as a good tool to sway public opinion. It provided Chain Peace enough support to continue its existence. It also gave jobs.

    Woon was an excellent marksman. He was afraid of fighting, but he soldiered on. He didn’t want to be a burden to Jay and Rebecca.

    The news of the young heroes fighting the Kartels became a great issue among people on the other side of the sea. It was around this time that he earned the nickname, Little Lyonir. The more children bled, the more sympathetic the general populace became.

    Woon couldn’t understand. If they felt so sorry for the children of Chain Peace, they should come over and help. Instead, they watched them from the other side of the sea and wept for them.

    Jay brought Woon with him whenever he had a meeting with the Wespeace Army. War correspondents he met at those meetings made him bleed from his knees, so he became afraid of soldier but he hated to show it.

    For a while, he tried searching for his mother by asking the soldiers. None of them knew where his mother was. Even now, Woon doesn’t know if his mother is alive or where she is.

    Woon was the youngest among the members of Chain Peace. Age was a deciding factor of the ranks among the members, so Jay and Rebecca forbade Woon from calling them Brother and Sister. They also made him present in every strategy meeting.

    Some members objected at first, but they shut up. Woon was one of the most talented marksmen in Chain Peace.

    After their leader Jay left Chain Peace, Rebecca became the leader. Then reality started pressuring Chain Peace. A monster named Anton appeared and the Kartel abducted the Imperial Princess.

    Some good things happened, but things were mostly tough. The kartel continued to close in on Chain Peace. Its members ran and reappeared as its enemies or corpses. The children of Chain Peace were their losing reasons to live.

    The only thing that kept them from going was their leader Rebecca. She took care of all the dirty work and stayed up all night strategizing to find food and fight the Kartels. Rebecca was a born hero.

    Countless times, Woon thought the war would’ve ended more easily if that incident didn’t happen or if he saved Rebecca that day. But he couldn’t, and Rebecca was still missing to this day.

    He tried to remember something that could help him find Rebecca, but he couldn’t put together the fragments of his memory of that day.

    Red sky. Shouts and explosions. Faces of dying friends. He was bloody, and Rebecca carried him on her back. Those were the things he could remember.

    He didn’t know who betrayed them or who threw the bomb. Actually none of them mattered now. He lost anger, sadness, and happiness that day.

    Woon thought he died that day. He hated that his body was still breathing. He pointed his gun at himself more than a few times, but didn’t pull the trigger because of what Rebecca said.

    She once gave him her mother’s keepsake as his birthday gift. She patted Woon on his head and smiled sadly.

    “It might be too late, but I miss my father.”

    He wanted to grant her wish. He could hardly remember what happened to Chain Peace on that day, but he could remember Rebecca’s voice like he heard it just yesterday.

    He didn’t know if she was alive, but there was no proof of her death. He refused to let go of that little bit of hope.

    Woon would continue to fight until Rebecca, still the teenage girl in his mind, could be happily united with her father.

    Child soldiers.
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    The shocking thing is that Woon is closer to her father than he thinks

    It's Eagle Eye after all

    But the things in the books are certain eye opening

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