Stealth nerf to witch's mobility?

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  1. I was like, hey DFO, I haven't played you in awhile. I logged on and felt like my xpadder was screwed up or something, since I wasn't able to giant swatter stuff to get the int buff while leveling to 86. It seemed to work unreliably, and I was very confused.

    Then I figured it out. I do most of my moving by ground dashing, because it's faster and good practice for pvp. They seem to have nerfed the ground dash's ability to be followed with an attack (specifically, the flyswatters, broomspin, and lantern bomb). It used to work like this: Now you can't use any moves out of it at all. Instead you have to use the slower jump double tap forward to execute any aerial moves. I couldn't seem to find the patch notes where this change is mentioned.

    I mean, they already cut the air dash distance in half for pvp months ago, was this additional nerf really necessary? I feel like this was one of the only moves giving witch any edge at all over fast skilled players. It took a lot of technical skill to use effectively, and rewarded you for doing so. Now, it's like playing a gimp little midget girl... instead of a not-so-gimped little midget girl. I really wish they'd give this back, but they probably won't. RIP Witch PvP for me. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and knew anything about it.
  2. ElderGOD

    I will test it out.

    edit: It works in c101, if you come to c101 we can test together if you want.

    edit2: If you do it too fast/low to the ground the landing cancels the flyswatter.

    ->,backstep,->, flyswatter
    ->,backstep,->, broomspin
    ->,backstep,->, c, flyswatter
    ->,backstep,->, c, broomspin
    ->,backstep,->, pause, flyswatter
    ->,backstep,->, pause, broomspin

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