Soul Bender Chronicle Possesed Flame vs Blade Soul

Discussion in 'Soul Bender' started by Valheart, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Valheart

    Just wondering which one is better. Overall possesed flame gives 100% cooldown on Kalla, +75% more damage, +50% damage on Keiga and -75% duration which equals more finishing move. Blade soul gives +40% more damage, 100% uptime, -20 damage interval on burning ticks and a bunch of other random benefits for other skills. I ask because I could farm the 2nd chronicle set much quicker but if the 3rd chronicle is overwhelming better I will tough it out for the 3rd chronicles.
  2. Kheffin Bow down before the god of RNG.

    Blade soul is better; the only place you want super amp'd Kalla is versus Tog and the tic interval is basically a 20% damage multiplier.
  3. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

    Actually, 6pc Possessed Flame is better for Tog if you have very strong offslots. However, those offslots actually are required to be very very strong; epic-tier level or above. Offslots such as Night Shadow Top, Assassin's Blade Ring and so on are offslots considered strong enough to break 9pc Blade Soul. 9pc Blade Soul is very difficult to break, but if you can, then 6pc Possessed Flame is better.

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