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  1. YanDaMan263 lol @ u

    SB balances changes that went live on KDNF in February 2015:

    Ghost Slash:
    Ghost Slash Drive can be activated without charging by simply pressing Skill again.

    Ghost Slash Drive:
    Now maxes at level 1 with 30SP.
    Super armor granted after activating a fully charged ghost slash.
    Size of ghost attack increased.
    Charging time reduced by 0.1s.
    Status inflict rate increased.

    Moonlight Slash:
    Now cost 15 SP per level.
    Full Moon Slash cost 30SP.
    Damage increased by 21% at lv28.

    Now cost 15 SP per level.
    CD reduced by 40% for better party-buffing with Necromancy.

    Hazy-Eyed Bremen:
    CD reduced by 40% (again, for more efficient re-cast after necromancy).
    P.Def reduction lowered (M.Def reduction untouched. I guess Neople realize it's SB's only value lolz)

    Skill name changed to: Relic of Keiga (might just be Keiga's old name)
    Attack speed of possession slashes have been greatly increased, allowing for smoother X-Attacks. Improved juggle properties.
    Added effect to Upper Slash to become magic.
    Cost 20 SP per level.
    Extra slash damage on Phantasmal Slayer increased by 400%.

    Lunar Curtain:
    Cost 20SP per level.
    Can be cast during Tombstone.
    Inflicts Curse status.

    Ghost Whip:
    If Dark Flame Kalla is active, enemies will be marked with Kalla's dark flames.
    Damage increased by 38% at level 28 (This makes no sense since skill still max at lv19, but its still a boost I guess?)

    Freezing Saya:
    Cooldown reduced by 5s.
    Damage increased by 20%. (Skill can now be upkept and stacked multiple times with Phantom Mastery alone, longer if you get the TP passive)

    Epidemic Rhasa:
    Poison/Bleed damage increased by 135%
    P.def reduction value cut almost by half (OUCH).
    Now inflicts Curse status.

    If Dark Flame Kalla is active. Tombstone will mark targets with Kalla's dark flames.
    Cast duration halved, but number of falling tombstones doubled per second.
    Increased hitbox with new visual effect of purple mists on impact.
    Curse status chance increased.
    Damage increased by about 35% at lv26.

    Phantasmal Slayer:
    Attack power increased by 44% at lv23.

    Dark Flame Kalla:
    Using Dark Flame Sword finisher attack will not automatically end the buff and still allows you to shoot fireballs. However, Dark Flame Sword can only be used once per Kalla activation.

    When enemies are marked with Kalla's dark flames, hitting them with the following skills will trigger a dark explosion doing a moderate amount of fixed dark damage:
    -Ghost Slash Drive (on both the full charge hit and 2nd hit).
    -Final hit of Moonlight Slash.
    -All slash hits from Phantasmal Slayer (including the additional hit from Possession).

    Dark Flame Sword damage increased by about 18% at level 22.
    Possession attack power is reduced by 23% while Kalla is active.

    7th Ghost: Furious Blache:
    Minimum Damage increment from Swallowing attack increased by 20%.
    Maximum Damage increment from Swallowing attack increased by 81% (I guess this means from stacking all ghosts?)

    Crystal Saya:
    Damage increased by 30%.

    Tombstone Triangle:
    Requires only Lv1 Tombstone to learn.
    X-Axis range increased.

    Phantom Mastery:
    Added feature that gives you increased damage against enemies in cursed state (unsure on how much the increment is).

    Freezing Saya buff's bonus damage inflicted against frozen enemies reduced by 75% (LOL, no more cheesing some Anton bosses with SBs in your party).
    Fixed bug where Saya buff's additional damage on frozen targets didnt apply to building/object type enemies.

    Advent of Zieg:
    Zieg now plunge his sword into the ground to create a massive dark AoE that continuously cause dark damage and curse anything within it, with a light suction effect to suck enemies into his circle.
    Zieg no longer seeks enemies to attack and will not draw mob's aggro. Need to use Ghost Whip or Dark Flame Sword's follow up action to move him to a new location.
    Many of his follow up skills based on your actions are strengthened in damage.
    Encroachment's Instant kill effect against champion/green name mobs is now 10% HP or lower, instead of 20%.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the results that went live. I wasn't impressed by the initial test server changes as they all seemed like fluffs and barely did anything to make up for Bremen nerf, but in the end they decided to not nerf Bremen's m.def reduction and applied Dark Flame Kalla's bonus effects on much more skills in the live server version. It also solves Kalla's biggest issue: Fireball only hits 1 thing. Now you have more ways to mark a mass amount of mobs at once.

    Looks like a new potential playstyle for offensive SB is now to keep enemies cursed and have Kalla up at all times for mass group marking and additional damage from dark explosions.

    View some change demonstrations here:
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  2. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO

    Oh these are very interesting. The Lower SP costs on most of his skills means more skill options since he was very SP limited before.

    Hopefully this makes Solobender more bearable. I got bored of soloing at level 72 on mine.
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  3. photaiplz

    along with yan description and video i found this video
  4. H-1

    Are any of these changes in DFOG?
  5. Hakumen Dopeness

    Nope, not yet.
  6. Sheriff The Deputy Sheriff

    I can't wait to get these in DFOG... I hope we don't have to wait long. (I heard a rumour that Neople wants the official release to be on par with kDnF patch/update-wise... I hope that's true. But that could just mean OBT Part II could last a lot longer than we expected..)
  7. Noriginal ㅡ_ ㅡ

    Are any of these changes getting applied to pvp or just pve?
  8. YanDaMan263 lol @ u

  9. Willy156

    Coming from someone who only played Soul Bender when DFO first came out in Nexon, these are some amazing buffs

    ghostslash not needed to charge is in PvP, tombstone change is also in PvP, casting lunar curtain during tombstone is in PvP. This is from watching SB videos. Kalla not deactivating on finisher is also added.

    just by watching the first two matches you can see that the changes here are added in PvP.
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  11. AbaoWeikago ➖,➖

    yea ghost drive puts SBs in SA as well; in addition, them curse effect combination with Rhasa, Kalla, and Tombstone is burtal...Pvping Sypher was terrifying >.<
  12. Hi,

    Wondering if anyone can put their input on the more offensive sb now that we have the patch as well. For the most part I hear that it's either 9 PC blade soul or 6 PC tombstone + 3 PC shadow rage (asides from the pure Bremen support build which I have 0 interest in). But I'm just wondering why is it that we would go for 6 PC tomb + 3 PC rage instead of 9 PC tomb? Does that "+1 sec more fall time" something crazy over the 2X tomb triangle shadow debuff and the -20% tombstone CD which brings it to a 0.9 sec difference to the other?
    Also thoughts on a full 9PC set for shadow rage, twilight set and yaksa be nice. Gimmicks sounds pretty decent.
    I presume the possessed set is swap for 9 PC blade soul for khalla right?
  13. Kheffin Bow down before the god of RNG.

    The 6/3 setup is more pure dps, as the +1 sec fall time translates into 33% more damage. The faster cd is also nice to have from that viewpoint. Tombstone 9 and 6/3 have significantly better burst than Blade Soul 9, which has better sustain. As the current content tends to favor burst, a lot of Soul Benders are favoring this setup for damage.

    Tombstone 9 is great when you're grouped with dealers that aren't heavily invested in elemental damage, as tombstone triangle will convert their damage to dark. Note that this doesn't work with attacks that have inherent elemental damage. It can also act as a second bit of burst due to the lowered cooldown of Triangle. If you want to min/max damage, you can have 3 pc Shadow Rage in your potion bar, cast triangle (which snapshots), then switch to 6/3 before casting tombstone for maximum damage.

    Kalla does not snapshot; if you unequip blade soul/+Kalla level items after casting Kalla, you'll lose out on damage.

    While both these setups give Soul Bender respectable damage with respect to our current content, note that none of these setups will act as major dps in Anton raid.
  14. Larfreezey

    Blade soul is used on tog in anton raid for dps.
  15. Cool, thanks for the update it was very informative!
    Any idea though in terms of the other sets? Most of them sound pretty appealing
  16. Kheffin Bow down before the god of RNG.

    I don't have complete sets of any of those, but Yaksa's set can be used as a gimmicky Zieg scream build, especially during burning time where you get +2 Zieg levels. It's fun to clear rooms just by casting ghosts. Shadow rage 9 is probably ok, albeit weaker than tombstone/blade soul setups. The issue with other sets in general is that the bulk of your damage comes from tombstone/kalla, and you aren't boosting them in meaningful ways.
  17. Ya I guess so... for the most part I'm getting used to the tombstone + 3PC shadow rage. But the point in between the 9.1 sec CD is what grind my gears. Not a lot of fluidity.
    Kinda feels like we need to mash to sets together as 1 to get. Like OMG, blade soul + tombstone? That be sick. U got a moderate burst + a moderate dps to fill during CD
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  18. But I guess that's wishful thinking =(
  19. Is anyone else having trouble with necromancy? Many times when I key in the skill, I can see the key strokes on top if my characters head, but it doesn't cast. Sometimes it does it 5 times in a row where I can't cast the buffs... gets hella annoying when I'm trying to rush through content with what time I have left to play =/

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