Some Assembly Required : A Male Mechanic Guide

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  1. DoubleA

    Link to guide.

    If you would like to contribute, PM me your email and I will give you editing access.

    Minor and specific changes should just be put in comments(easier to track stuff that way) , but general and larger discussion can be put here.
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  2. Omsk

    Happy to be working with you :teacher:
  3. Gaerek

    Hmm... should I jump in on editting the guide? =/

    Btw, G-series info in the guide has been wrong for M Mech, since, well... forever @@l| Specifically G-Series duration for M mech (max level inactive duration is about 9 seconds, easily covered by CD potion or top/bottom tainted gear with CD reduction), 'knockdown' with Rolling Thunder (might need to check that one, I'm pretty sure it's just strong hitstun instead of knockdown), and elemental damage on Raptor might need a check. Can probably add in Robotics affecting G-Series now as well (seen effect on Raptor summon, other transformations need checking), though it's still a ridiculously weaker skill compared to everything else you have (basically, G-series still won't be a go-to skill).

    In the "Pros and Cons" section of the guide, M Mech MP consumption gets way worse if you end up using a Viper build, with Devil's Toybox 6 piece especially.

    Odd skills:
    *Gatling (probably +silver bullet as well)- Viper pindown assist (haven't seen anyone actually use this though)
    *Mach Kick- Moving enemies into position for Viper attacks if you're hiding behind a wall of them (you have other options)
    *G-14 Buster (+TP upgrade)- Knocking enemies into Viper Aircombo/catching things to start a BBQ+Viper aircombo, when applicable. (PvE only, not very useful for Runner Build that you would be using)
    *Steep Slide- same as G-14 Buster (still not recommended anyhow)
    *Windmill- only for the odd G-Series + G-14 Buster build (still not that useful, and really only 'looks cool')
  4. Omsk

    Editing g-series info for completion's sake is a must but as far as I'm concerned the only thing under the g-series section should be "don't".
  5. ShadePopping Learning to read other languages

    Should just say, G-Series, "ARE YOU A PUSSY? GO PLAY FMECH THEN"
  6. Gaerek

    ^more or less agreed, but...

    The main things as to why G-Series isn't recommended on M Mech now are 2nd Awakening Passive- which doesn't affect it at all, and the limited range of G-Series compared to Runners when you upgrade the hell out of them. That, and how F Mech's is stronger due to her passives that actually boost its damage. The part that bothers me most is how the reasoning behind ditching G-Series has been wrong since forever -- the only part that actually made F Mech's more superior is her awakening passive - except that was considered a "secondary" reason instead of primary. Sure, the 'always active G-Series' thing was accurate back during/prior to lvl 70 cap (not sure which), but that was ages ago- but that part got thrown out the window with Otherverse CD reduction. There was also the part where Robotics didn't affect it, but now that is no longer true either. Then the last part with how it dealt light damage instead of fire, so you had to choose between elements.

    If a newbie were to take a look at the guide, then go onto DFO wiki and compare the data, they're probably not going to consider the guide to be such a great source of information due to how horribly off the G-Series part is, even if it "isn't all that important." Just cut out the whole "infinite G-Series" portion and edit the last bit slightly and you'd be set >>;

    Also, there is one thing M Mech G-Series does that's nicer than F Mech's -- M Mech G-Series with the proper configurations doesn't need to be transformed all the time.

    EDIT:: Apparently, HS-1 Friends affects G series [SURPRISE!!], so... max level Corona with G-Series can be re-summoned as soon as the skill ends. Also Damage bonuses from 2nd Awakening passive ALSO affects G-Series. DERP. Have fun with G-Series, guys... lmao @@l|
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