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    Some of you may know me as that one Ranger who inhabits the accomplishment threads on the subreddit, and maybe a few other posts as well on the side. However, I never got the chance to formally introduce myself.

    Wasn't around during the NexonDFO era, though I do remember some stuff, like looking at the classes on the website, then the game shutting down, and Nexon's attempt to get the DFO players to play Maplestory...
    (Yes, I was a Mapler, but after playing DFO, I opened my eyes, and I couldn't go back anymore lol)

    Played the game since OBT1, which was actually the first time I played DFO. Made the noob mistake of picking MRanger as a main and first class. Stopped playing towards Fanatics, until I made an MNen for a leveling event, yolo +11'd a Sidewinder, and then went back to MRanger afterwards. Had to endure a few levels of Fanatics to reach Lv. 50, when I was able to equip that pink Revolver.


    This one screenshot was what sent me down the long and arduous road towards maining an M.Ranger.

    Things went a lot more smoothly, until a rough transition in Oceanic Express *cough*Don Enzo Sipo*cough*. Tried to make a +12 Lv. 70 Magic Sealed, and succeeded after a few attempts (like 5); this weapon lasted all the way to the Lv. 85 cap. Farming Slote, I earned enough to buy a Mansion Decor and make it +11, then I tried to break my +12 but made it +13. Tried to +12 the Mansion Decor but it broke.

    Then a few lucky Hell drops happened, like the Confusion Necklace, Lonely Jackvolver, Magic Catalysm, and then Lord of Ranger, followed by Dethroned King's Tears. I actually ended up running Hell more than Otherverse along the way, but at least I didn't have to break up a Precise Fire 9pc set; instead I built around 6pc Standard Procedure. Jackvolver may be the worst Ranger Epic, but at +10, it still beats my +13 Magic Sealed. I always had the thoughts of buying a Lib Revolver, until that LoR dropped; I technically had enough, but I decided to buy a Rare Clone Avatar Set Box and multiple Insane Hell Ticket Boxes. Unfortunately, I lost count of how many Invitations/Tickets I used, but I'm probably gonna estimate it at around 400k-500k total and counting? (give or take; includes their equivalent in Tickets) :confused:

    I joined the Delezie West Server, although I didn't do my research on it, so I was stuck with a lower population, with everyone and their mother going to Cain East. I tried to plan ahead for server merges, and reserved some names in advance; it was pretty irritating having to readjust everything with all those Name Change Tickets that day. I did get to keep names like "KamilleBidan" and "BrightNoa," then managed to secure "FourMurasame" and "SetsunaSeiei." I lost the "ItsAGundam" name, however, having to change it to "IAmAGundam" ("IAmGundam" was taken too). If I played this game right when OBT1 was released, I probably would've secured the name of "AmuroRay," but it was taken.

    (As you could tell from the names and title, I'm a Gundam fan, favorite series being 0079, Zeta, CCA, Wing, 00, and IBO in no particular order)

    Epic Collection
    3/5 MV
    3/5 Chameleon
    3/5 Submarine
    2/5 Assassin's Attitude
    2/5 Tactical
    2/5 Elemental Dropper
    2/5 Dark Hole
    2/5 DG
    1/5 Full Plate
    1/5 Nature Guardian

    Accessories / Magic Stones
    2/3 Refined Otherverse
    1/3 Superstar
    1/3 Cold Princess
    Resolution of the Awakened - Raven
    Dethroned King's Tears


    Yup, I'm a pack rat with my storage, throwing random things in there.

    I'll admit, I did some questionable and stupid disassembling decisions, like grinding every piece of the Superstar set on sight, way before the Epic Rework was posted. Or even some pieces of the Full Plate set before I decided to just keep them, though I would've been 2/5 on that set regardless. Even grinded the Cold Princess Necklace as well, which, if I had kept it, would've made me 2/3 on that set. However, sacrifices had to be made for that LoR and DKT...

    In terms of characters, I'm not an altoholic. Idk. I always find myself going back to my main due to the good Epics I have on him. Only other characters I capped (more like Lv. 85) were an M.Nen and M.Mech, and then a few other alts around Lv. 65ish.

    Other games I enjoy include God Eater (hyped for God Eater 3 coming soon, indifferent towards the mobile game) and Monster Hunter. Kinda slacking off with the latter game, but I might get into Generations a bit more later on.

    Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger!
    Zeon thirsts for the strength of its people!
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  2. Dice Dragon Unofficial Sader main

    What a detailed intro welcome to the forums
  3. 15th

    season 2 ibo tomorrow
  4. LaconicLeaf NewType

    Already?! :raise:

    Wow, didn't realize that until now. Thought it would've been out in November or something.
    Think I'll start building this HG Astaroth kit to celebrate S2. I know Astaroth is from the manga, but the Barbatos Lupus isn't out quite yet. Either have to wait for a long shipping time, or pre-order it...

    Forgot to mention in the original post, but I also enjoy building Gunpla. Started the hobby about 2 years ago, too. Got a fair share of HGs, RGs, and MGs, along with 1 PG.

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