Should i stay like DS or change to DT/VB?

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Do you think that should i change to DT/VB or stay with DS?

  1. Dark Templar

  2. Vagabond

  3. Stay with Demon Slayer.

  1. So, i've been playing around 3 weeks on DFO, it's good game never expected to be so fun, i have 4 chars and all of them lvl 40 xD

    Ok so, like the tittle says, i have a DS she's very fun to use and all of her skills are very strong, but many ppl said to me that DT is far a lot better than DS but others say that the second best F.Slayer is VB so i want you guys to help me.

    Should i stay with Demon slayer or change to Dark Templar/Vagabond?
  2. Khanjali KO

    You have 10 levels to try out Vagabond and Dark Templar at your leisure, so go ahead and do so. Just remember to make a final choice at 49.
    Personal opinion, stick with Demon Slayer. She is very strong without gear and only grows stronger with.
  3. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    Demon Slayer is the strongest FSlayer, I think. At least, the one with the highest scaling potential.

    I think you've basically answered your own question, too. You like Demon Slayer, but only consider the other two because you've heard they were strong. So, just go with Demon Slayer. Play what you love, not what's the strongest.
    If you're really interested in them then just try them out and make a final choice at 49.

    And really, it's not like your choice is absolutely final and you can't play the other two; Levelling is so fast these days you can just make all 3 of them if you really like them all.
  4. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    For those kinds of statements it's better to have context. Dark Templar is the strongest at utility. Sword Master and Demon Slayer are strong at damage. All of them are equally easy to gear, though I guess Dark Templar can start being useful in Anton normals really early on where as SM and DS likely need their full chron sets before they start being valuable.

    Vagabond is generally considered the weakest of the F. Slayers.

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