Season Server is Great for Getting Started on a Necromancer

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    You already know!
    Heya everyone. There's a bunch of really nice features coming out right now in order to get started on a Necromancer. Anton raid has been out for a while, driving down the prices on both Strength-boosting Dark Ritual pieces, as well as the Black Flower light armor set for battle sets. There are also skill titles coming out, which are very useful for getting Dark Ritual and Vallacre's Pledge capped. The third, and probably most important to people *just* starting out, is that we're about to get Season Server.

    Season Server is a challenge-mode version of the game, in which progress is more difficult per-dungeon, but extremely quick in terms of actual time and daily progress. This extends to ancient dungeon farming immensely. Where you would normally take 20 days of EX farming to get a single piece of gear, on Season Server, you can take 15 days to complete a 6pc set!

    How Well Does Necromancer Fare Against the Challenges in Season Server?
    Necro has a really easy time with Season Server. @epiklife, a kDnF player, was streaming himself easily farming on Necromancer to farm quest legendaries.

    In essence, the Season Server challenges are:
    • Enemies hit REALLY hard
    • Delivering counterattacks on specific vulnerability frames build up a bar to deal immense damage to enemies.
    To this end, Necro can use Nicholas to bait attacks, and counter with even just the DoT spells to build up the bar incredibly easily and safely.

    How Well Does Necromancer Benefit From Season Server?
    Necromancer has a LOT of gear to grab from Ancient Dungeons.

    For swap-based gear, you can get:
    • Ghost Train Pants (600 mats) for skill-boosting
    • King's Ruin Shoulder/Top (1200 mats)
    • Screaming Cavern Sub Equipment (600 mats) for +1 Pledge. Until you get Wooden Puppet Whip (I seriously recommend it), this is an okay holdover option.
    For battle gear:
    • Night Full of Stars is the dark version of the Seasonal Server armor set, earned for clearing 50 ancient dungeons in Season Server. It is a good starting point for your dealer set.
      • Each piece has the perk of Shadow elemental damage +12, STR/INT +25
      • Set Bonus: Shadow Damage +25, Critical Rate +7%, Skill Damage +5%, Inflict Shadow Element
    • Vilmark shoes, bottom, belt (1800) are a common starter set for Necromancers even in raid (alternative option is Black Flower bottom and Head Security Skull Belt/Vilmark Shoes)
    • King's Ruin necklace/ring (1200) are also a good starting point. The bracelet (600) won't mesh up with vilmark 3pc, but does mesh well with the season server armor set.
    • Reshpon Bracelet only needs to be +10'd to be stronger than Gigantic Presence bracelet alone as a single piece. Get this as well as an option if you decide to switch to Vilmark 3+ piece or otherwise swap out of King's Ruin Bracelet.
    After you've completed those, you can do a couple things:
    • Vilmark 5-6pc setup, which is really nice for sub-support setup in 4-man parties. It's secondary to the season armor on pure solo dealing but the perks can add up to be more useful in a full party. The sixth piece would either be the ring or the magic stone, either of which are only really good in a full party (and I'd recommend getting the ring so you can grab an ele tear)
    • King's Ruin Bottom/Shoes/Belt, which are ok single-piece options to sub in if you end up breaking the 3/5pc vilmark setup. The shoes are an okay substitute for Dark Rubrium Greaves in Dark Ritual gear, as well.
    If you are at a complete loss of stuff to farm after that, you could get Kartel equipment to level-boost Phantasm Storm. It's a super-gimmicky swap basically only to mess around with level 150+ Nicholas and Doppelgangers on Gunship Defense, but hey, why not?

    What do I do once I get Out of Season Server?
    As of writing, I can recommend this to leverage your farmed gear options as much as possible:
    • Get a Bloodied Scar as a weapon. You're not going to have a hugely relevant crit smash mod, and this weapon is seriously bargain-bin prices due to raid. Permabuff has also basically removed all the downsides on the weapon. Throw a +10 reinforce and +5 refine ticket, try to get it to +7-8 refine.
    • Prioritize getting +2-3 on Dark Ritual, and +1-2 Pledge Titles on main server. Those are really nice, near-permanent upgrades.
    • Farm Anton Normals for Gigantic Presence set as a reliable-to-get accessory set. Don't spend antoniums until you've got the set completed, though; Reshpon bracelet and King's Ruin Necklace/Ring are better as single pieces until you complete the set, and getting enough good accessories from hell mode/raid can negate the need for the set.
    • Get enough buyable/easy-farm gear to raid.
      • Battle set (using 6pc as a base):
        • Wooden Puppet Whip might be all you need for battle set as far as legendaries go.
        • Ele tear
      • Battle set, breaking out of 5-6pc Vilmark or Season Server set to 3pc:
        • Dead Captain's Bone Breastplate (shoulder, try to find a reasonable price for it)
        • Black Flower Breastplate (pay no more than 10m - Necro is the one single class that uses this, and there are already half a dozen on the AH)
        • To further break out of 3pc vilmark entirely, you'd want Black Flower Lower Armor and either Head Security Skull Belt (which also needs replacing wand), Dark Gothic Belt, Darkness Low Sash, or Tactical Belt. Shoes
      • Swap sets:
        • Mac Down Heavy Buckle is bargain bin now at 5m as of writing
        • Extreme Ring
        • Excessive Spurt Ring (it's a bracelet) and/or Veteran's True Intention (+1 Pledge) as swaps for bracelet
        • Tainted Dimensional Necklace: Necromancer with green Dark Ritual imbue
        • 85 stat sub/stone
        • Halidom Dual Blades or Daggers for +1 skills and +100 STR
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  2. Veizaru

    Thank you, informative and easy to follow. I guess I'll be remaking a necro :)
  3. BigMike

    Thank you Necro Fancy <3
  4. H4rlequin Pig lucker Bender - Shit lucker Zerker

    Today while checking the AH, I saw a Bloodied Scar was put there for 7.5 mil, I was hesitating to buy and then I saw your post and decided to go for it. Thanks for the guide Necrofancy and keep up the good work :class:
  5. Vatar

    Is it intended that Nicholas's Black Wave perma holds? Seems to be pretty op to avoid dying to gimmicky bosses.
  6. epiklife HOZO

    There is some vid that i recorded but i cant find them LMAO
  7. Necrofancy Blame Blobâ„¢

    You already know!
    That doesn't sound right, but that does sound hilariously cheesy!

    I should've asked you to keep some VODs in case we actually got Season Server; I wasn't expecting it at all!
  8. Vatar

    I'll record it tonight because my teammate insisted it was intended that Exploitas gets stuck in Black Wave animation and perma-holds lol.
  9. DurianCrepe

    it's work, but you will deal less damage than normal because the boss is being held, i've tried it on Fanatics boss.
  10. Vatar

    One day late sorry, found another Exploitas's skill:
  11. BigMike


    This dungeon is really hard and annoying. Thanks to NecroFancy, I am now able to do it with ease.
  12. smellis

    Sooo i've been giving this a try and finally got my necro to 86 yesterday....

    Holy shit how the hell do you even begin to approach doing ancients? On normal server i can do reqs besides resh/cartel/kings/ghost cause i just can't seem to figure out how to beat them but i can't even do ancients on seasonal without spending at least 25 tokens. Vilmark guh, just can't seem to get boss below 50% before im swarmed and overran with extra mobs.

    Do i just need to get some OV gear or something? Or just get gud?
  13. DurianCrepe

    Perma hold him, Necro can't fight him with out Perma hold exploit
  14. Laande Third best girl

    Very false. While difficult it is possible to get past all the bots in time to kill his shield. And with proper action guage use the fight can end really quickly the proper skill rotations.

    My advice is to take advantage of the 1 point in black web tp for snares and practice abusing action guage in the harder rooms and grudge abuse with black web abuse on everything else. If you are bothered with a possible long and frustrating fight with mecha tau do as above and just perma black wave hold.
  15. DurianCrepe

    yeah nvm, i just mean it is so difficult to do Ex Vilmark with out exploit ( be careful some time Boss escape our perma hold and it will not fun any more), you can do Ancient fine with out exploit. here is an video Necro run EX King Ruin, you can try copy his tactic
  16. Pyros

    The video is literally 4posts above.
  17. BigMike

    I could do a video on how I do Vilmark. It's easy until you get to the boss because of him summoning those robots. What I do is save my first awakening, and use it as soon as he summons them. There will be times where he does it again, and that will be pain to get through. But only thing I can say now is throw some multi hit skills at the boss.
  18. BigMike

    I've done every dungeon said in this guide except for Kartel. The hardest dungeon to do is EX Ghost train since the boss rarely attacks to do counters on him. If you only need to get one quest piece from that dungeon, just do normals.

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