Season 5 Act 4. Beginning of a Legend (Update: March 16th)

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  1. ZailKnight BuffCrowSet

    having f spit in there explains all
  2. anontroll

    Don't know about the deets for p1 but for clear times it seems generally the same. p2 looks dumber than it originally was though.
    Also, this ^
  3. If 1 Dc = wipe thats scares me :o
    Also I hope we get class balances before we get the hard ver. else even less than 1% of dfo will be able to clear
  4. Roge9

    Anyone know how much it costs to transfer 70 weapons? I ask because I got another Despair Clockwork, if it's cheap enough I'll consider transferring when the patch hits.
  5. Does anyone know if you can change between option groups for 90 quegendaries?
    Say, for example, you got a drop with option group A but you want option group B. Is there any way to change between those groups or are you just out of luck in that case?
  6. XiaxhouSLAYS

    Thread necro!

    Wondering the same question as above. Also, how long does it take to get full 90 quest leg set?
  7. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    You might want to check _this thread_ (text is clickable with the link to the post) where I posted a lot of stuff regarding Fighting Spirit set, because it actually answer the first part of your post:
    As for how long it takes to get full Fighting Spirit set... um, you might need to specify that. Do you want to get CC Group (or at least BB / BC Group) on every piece? Are you going for 3-Star Grade on every piece? Will it be 3pc, or 4pc, or 5pc, or 6pc set?
    For the first question, there's no definite answer. It might take a very, very long time to do so, because RNG is a thing in terms of Group Effects. As for the other two questions...
    Well, let's ignore the Group Effects and just focus on Star Grade and Set Effects. Imagine that you're very unlucky - you got 0-Star Grade on every item - and you're aiming for 6pc set and 3-Star Grade on every piece.
    You get ~31 Dharma Symbol (including the ones from Daily Quest) per day.
    Moonstone and Pure Condensate of Fortitude can be bought with Dharma Symbols.
    In order to upgrade from 0-Star to 3-Star Grade on each piece, you'll need 63 Moonstones:
    0-Star Grade -> 1-Star Grade: 11 Moonstone
    1-Star Grade -> 2-Star Grade: 18 Moonstone
    2-Star Grade -> 3-Star Grade: 34 Moonstone
    In order to get the maximum possible limit out of Set Effects combinations on 6pc Fighting Spirit set, you'll need 1311 Pure Condensate of Fortitude.
    Pure Condensate of Fortitude Limit (with every item being of 3-Star Grade):
    3pc set: 330 Pure Condensate of Fortitude
    4pc set: 536 Pure Condensate of Fortitude
    5pc set: 880 Pure Condensate of Fortitude
    6pc set: 1311 Pure Condensate of Fortitude
    So now we're calculating the time it'll take to get our 6pc 0-Star Grade set to its maximum potential (again, with ~31 Dharma Symbols per day) - it'll take ~55 days to do so:
    3pc 0-Star -> 3-Star:
    (63x3) + 330 = 519 Dharma Symbols
    519 / 31 = ~17 days

    4pc 0-Star -> 3-Star:
    (63x4) + 536 = 788 Dharma Symbols
    788 / 31 = ~26 days

    5pc 0-Star -> 3-Star:
    (63x5) + 880 = 1195 Dharma Symbols
    1195 / 31 = ~39 days

    6pc 0-Star -> 3-Star:
    (63x6) + 1311 = 1689 Dharma Symbols
    1689 / 31 = ~55 days

    Again, this is the worst possible outcome, but it also doesn't include your decision whether to keep farming Fighting Spirit pieces with possible better Groups or stop and use what you have.
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