Season 5 Act 4. Beginning of a Legend (Update: March 16th)

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  1. Jay 테미

    Season 5 Act 4. Beginning of a Legend

    • Dungeon Regulation
      • Level Requirement: 90
      • FP Consumption: 8
      • Required Exorcism: 4504
      • Amount of Coins Allowed: 3
      • APC/Supporters Not Allowed
      • Following display will be changed for smoother play:
        • No Change: Freeze, Stun, Electrocution, Petrify, Sleep, Immobilization, Weapon Destruction and Armor Destruction
        • Partially Omitted: Poison, Bleed and Burn
        • Omitted: Rest of the buffs, Debuffs and Status Ailments
      • Following Title Achievements will not be completed:
        • Backstabber
        • Gale Force
        • Daredevil
      • Only Ekon Dungeon materials will drop
      • Hell Party will not appear
    • Dungeon Entry
      • Can be accessed from Metrocenter's Pandemonium Settlement.
      • Can be entered after completing `Towards the Legend' quest.
      • Solo-Party dungeon therefore Party Play is not allowed.
      • 5 Terranium and 5 Seed of Birth is consumed upon entry.
        • Seed of Birth can be found from Pandemonium area dungeons.
    • Dungeon Progress
      • The player will randomly battle against either Red Army or Green Army.
      • You cannot return to previous rooms.
        • "You can only advance."
      • Dungeon will clear when either Red Army Boss or Green Army boss is defeated.
      • Following Monsters:
    Boss: Demon King Drazan
    Hellfire Barragan
    War Initiator Inisha
    Karunya the Destroyer

    Boss: Merciful Sasha
    The Reborn, Boya
    Executioner Astanja
    Lariat Mamsa

    • Reward
      • Level 90 Quest Legendary 'Combat Equipment' can be obtained from Named, Boss and Dungeon Clear Card.
      • Combat Equipment related materials can be found.
        • Can be obtained from Named, Boss and Dungeon Clear Card.
      • Materials can be traded with NPC 'Snowflake Joshua' located in Pandemonium Settlement.
        • Dharma Symbol Shop
          • Dharma Symbol can be traded for materials that are used to change Combat Equipment stats.
        • Devil-Tribe's Horn Shop
          • Devil-Tribe's Horn can be traded for either Free Hell Party Ticket or Free Pandemonium Rift Ticket.
    • Combat System
    • Exclusive System for Ekon - Destroyed Sanctuary dungeon has been added.
    • The character will gather Combat by eliminating monsters.
    • Gaining Combat will fill up the Gauge (on the left) until the player reaches Rank SSS and unleash Combat.
    • Following effects will apply when Combat is unleashed.
      • Attacking Speed / Casting Speed / Moving Speed
      • Super Armor
      • Additional Damage
      • Additional Attack (Z-Key)
      • Reduced Skill Cooltime
      • Increased Skill Attack Range
    • Unleashed Combat will disappear after a period of time, but the duration can be increased by eliminating monsters.
    • Named and Boss can also gather and unleash Combat.
    Additional Reward System
    • Additional Reward Gauge will increase whenever Ekon - Destroyed Sanctuary dungeon is cleared.
    • Additional Reward will be given when Ekon - Destroyed Sanctuary dungeon is cleared while the Gauge is full.
      • The player can decide on the enemy route (Red / Green) when the Gauge is full.
      • The enemy route cannot be reverted once it has been decided.
      • Additional Reward will be given after the Boss has been defeated.
    • Can only acquire Additional Reward once per day.
    Level 90 Quest Legendary 'Combat Equipment' has been added.​
    • Equipment Composition
      • Composed of 5 Armor Equipment, 3 Accessory Equipment and 3 Special Equipment for a total of 11 Equipment (Weapon has been excluded).
      • 2 random effect will be applied to Quest Legendary upon acquirement.
      • The amount of stat added onto the "Combat Equipment" will vary depending on the Rank of the equipment.
      • Each equipment is divided into four different ranks.
        • Weak Rank - 鬪: Combat Equipment (No Star)
        • Ordinary Rank - 爭: War Combat Equipment (1 Star)
        • High Rank - 狂: Madness Combat Equipment (2 Star)
        • Superior Rank - 滅: Destruction Combat Equipment (3 Star)
      • Following items will not be given from disassembling.
        • Legendary Soul
        • High Amount of Endless Eternity
      • Repurchase from merchant is not allowed.
    • Set Effect
      • Combat Equipment can be formed into a set (starting from 3-Set to 6-Set).
      • Set Effect will not stack.
        • If the player has both 3-Set Effect and 5-Set Effect, only the latter will apply.
    • Equipment Effect Reconstruction
      • Following function can be used through Combat Equipment Effect Reconstructor
    Equipment Effect Reconstruction
    • Equipment Effect can be changed according to the equipment rank.
    • Equipment Effect can be only changed to other effects of the same group.
    Stat and Speed Effect Group
    • Stat Increase (Strength/Vitality/Intelligence/Spirit)
    • Speed Increase (Attacking/Moving/Casting)
    Attack and Critical Hit Effect Group
    • Attack Increase (Physical/Magical/Independent)
    • Critical Hit Increase (Physical/Magical)
    Element Damage Effect Group
    • Element Damage Increase (Fire/Water/Light/Shadow/All)
    • Using the Equipment Effect Reconstruction System will consume "Moon Feldspar".
      • Amount of Moon Feldspar consumption will depend on Equipment Rank.
    Equipment Promotion
    • Rank of Combat Equipment can be raised through "Equipment Promotion System".
    • The selected effect value will change to match with the new rank of the equipment.
    • Using the Equipment Promotion System will consume "Barrier Feldspar".
    Set Effect Allotment System
    • 3~6 Combat Equipment can be designated as a Set to apply 'Set Effect'.
    • Maximum of 4 Effect Group can be selected and 1 Effect can be chosen from each group.
    Damage Effect Group
    • Damage% Increase
    • Critical Damage% Increase
    • Additional Damage% Increase
    Attack % Effect Group
    • Physical, Independent Attack% Increase
    • Magical, Independent Attack% Increase
    Stat % Effect Group
    • Strength% Increase
    • Intelligence% Increase
    Element Damage Effect Group
    • Fire Damage+ Increase
    • Water Damage+ Increase
    • Light Damage+ Increase
    • Shadow Damage+ Increase
    • All Element Damage+ Increase
    Stat Effect Group
    • Strength+ Increase
    • Intelligence+ Increase
    • Vitality+ Increase
    • Spirit+ Increase
    Critical Hit Effect Group
    • Physical Critical Hit+ Increase
    • Magical Critical Hit+ Increase
    Skill Level Effect Group
    • Level 1~30 Skill Level Increase by 1
    • The selected set effect value will change depending on amount of designated equipment in the set.
    • Using the Set Effect Allotment System will consume "Pure Combat Condensed Stone"
      • Amount of Pure Combat Condensed Stone consumption will depend on value of Set Effect and amount of designated equipment in the set.
    • Set Mark is applied to equipment that has been designated as a set.
    Phase 1
    • Dungeon Progression System has been removed.
      • Cannot be accessed if another party is already in progress.
    • Forcibly entering Phase 2 System has been removed.
      • Sanctuary of Birth, Sanctuary of Destruction and Sanctuary of Dispersion must all be cleared to progress into Phase 2.
    • Destroyed object effect from Sanctuary of Birth, Sanctuary of Destruction and Sanctuary of Dispersion has been changed.
      • `Energy Control Room' Dungeon respawn time will increase as more objects are destroyed.
    Phase 2
    • New Dungeons has been added.
      • `Sanctuary of Light', 'Sanctuary of Darkness', 'Energy Control Room' and 'Energy Repository' Dungeons has been added.
      • `Energy Control Room' and 'Energy Repository' will not be affected by progression of Phase 2.
    Sanctuary of Light
    • Level 120.
    • Red Crown and Fortuneteller Rosaura will appear.
    Sanctuary of Darkness
    • Level 120.
    • Quatro Manus Mark-II and Grieving Buffon will appear.
    Energy Control Room
    • Level 120.
    • Iron Beast and Metal Gear Canaps will appear.
    • Following effects will apply to Altar of Light, Altar of Darkness, Altar of Strength and Altar of Intelligence while Energy Control Room is left open.
      • Character: Physical/Magical Attack Decrease
      • Monster: Attack, Defense, Moving Speed, Boss HP Regeneration Increase
    • Energy Control Room will respawn after a period of time.
      • Respawn timer will increase depending on the amount of objects destroyed during Phase 1.
    Energy Repository
    • Level 120.
    • Moonlight Walker Yashin and Evil Sword Veara will appear.
    • Energy Repository dungeon will appear after meeting Luke from either Solium Machina:Lumen/Solium Machina:Khaligo.
    • Following effects will apply to Solium Machina:Lumen and Solium Machina:Khaligo while Energy Repository is left open.
      • Character: Physical/Magical Attack Decrease
      • Monster: Attack, Defense, Moving Speed, HP Regeneration Increase
    • If the dungeon is not cleared for a period of time, Energy Control Room will explode and Solium Machina:Lumen/Solium Machina:Khaligo Dungeon breakthrough will fail.
    • HP of Luke from Solium Machina:Khaligo will slightly decrease everytime Energy Repository dungeon is cleared.
    • Progression Method Change
      • Sanctuary of Light and Sanctuary of Darkness dungeons has been added to Light Route and Darkness Route.
    Light Route
    • Altar of Light Entrance → Altar of Light → Altar of Strength → Sanctuary of Light → Solium Machina:Lumen
    Darkness Route
    • Altar of Darkness Entrance → Altar of Darkness → Altar of Intelligence → Sanctuary of Darkness → Solium Machina:Khaligo
    • Solium Machina:Khaligo will appear after Solium Machina:Lumen has been cleared.
    • Phase 2 difficulty has been set to Forced Entry difficulty.
      • For Altar of Strength and Altar of Intelligence, the difficulty will be slightly lower than Slayer difficulty.
    Raid UI
    • Situation Board UI has been changed.
    Entering Phase 2
    • Dungeons will be indicated depending on the route.
    • Completing a dungeon will open up the next dungeon.
    After Clearing Altar of Light Entrance and Altar of Darkness Entrance
    • Dungeons affected by Energy Control Room will be indicated.
    After Clearing Altar of Strength and Altar of Intelligence
    • Sanctuary of Light and Sanctuary of Darkness will be indicated.
    Entering Solium Machina:Khaligo
    • Energy Repository will be indicated on the board.
    • Luke Raid Entry Ticket is limited to 10 purchases a day (per account).
      • Number of purchase will not go down if the character has failed to clear the raid.
    • Luke Raid Reward has been changed to the followings:
    Phase 1 Reward
    • Party Reward
      • 4~6 Source of Darkness
    • PC Room Bonus
      • 1 Source of Darkness
    Phase 2 Reward
    • Party Reward
      • 1 Epic Soul
      • 90 Epic Armor Set
      • 90 Epic Accessory
      • 90 Epic Special Equipment
        • Sensory Satisfaction Set, Rosetta Stone, Pars's Golden Grail and Babylonian Symbol will not appear.
    • PC Room Bonus
      • 1~2 Source of Darkness
    Raid Reward
    • 3, 4, 5 or 10 Monolium
    • Luke the Constructor (Light) Card + 3 Monolium
    • Luke Dungeon Monster Card + 3 Monolium
    • Luke Legendary Equipment + 3 Monolium
    • Tarot Card + 3 Monolium
    • Anton Raid Entry Ticket is limited to 10 purchases a day (per account).
      • Number of purchase will not go down if the character has failed to clear the raid.
    • No longer need to pay 200,000 Gold for Entry Ticket.
      • Only costs 50 Magtonium now.
    • Anton Raid Reward has been changed to the followings:
    Phase 1 Party Reward
    • Party Reward
      • 5~8 Condensed Antonium
    • PC Room Bonus
      • 2 Condensed Antonium
    Phase 1 Raid Reward
    • 100~150 Hell Invitations
    • Level 60~85 Epic Equipment
    • Anton Legendary Equipment
    • Anton Dungeon Monster Card
    Phase 2 Party Reward
    • Party Reward
      • 100~150 Hell Invitations
    • PC Room Bonus
      • 2 Condensed Antonium
    Phase 2 Raid Reward
    • 10~15 Condensed Antonium
    • Anton's Soul Fragment
    • Savior Weapon
    • Anton Epic Equipment
    • Anton Heart Card
    • Condensed Antonium reward from Heroic Anton Daily Quest has been increased from 1 to 2.
    • Avarice Equipment has been added to Anton Reward Shop.
      • Costs 10 Anton's Soul Fragments per equipment.
    Guild War
    • Guild War function has been opened.
    • Enter Guild Channel button has been added to Guild Hideout.
    Additional Changes
    • Materials required to transfer equipment has been reduced.
      • Souls, High Grade Elemental Crystals, Epic Fragments, etc.
    • Legend Dungeon has been added to Dungeon Dictionary - Farming Dungeon tab.


    Nothing really specific to note today other than I hate limitation of formatting (while trying to imitate the official update format).

    For those curious about the cinematic video in the beginning. The new NPC 'Snowflake Joshua' narrates an old legend (He's expert in legends and storytelling).
    A lonely boy from a small star travels to other small stars while befriending other lonely youngsters. The boy tried to convince the youngsters to visit his homestar, but fails as they do not wish to leave their own. He eventually succeeds by offering water that grants eternal life. However once they reach his star, the boy realizes there aren't enough to share and the star just isn't enough big enough for all of them. The boy starts to push his friends into the sky as they become new stars while other friends flee in fear. Eventually the boy is left alone again and misses his friends.

    Also please pray that I find Queen's Bet.
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    • Idol x 3
    • Friendly x 2
    • Wizard x 2
    • Optimistic x 1
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  2. Vatar

    • No longer need to pay 200,000 Gold for Entry Ticket.
      • Only costs 50 Magtonium now.
    I guess they removed gold from the raid rewards?

    Overall, really excited to see it coming to DFOG, I'm curious what kdnf players think of the new QL for the new luke raid; Thank you for the translation!
  3. ZailKnight BuffCrowSet

    Wonder when will they patch in this

    1 extra condense for heroic daily is gonna help me out a lot for sure
  4. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO

    I wonder how they'll handle the PC Bonus raid rewards in DFOG. I guess they'll just make them a part of Neopremium or just add them to the base rewards.
  5. frozenhelix Poison God

    or they don't have to add it? Considering raid has been out so long, one would think hey maybe they will give us the pc bonus card flip for raid too but never did and I don't think they will change that now lol.

    I'm pretty content with these changes, although I am curious if blue card flips will only be condensed antoniums during phase 2 flips.

    Waiting to see those new numbers. ooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Overkill

    Anton Raid Entry Ticket is limited to 10 purchases a day (per account)

    Just for clarification, is it still limited to one clear per character per day (then a further 10 clears per account), or can the same character now clear raid 10x per raid day?
  7. Leerteer

    Do dps classes still need refined ring or watch or reset items to do luke raid now?
  8. GoofyStyle

    I pray for you getting Queen's Bet.

    +1 Wizard = +1 Pray
  9. ZailKnight BuffCrowSet

    you know the answer for that question lol
  10. Laande Third best girl

    I can see 90 stuff still being high but I'm really hoping they will gut the hell out of 85 and under xfering.

    I'll post about them when the patch is up.
  11. DMG

    I'm pretty sure Yunha has said that there are people in full epics who have gotten / can get rejected for not having Reset item (this for static raid cutline, which is higher than usual, pub are lower / riskier etc). This was also BEFORE the Raid HP buffs were coming. I think Korea has the HP changes now (plus apparently Neople messed up and swapped Raid HP with Normal Luke HP values after one patch, massive goof!). For example, now there's a Boss in Luke Raid that's supposed to have ~45 Billion HP after Neople roughly doubled the HP values on some monsters.

    Reset items OP and your L. raid evaluation will almost always go up if you have at least one. Without it, you may need stronger gear than "usual" or need to manage cooldowns much stricter.
  12. Overkill

    I can dream
  13. ZailKnight BuffCrowSet

    This was before Luke raid rework they did at first. All the maps were used to be put together as long big map.

    Now it's more like Anton raid and they are all divided. Maybe for sader reset is important. But long as good party set up with good gears, reset item isn't necessary anymore. Sell raid is different story though, gonna need reset much as u need
  14. DMG

    Thank god, reliance on reset items is enough bad design. I'm glad to hear that's not as much of a requirement.
  15. Laande Third best girl

    Okay here we go.



    Not as bad. No idea about weapons but armors are 108 souls+frags.
  16. ZailKnight BuffCrowSet

    That's 21 less souls to transfer 90 epin armors so I don't feel really bad I did it with 210 I guess

    Weapons seems quite reasonable though. 126 sounds like it's okay
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
  17. Pyros

    Yeah 126 sounds like something worth it if you're transferring your good class weapon. 90 also good for like swap 85s, I'd definitely transfer a machinist fury for my fmech for 90 souls/frags, that's like, not really that much.

    Hopefully I get one before this patch goes live on global in 6months though, otherwise it'd be pretty fucking sad.
  18. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Raid was opened today because of the rework, here's my flips.

    Phase 1 Initial Flip, everyone got 5 condensed antonium

    Phase 2 Initial Flip- Everyone got between 100-140 invites
    (tfw someone else gets savior cross when Me, Somefool, and Kath were all on our saders zzz)
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
  19. Laande Third best girl

    The flips I got before the run ark was in.


    My nen get 150 invites + epics and shaman got 280 invites. I honestly like this system a lot more since it has some semblance of consistency.
  20. anontroll

    Very interesting changes to anton raid rewards; it seems a lot more consistent now to get the actual shit that matters, which is obviously savior. Not as good to buy/run raid on alts to help your main but who cares.

    I have a question regarding the luke raid rewards for two items I believe already existed: "Luke Legendary Equipment & Tarot Card." What exactly are these items? If I had to hazard a guess, Luke Legendary Equipment is just legs you can get from running luke normal (e.g. haboob pants, yashin gaiters) but I still have no idea what this "Tarot Card" is.

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