Season 5 Act 3. Salvation (Update: February 23rd)

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    Season 5 Act 3. Salvation

    Spear of Victory
    • Pressing Attack Key or Skill Key again will instantly explode the spear. (Cannot be used while getting hit)
    Light of Divinity
    • Explosion Damage will be dealt separately to self and enemies.
    • 10% of Explosion Damage dealt to enemies will be applied to self as Attack buff.
    • Pressing Attack Key or Skill Key again will instantly explode the barrier. (Cannot be used while getting hit)
    Saint Wall
    • New Voiceline has been added.
    Crux of Victoria
    • Cross will instantly disappear when the skill is cancelled during the cross attack motion.
    Blessing of Archangel
    • Ally Explsoion Damage has been reduced.
    • Pressing Attack Key or Skill Key again will instantly explode the blessing. (Cannot be used while getting hit)
    • Characters with self-revive will not activate the skill (regardless of cooltime) and activate Crusader's Revive skill effect instead.

    [​IMG] Blessing of Raphael (Level 75 Passive)
    • Receive Archangel Raphael's blessing in order to transcend past the human limits and become an Archangel herself.
    • Increases Intelligence, Magical Critical Hit and Critical Damage.
    • Increases Buff Range of Brave Aria, Regenerative Aria and Revive.
    • When Seraphim is hit by a fatal blow, one of Archangels are returns as a vassal and revives Seraphim.
      • Can be turned On/Off
    [​IMG] Uriel's Barrier (Level 75 Active)
    • Protect allies by casting Archangel Uriel's Barrier.
    • Barrier hits nearby enemies with Light Magical Damage as it activates and constantly Multi-Hit Magical Damage enemies that are inside the barrier.
    • Increases Attacking/Moving/Casting Speed of allies inside the barrier while making them invincible.
    • Uriel's Barrier can be activated while using Brave Aria and Regenerative Aria.
    [​IMG] Miracle Shine (Level 80 Active)
    • Use the sacred miracle light to cure allies and attack enemies.
    • After confirming the targets regardless of allies or enemies, Miracle Shine travels according to the target path. Recovers HP of allies and attacking enemies with Multi-Hit Light Magical Damage.
    [​IMG] Holy Lance: Brionac (Level 85 Active)
    • Annihilate the evil with Holy Lance Brionac that has been blessed by the god.
    • Upon activation, light lance falls from the sky and holds enemies while Seraphim ascends to the sky.
    • In the sky, Seraphim throws gigantic Holy Lance Brionac to the ground which causes Magical Damage explosion.

    Pflege's Essence
    • If the attack misses, creates a puddle of Pflege's Essence of where the attack has landed.
    • If an enemy touches the puddle, that enemy is stained with the essence and the puddle disappears.
    • Attacking the puddle while Sanctification is active will cause an explosion.
    • Multi-Hit Damage caused by Sanctification skill effect will no longer show up on the Damage Chart as Sanctification and instead shows up on the respective attacking skills that has caused the effect.
    • Divine Punishment has been added to post-delay cancellation list.
    Essence Spray
    • SP consumption has been decreased from 30 to 0.
    Judgement Blow
    • Super Armor has been added to pre-delay motion.
    Noble Fury
    • Sanctification Version's activation speed has been increased.
    • Sanctification Version's Y-axis Range has been increased.
    • Multi-Slash motion can be cancelled with Jump Key
      • Cannot be used during the final hit.
    • Hitstun of the first hit has been increased.
    • Sanctification and Pflege's Essence can be used during Post-Delay to cancel out faster.
    • Sanctification State: After the flame effect, increases hitbox length of the latter half of the skill.
    Purification Flame
    • Pre-Delay has been slightly decreased.
    • Death By Burning has been added to non-cancellation list.
    Heresy Stigma
    • Increasing Sanctification's Multi-hit Damage effect has been removed.
    • Increased damage by the allies due to stigmas has been changed to also include Inquisitors.
    • Skill growth numbers has been re-balanced due to the above changes.
    Death By Burning
    • Skill Process of gathering enemies to the stake has been increased.
    • Small portion of Santification Multi-hit Damage will activate without Sanctification.

    [​IMG] Securis Maleficarum (Level 75 Passive)
    • A guide on how to punish evil. More effective combat techniques are learned through this guide.
      • Sanctification: Decrease Cooltime.
      • Pflege's Molotov: Ability to spray forward using Arrow Keys.
      • Pflege's Essence: Decrease Cooltime. Allow to cancel out of skill that has post-delay by casting Sanctification and cast Pflege's Essence as well.
    [​IMG] Divine Punishment (Level 75 Active)
    • Lift yourself into the air through an upward slash and starts spinning midair to use that momentum to powerfully strike enemies.
    • Can be used while backstepping or midair. The skill will begin with the spinning motion if the skill is used midair.
    [​IMG] Breaking Wheel (Level 80 Active)
    • Flaming wheel is used to annihilate enemies ahead.
    • Pouring Pflege's Essence to the wheel will cause Incinerate State to all enemies that has been touched by the attack.
    [​IMG] Hellfire (Level 85 Active)
    • Materialize the burning hell into the world and purify all enemies.

    Rosary Launcher
    • Rosary can be constantly launched by holding down the Skill Key.
    Imprisonment Amulet
    • Skill Effect has been reinforced.
    • Duration of damage decision after the explosion has been increased from 0.24 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    • Explosion height has been increased when the skill is used in mid-air.
    Soul Absorption Amulet
    • Enemies in Holding state can be pulled in.
    Rosary of 108 Beads
    • Skill has been renewed.
      • Beads will ignore initial enemies and land at the same time to cause an explosion.
      • Holding the Skill Key will change the beads to cause a bigger damage to initial enemies.
    Rosary of 108 Beads TP
    • Bead Size and Explosion Size effect has been removed.
    Explosive Amulet
    • Petrify effect can now be turned On/Off
    • Additional input can instantly activate finishing attack.
    • Set-up distance has been decreased from 300px to 160px.
    • Enemy Moving Speed reduction has been increased.
    Great Flame Pentacle
    • Explosion lifting strength has been decreased.

    [​IMG] Dragon God's Strength (Level 75 Passive)
    • Supply the Goddess with the strength of the Dragon God to grant Additional Damage, increase Rosary Launcher Skill Damage and decrease Cooltime of Dragon God's Cintamani Additional Damage.
    • Reduce received damage for a period of time after taking damage.
    [​IMG] Mahon Amulet: Ying Yang Exorcism (Level 75 Active)
    • Create multiple Mahon Amulets ahead, then launch Ying Yang exorcism beads to attack enemies. These beads will push enemies towards the amulets to attack them again with bouncing beads.
    [​IMG] Enormous Explosive Bead (Level 80 Active)
    • Summon an enormous bead to raze the area ahead. Arrow Keys can be used to change the targeting area.
    [​IMG] Incarnation: Wrath of Dragon God (Level 85 Active)
    • Dragon God incarnates to aid the humankind. The Goddess becomes one with the Dragon God to eliminate the evil.
    • Targeted enemies will be put to Holding state.

    Bearer's Scythe Mastery
    • Increase Moving Speed has been added. (7% at Level 20)
    • Attacking Speed increment has been increased. (13% to 20% at Level 20)
    Body Pressured By Sins
    • Only seduction effect will be removed when the skill is turned Off.
      • Aura will remain regardless of On/Off
    Cut And Dash
    • Waiting period after the transformation has been increased.
    Sloth Body
    • Increase Status Resistance by 200 during Guard stance effect has been added.
    Sloth Body TP
    • Increase Gathering Speed and Gathering Range by 10% effect has been added.
    Scythe Massacre
    • Skill can be cancelled by pressing Jump Key.
    Announcer of Sins
    • Critical Damage increment has been increased (27% to 34.5% at Level 15)
    Corrupted Seven Deadly Sins
    • Cooltime has been decreased from 180 seconds to 140 seconds.
    • Finish Attack Damage has been re-balanced due to Cooltime change.
    • If Skill Cooltime recovers after activating the finisher, skill can be used again to transform.
    • Voicelines will change to ancient language during the transformation.
    • Attacking Speed and Moving Speed increment during the transformation has been decreased. (15% to 8%)
    Envious Kiss
    • Charming Aura will pass through objects.
    • Charming Aura Size has been increased.
    • Charming Aura Moving Speed has been increased.

    [​IMG] First Prana: Forbidden Crystal (Level 75 Passive)
    • Awaken the knowledge of the beginning to increase Skill Damage and Corrupted Seven Deadly Sins Duration.
    • Successfully attacking the enemies with devil-skills will activate another purple aura and damage any enemies within the range.
    [​IMG] Second Soul (Level 75 Active)
    • The scythe is used to gather nearby enemies. These enemies are launched into midair and attacked with a downward blow to cause an explosion of where the seal of original sins is located.
    [​IMG] Third Rib (Level 80 Active)
    • Incarnate the original sins brand on the back into seven needles. Enemies in-front are stabbed and split by the needles.
    • This skill will consume all the Sin Stacks and strengthen the finisher.
    [​IMG] Last Genesis (Level 85 Active)
    • Consumed by the power of the brand, a giant scythe is incarnated to gather enemies into a single spot, then mounts on top to detonate the forbidden power.

    • Female Priest DOT image has been reworked.
    • Normal Anton/Awakening Anton Optimal Level has been changed to Level 85~90
    • Evildom Settlement has been added to Metrocenter Area.
      • Legend Dungeons can be accessed through Evildom Settlement
    • Black Dragon Tournament has been changed.
      • APC Difficulty has been adjusted.
        • Blonde Tyler and Long-Haired Motoro has been removed.
      • Character's HP will increase during the tournament.

    Not much to mention this time since most of them has been mentioned in my previous thread. I'll just note that there has been PvP changes that I have avoided translating this patch.

    Seraphim: Become the light to fight the darkness that engulfs the world.
    Inferno: Descend flame of hell upon the world. All sinners should abandon hope.
    Goddess: Smite the ones that interferes with your will.
    Redeemer: God... I finally understand the meaning behind sins.

    Edit: Added a tl;dr lore to TL Note.
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  2. Largerock RETURN BACK TO ZERO

    Oh wow the wheel behind Inferno, it's perfect.
    Love Inferno and Redeemer's art so much.
  3. So are any of them weak?
  4. Aero_X_999 108 Beads will anally rape you 108 times. :^)

    I love that Goddess's advanced derp face. lol
  5. Pointy03

    Those optimal dungeon changes really need to get here quick

    And eyy they finally take the bullshit that is Motoro and Blonde Tyler out of Black Dragon Tournament after god knows how long
  6. Pyros

    Will need to wait a bit I think to know for sure. Before 2nd, Mistress was, but now that they changed a bunch of stuff it's hard to say. Also technically the patch isn't live yet, maintenance is tomorrow. Or well in a few hours due to timezones.
  7. Apple Yawning

    "Ah!, I forgot to turn the stove off before I started raid!"
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  8. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    Inferno and Redeemer are pretty cool, but tbh Seraphim and Goddess are pretty boring visually.

    Seraphim's got some Tyrant syndrome going on looking like her first awakening, and Goddess just looks pretty cookie-cutter imo.
  9. legacy

    mistress art > 2nd awakening
  10. Enoch the Fierce Quit.

    Thise new awakening arts are gaudy
  11. Garyuu *sigh*

  12. Zorc James One Skill, one kill

    Mazurn, Kyaho
    NewWorld (Mazurn)
    I personally love the artwork of Redeemer, and all the subtle nuances to sin that is shown within. A question to ask though, is that if they are getting their second awakenings, does that mean that they are able to pvp yet? or is it too early to ask of that front?
  13. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO

    They're only allowed in Sizki's Dojo just like the 3 new Male Mage subs are.
  14. JonSpider

    I suddenly feel really inadequate with my characters now, looking at Female Priest's 2nd Awakenings (Not just promo art, the actual limit break skills). Really goes to show how far we've come with the art in a while, but now it makes the folk who got their 2nd Awakenings earlier (F. Fighter, M. Slayer, M. Gunner, etc) look kiiiinda mediocre/boring, visually, in comparison. Seraphim has a goddamn micro-cutscene for her 2nd.
  15. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    Let it be known that FPriest's character theme is really fucking badass.
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  16. Oshawott R-3

    Redeemer is what makes me throw money at the screen.
  17. Zorc James One Skill, one kill

    Mazurn, Kyaho
    NewWorld (Mazurn)
    So, since I assume it is out now, does anyone happen to have the second awakening animations for the 4 classes?
  18. Raiban

    I wasn't thinking of making a f. priest, and then i saw that holy lance, and I knew I was screwed.
  19. Orphane Terminal Shitposter

    Oh thank god
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  20. Enoch the Fierce Quit.

    I remember when the first 2nd awakening were anime

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