Cain Sacramentum [Open to all]

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  1. Sennzai

    This is gonna be short and sweet:

    What is Sacramentum?
    It's described as an eternal bond, something given by the gods; we're here trying to keep a strong bond within DFO through the guild.

    Sacramentum is a new guild created from two individuals from the Nexon days. We're currently looking for individuals to welcome into the guild; any level and class is fine.

    Rules should be self-explanatory, be it nearly the same as every guild:
    • No Spam
    • No 'scamming'
    • If you have an issue with something or someone please direct it to a GM or Officer.

    We are currently waiting to create a Discord for when we gain a few people. Never the less, if you wish to join or have any questions, please leave them here or whisper one of our toons.

    Eislie [GenieWiz]
    IZeroAceI [Destroyer]

    I'll be on somewhere after 10pm EST for a few hours due to work; If you'll be trying to pm me.
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