Rogue and Shadow Dancer in PvP

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  1. These two classes seem really similar in PvP? I'm interested in both classes so I'd like to know the differences.
  2. iPhail

    Rogue: Hard to play, has allot of mechanics to learn and get used to. Deals decent damage but takes a big combo to do so. Most of the skills have a mechanic called "hit end" that with contact points you can activate and it gives certain skills a different property or ender, breaking dash can pretty much be canceled out of everything, side step is also another skill that can cancel pretty much everything so you can be as safe as possible. Very versatile,its pretty much up to the player on how good this character can be.

    Shadow dancer: Simple to play, very straight forward. Deals big damage rather quickly. X attack has more hits stun than rogue so it makes standing combos possible in this laggy ass game.
    Has a grab combo starter and a jump grab. Can go invisible for 6 seconds( comes out of it if you use a skill or are hit).

    I'm a bit vague on this because if you do not know both classes or their skills explaining every differences between similar skills would be pointless so i named some of the more important differences game play wise. Both characters want the same objective (rush down) and have skills that pretty much do the same thing with little differences.

    Its debatable witch class is better because they are both strong and both have their strong points. Shadow dancer is just the easier to do well with imo.
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