Reworked Otherverse and EB Guide

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  1. Alright, so you've hit level 70+ and want to know how to do the reworked Otherverse Dungeon as an Elemental Bomber. Whether, you're a beginner EB, a veteran EB trying to complete another set, or maybe thinking about being an OV seller. I got some tips for you.

    Notes: The Spoiler version is for beginners who have never been to Otherverse and don't know the general gimmicks. Veterans can just look at the Short and Sweet version. I have some speed run videos for those interested in selling OV.

    Updated: 8/02/2016: Added in Solo OV2 EBE speed run videos

    Currently working on: Perhaps LSA version of the speed runs, if people are interested.
    Looking for: Master LSA users to do speed runs of reworked OV. If not, then I'll eventually get to it as I do have the set (just not familiar with the CL+ LW combo timing).

    Otherverse 2
    • Goblin Kingdom
      • Room 1: Gimmick is to kill the green named goblins at the same time so they don't get super buffed. You can help gather goblins together with Darkness Mantle, or try and use Elemental Field and your 2nd awakening to get them all in one go (if you haven't done your 2nd awakening, just stick with help gathering with Darkness Mantle). Use AoE skills like Infernal Road, Crystal Storm, Lightning Wall, even Chain Lightning to clean up the place.

      • Room 2: Feed the Hungry Machine. There is a bar that needs to be filled up by feeding the goblins. You can even feed multiple goblins at once now. If you're not feeding, move to the bottom right corner of the screen and wait.
        • If you are chosen to be the feeder (we're a good class for it, but grapplers and priests are even better), here's what to do: One goblin will be automatically eaten by the Machine at the start. Our best feeding skill is Trap Strike (default: -> + Z), if you are manually casting Trap Strike, MAKE SURE YOU LOCK WATER CANNON SKILL! (open skill window, click on water cannon, choose lock). If you have it on your hotkey, don't worry about it. You can also use Wind Strike (default: Z). Or, you can just walk up to the machine, let it eat a goblin and then back step when you see it get grabbed. Wait just right outside the feeding range of the Machine and let the goblins come to you. The shield goblins move very slow, so I always keep one goblin on top of me and feed any extra to the machine. I feed a goblin to the machine when the countdown reaches 2. The machine explodes once the bar over its head is full, so it'll take a few goblins. I like to mass feed the goblins when the bar is almost full with Darkness Mantle gathering.

      • Room 3: The boss starts off in camouflage, which means he can't be hit. The boss also throws a hard hitting spear if anyone in your party uses any Cube Skills (skills that use cube fragments). Just to be on the safe side and not kill any melee party members, don't use cube skills. There's also 3 goblins in the trees, so use Infernal Road, Crystal Storm, Chain Lightning, or jump and use Rapid Fire to get them down/kill them. Once the 3 goblins are dead, the boss will say something about "hiding time is over" and he'll be vulernable. The boss will also rain spears that'll pin that some people in the party. If you see someone pinned, attack the spears to free them.

      • Room 4: These reindeer dressed mobs throw trees at you. Nothing special just waste them with our AoE spells.

      • Room 5: Goblin Trap. The main purpose is to kill the spawned goblins and then touch the machine to give it trap parts. Keep killing goblins and "upgrading" the trap until it gives a message saying that it'll send explosives (that means you're done) to kill all the goblins (doesn't hurt your party). There is also a bar above the trap. It gets filled up if any of the goblins reach the machine and start attacking it. Once that bar fills up the machine explodes and does mega damage to your party.

      • Boss Room: The boss likes to ram people while in the machine. Until he's hurt enough, his machine will explode and then he'll start jumping around the room and do his lightning gimmick, torch gimmick, or call goblin friends. We don't have any holds (unless you bring an assist like Junk Spin) to skip his "get out of the machine" phase.

      • Most parties go for the "hold the boss and then burst him down" so he'll be dead and won't go into the other phase. So go all out (1st awakening, elemental rain, elemental field, the works. I don't like 2nd awakening since the mega damage comes out on the last hit and the hold may be over by then)
    • Goblin Kingdom Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: No change. Use Darkness Mantle to help gather and AOE or Elemental Field + 2nd awakening.
      • Room 2: Not feeding? No change. Feeding: Lot easier, just gotta fill up the bar. Use trap strike to toss the newly spawned slow shield mobs into machine feeding range. Otherwise you can just walk back and forth or use Darkness Mantle for multiple feeding.
      • Room 3: No change. Don't use cubes to save your party members a headache.
      • Room 4: No change.
      • Room 5: If you have a sader or Nen Guard or Ice Wall, go for the "let the goblins destroy the machine" method. If not, kill the spawned goblins and touch the machine to give it parts until it says it's ready to blow up the goblins (roughly 5-10 seconds longer than letting the goblins destroy the machine).
      • Boss Room: No change. Can help keep the boss in a spot with Darkness Mantle.
    • Castle Nebulous
      • Room 1: The boss gets hurt when you kill his minions. His minions are vulnerable when someone is stabbed by the Boss' Spear. I think they removed that curse debuff where if you get stabbed again by the boss before it is removed, you die. Well, even if it's still in, we have our immortality. Usually, the least geared or the support gets speared while everyone else goes around killing the minions. Infernal Road, Crystal Storm, Darkness Mantle, Lightning Wall are our friends this room. Chain Lightning for picking off stragglers.

      • Room 2: The gimmick is if you hit one of the 4, the other 3 get healed. If there's a crusader in your party (or someone bringing the Hammer assist), your job is to gather the mobs in one go. I usually do Lightning Wall first before using Darkness Mantle to interrupt the blue one's teleport skill. If there's no Hammer, then people would kill them one by one, starting with Blue. As a Mage, these guys love to target us a lot so we'll most likely be the ones luring the other 3 away from the blue. If you're not being targeted, then CAREFULLY attack the one that is singled out. Rapid Fire (and auto attack) is probably the best choice as sometimes one of the others would wander into Infernal Road or Crystal Storm or get tagged by Chain Lightning. Being the King of AoE has its downsides sometimes.

      • Room 3: Kill the gold lizard without killing the others. What I like to do is teleport to the gold one, wait for a brown one to spawn and then Windstrike that brown one away from the gold (for example to the right). Possibly use Trap Strike and Toss the gold to an empty area (for example to the left) to isolate it. Use auto attacks, and maybe rapid fire (if you're up in its face so it doesn't auto target a brown one). If someone has No 28, is a Nen (F.Nen preferred), or a Sader, then you can do the AoE the hell outta the room while protected. Best to talk with party to see which method you're using.

      • Room 4: Kill all 3 lizards roughly at the same time (you have a 10 second leeway). I like to start the room with Darkness Mantle (to gather the lizards) and immediately Lightning Wall (to try and interrupt the gold one's jump). If the gold one jumps out, that's fine, just try to kill them all in the time limit once the first lizard is down.

      • Room 5: This boss makes multiple copies of himself if anyone in the party uses cubes. Unless he is held down or frozen, best to not use any cube skills. We can keep him air juggled with infernal road and rapid fires until he dies (but he'll immediately get out of it if someone uses a cube skill). So, non-cube skills: infernal road, crystal storm, chain lightning, rapid fire. He will "magnetize" party members, so look at your feet and see what color you are and stick near the person who shares the same color as you and away from the other color people.

      • Boss Room: He'll say "Argh" with a glowing eye. He's invincible at this moment and if you're in his field of vision, you'll get some damage, so teleport behind him. If you're party isn't geared, then save your 1st awakening for when he says "I'll teleport you to the other side." When you see that message use your first awakening ASAP. He'll soon teleport your party to the left side of the room and petrify them for an insane amount of time unless they use a Toy to get rid of the petrification. If you're in 1st awakening, you'll get teleported to the left side, but not petrified. Therefore, go to the right and teleport to get VERY close to him to end the stone pillar gimmick. Then, it's back to killing him with spells. If you have a holder in the party, it becomes easier as it's the ol' "hold and burst."
    • Castle Nebulous Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: He'll immediately take damage after all minions are cleared. The stab curse will be removed if your allies kill all the spawned minions. Otherwise, no change.
      • Room 2: No change. Can help gather + interrupt with darkness mantle + lightning wall. No hammer? Use rapid fire and auto attacks, be very careful with AoE. If you're the target, lure them away from the isolated one.
      • Room 3: Only 1 gold lizard. Can still use AoE + shield method or just single him out. To help single out, teleport and wind strike the closest brown lizard away. Can also use trap strike and toss the gold lizard away from the others. When singled out, be in his face to use rapid fire (so it doesn't auto target a brown one) and auto attacks.
      • Room 4: No change. Try to interrupt the gold one before it jumps with Lightning Wall. Help gather the lizards with Darkness Mantle.
      • Room 5: No change. NO CUBES!
      • Boss Room: No change. You can avoid the petrification if you use 1st awakening when you see him say "I'll send you to the other side."
    • Rangelus' Guerillas
      • Room 1: Trash room, help freeze the machine gun mobs with Crystal Storm

      • Room 2: Named mob takes damage from the engineer's bombs. The engineers spawn a bomb where they die. Use Darkness Mantle and Trap Strike to move the Guy on top of the bomb (if he's chasing you, just teleport/run to put a bomb between you and him).

      • Room 3: More Trash, use Lightning Wall to interrupt the snipers at the very right of the room. Funny thing I found out is that if the scope is still there when the snipers are dead, you'll still get hit if it reaches you.

      • Room 4: Big Guy summons bullet barrage at left and right covering top, middle of the screen. He can also summon a Giant Bomb, WHICH WILL NOW ONE SHOT YOU, so go to the bunker in the middle and hide from it and also from bullet barrages. The little guy throws electric barriers, which won't bother us as we aren't melee. Throw some big spells at the Big guy, like Elemental Rain, to try and kill him fast. I think the method of luring him to the way top of the screen still is valid (to avoid bullet barrage).

      • Room 5: Trash Room. Save your Lightning Wall.

      • Boss Room: Start off by moving a little downwards (guessing the Whip Woman's position) and launch a Lightning Wall to interrupt her gimmick (making people run around in fear, unable to control their character). If you can pull in Rangelus into Darkness Mantle (keeping him in one spot) for someone to hold him, it'll help. If you notice there's a circle of drones around your character, STOP EVERYTHING or die. You can only WALK (not run) until the drone circle goes away. Rangelus also likes to toss sleep grenades at people on the same horizontal axis with him, so be careful of that as he'll summon a big robot that'll explode and kill anyone who's sleeping. He can summon for these kind of red/transparent that if they aren't killed they'll become annoying tempesters. He also likes to become invisible and roll around. At around half to low hp Rangelus will summon a bunch of little robots. Find the one robot that is smoking and stand on top of it for it to become a mini shield for the explosion. Do not use any attacks while waiting in that shield as anyone can break the shield and cause others to die. That's all his gimmicks if he lives thru the "hold and burst" tactic. Use your first awakening early in the hold so that it doesn't carry over if he's still alive and skips to the find the smoking robot phase.
    • Rangelus' Guerillas Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: No change. Help freeze machine gunners with Crystal Storm
      • Room 2: No change. Help move the boss onto mines with Trap Strike and Darkness Mantle
      • Room 3: No change. Use Lightning Wall to interrupt the snipers (but if the scope is still out when they're dead you can still get hit).
      • Room 4: Electric barriers around the room. Little guy tosses electric barriers. Giant Bomb is one-shot kill. Bunker can now hide from bullets. Use your harder hitting spells (try to save Lightning Wall for Boss room)
      • Room 5: No change.
      • Boss Room: Move down a little to where you think the Whip Woman is at and unleash Lightning Wall to interrupt her fear. Help keep Rangelus from moving around too much with a Darkness Mantle. Wait for a hold and then go ham. Be wary of using 1st awakening too late in the hold duration because if he's not dead, you might kill the smoking robot when Rangelus skips to that phase. You can blow up the big and slow land runners early with fire damage (and cause nearby sleeping party members to die).
    Otherverse 3
    • Void Rift *MAKE SURE YOU HAVE QUICK REBOUND SKILL (it's in the common skill row)*
      • Room 1: Trash room, mobs deal high bleed damage. Help freeze them with Crystal Storm and/or interrupt them with Lightning Wall

      • Room 2: Box room. They buffed EB's ability to move these boxes *tears of happiness*. Only move the box when it's not glowing red with auto attacks. If the box is glowing red, you'll take damage (no longer a one-hit kill to you). When the boss raises the pillar in to the air and the screen flashes/turns red, get ready to jump! You can jump early and use rapid fire to keep you in the air to avoid the stun. If you get stunned, you can try mashing out of it or use a Toy of Sparkling World (or have a pet that has that skill, but it might not be ready yet). He can summon winged minions, which are killable. If you're not moving boxes (which we still shouldn't as many other classes are still better at moving the boxes), help out by keeping the big guy away from the box mover (use darkness mantle, but make sure darkness mantle doesn't hit the red glowing box) and kill the summoned minions.
        • The shortcut for this room is using Crusader Hammer on the boss (hope it works!) and then lure the boss to the red box to make the boss hit it and kill himself.

      • Room 3: Group needs to pick a pillar to destroy (I like bottom left) to get rid of some gas. If you attack the boss while he's in the gas, you'll take a LOT of damage. He'll have a notification saying "targeting <Person name> that means he's going to jump on top of that person. If you manage to break a pillar to remove the gas while he's still in the air you'll see a message "Targeting the pillar" so he's going to land on that pillar (indicated by a rune on the ground for where he's going to land). The pillars have a cooldown so just go around to another pillar and do the same steps until he dies.

      • Room 4: You'll get poison stacks from the boss. The big shiny circle is for you to cleanse some stacks off. At certain hp levels, he'll summon 2 wisps (or if you're really fast in bringing down his hp all 4 wisps). Kill the wisps as he'll have higher defense when they're still alive.

      • Room 5: 4 Cosmo Fiends. You need to kill the correct color on the corresponding tile (they'll be in a purple glow if you did it correctly). They start off on the correct tiles. This is where you come into play.
        • If you have 2nd awakened as an Oblivion, this is super easy. If not then you'll have to tell your party if you're going for the top half or the bottom half. As an Oblivion, as soon as you enter the room teleport as close to the middle of room as possible (a diagonal down-right teleport) and immediately use Elemental Field. This should be enough to kill all 4 of them to instantly clear the room. Have a +10 pink or better weapon for this method to work otherwise they'll most likely live through it.
        • As an Elemental Bomber, I usually choose the bottom half since we can teleport down there faster (teleport straight down as soon as you load in) and unleash Infernal Road and Lightning Wall. If you mess up, you still have time for the ones that aren't on the tiles to move them onto the tiles (either by luring or use Darkness Mantle). You just need to wait for them to be active again.
        • If you can't get all 4 of the Cosmo Fiends onto their tiles by the time the timer ends. It'll reset the room and kill everyone too.
      • Boss Room: 3 phases. 1st phase is to turn all the tiles into a color. For blank ones, just run over them. If there's a jump icon, jump or backstep. The falling down icon will knock you down when you step on it so you need to use Quick Rebound. Once all the players have completed their portion, onto phase 2. Second Phase: Follow the pattern, this takes practice, but a general thing is to hit the corner tile before the next side tile. Don't feel bad if you fail the first couple of times as when the bar on the lower part of the screen fills up it'll automatically go to the third phase (doing it correctly just ends this phase even faster). 3rd phase: Boxes! Break the boxes. If your party is not geared, the best way to break the boxes is to have 2 people inside a box and time your hit to when the box is flashing white. Go for the green boxes over the red boxes as the green boxes will destroy the surrounding boxes too. Starts with 1 box, then small ring of boxes, medium ring of boxes, then finally large ring of boxes. After this phase, he'll jump out and then fight you normally, after having tiles fall out beneath you (marked with red so move out). In this phase it's like a normal boss fight with holds being useful.
        • Phases 1 and 2 not much you can do but follow the gimmicks. For phase 3, especially if you awakened as an Oblivion, wait until your party is close to finishing the medium ring of boxes and use Elemental field (destroys the medium ring boxes) into 2nd awakening. 2nd awakening should be strong enough to wipe out all the cubes in the large ring (with a +10 unique or better weapon) and the damage spillover from its active frames should be enough to kill Gaunis right there before his jump phase (if not, no big deal just wait for him to jump down).
    • Void Rift Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: No change
      • Room 2: We can move boxes better with our auto attacks, can kill the summoned minions. Hammer skip still works.
      • Room 3: Depending on computer loading speed and lag of party, you might be able to kill him with elemental rain before the gas becomes active. However, this is global, so let's not bother with that idea. Destroy the lower left pillar and wait for him in the gas-free area and unload (elemental rain can be used early) on his landing spot (indicated by a rune).
      • Room 4: Cleansing circle is bigger. Otherwise, no change.
      • Room 5: Now has a timer that can reset the room. Otherwise, no change.
      • Boss Room: Invincible all the time between phases. Phase 1 just needs to do the gimmick once per tile. Phase 2 faster speeds of the pattern and even if people keep failing you can wait until that bar fills up to automatically go to phase 3. Phase 3 boxes, save Elemental Field for the 2nd to last set of boxes (3rd set) and then spell cancel into 2nd awakening. (EField should clear that 3rd set and bring the final set of boxes into your 2nd awakening). If geared enough, that 2nd awakening should end the dungeon, otherwise it's the ol' "jump into my hold and die."
    • Castle of Bakal (Bring Quick Rebound or get hurt)
      • Room 1: Trash Room. Try to freeze or interrupt the red fire spewing lizards on the very right with Crystal Storm and/or Lightning Wall
      • Room 2: NO CUBE ROOM, NO KNOCKDOWNS, NO KNOCKUPS. Unless you have a holder that immediately grabs him, don't use cubes. Do NOT use Infernal Road, Elemental Cannon in addition to cubes. Therefore, we're limited to: Crystal Storm, Rapid Fire, Chain Lightning, and Crystal Crash (spell canceling fodder). He likes to jump up and use his tail to knock you down. He'll usually say something (while standing on the ground) then use his tail and knock down the entire party (use quick rebound and HOLD IT) and then roar. By holding down quick rebound key [default c], you'll avoid the damage from the roar.
      • Room 3: Wait until someone gets the special aura (rainbow orb glow). ONLY the person with the rainbow glow needs to kill the spawned ooze things but WITHOUT hitting the Black Dragon. Therefore, it's up to the other party members to lure the Black Dragon away from the oozes. The aura can be passed to other people by walking into another person. Once the oozes are dead, you can safely kill the black dragon. He does have an anti-cube gimmick that summons a stationary black aura in a spot. If you want to play it safe, don't use cubes but don't be surprised/upset if others (especially stronger geared people) do.
        • If you get the aura at the start, you can immediately jump up and use elemental cannon into the spawned oozes (if you time it correctly you'll hurt them/kill them before black dragon teleports to that spot. This depends on your timing and how much lag there is in the party, so not that safe). Safest way is to either pass it to someone else who has better single (or very tiny aoe) damage or use rapid fire and auto attacks [not recommended if you don't have Elemental Ball Expansion pieces].
      • Room 4: Do you like Shiny Pillars? Boss starts the room by summoning 3 evil copies of himself. Kill the copies first and then deal with the shiny pillars. You only need to clear the YELLOW AND PINK pillars before he explodes (the explosion orb will get larger). For yellow pillars, only ONE person needs to stand in it long enough. Divide and conquer. For pink pillars, TWO people need to be in it for a short while to break it. Blue Pillars are there to give you a mini-stun and prevent you from doing the pillars. The blue ones can stay up when Gold Dragon explodes. If you clear it all before he does the explosion, he'll take damage and make himself vulnerable. DO NOT FREEZE (Crystal Storm, Water Element Shift) the boss as it'll end his vulnerable phase and you'll have to do the pillars again. You can keep him juggled with Infernal Road, Rapid Fire (make sure it's not Water Shift), and auto attacks if your party needs to keep him in the air to put in more damage.
      • Room 5: As soon as you load into the room, launch a Lightning Wall (if you have bad luck and end up in the upper left corner of the gate, hope your Lighting Wall clips him) and immediately teleport to the right and use Elemental Rain (to catch him as he falls). This is HIGHLY lag dependent, so it may fail in parties. Elemental Rain will keep him juggled long enough for hopefully your other party members to catch up and they do their thing. See Speed Run video to get an idea as what I just explained is an Advanced Tactic for Elemental Ball Expansion set (For Lightning Storm Abyss set users, I think you can do something similar by lighting wall immediate teleport then chain lightning, but I'm not sure if chain lightning can hit him that far). You can do fine with just a Lightning Wall as soon as you walk in for an interrupt.
        • After he gets up from all this, it's gimmick time! He'll be invincible and dragon minions spawn and the circle in the middle of the room will start glowing. As a Male Mage, you are the #1 choice to do this gimmick. Just stand on the circle until the ring becomes solid around you. While you have this ring around you it'll cause your character to "hiccup" (interrupts anything your character is doing) every second or so. Your job while you have the ring on is to make that ring touch the Fire Dragon on the right side of the room. I suggest waiting for the first "hiccup" then immediately use teleport to the right and keep running to the boss.
        • Once the boss is knocked down from the ice ring. DO NOT FREEZE, USE KNOCKDOWN, KNOCKUP, OR GRABS (well we don't have any grabs to worry about) Skills. NO Crystal Storm, NO Elemental Cannon, NO Infernal Road, NO Full Flame Circle (the last explosion is a knockdown). You and your party members want to keep him on his feet. I like to use Rapid Fire, Chain Lightning, and Crystal Crash. Dark Zone is okay.
      • Boss Room: Bakal does a little speech and then transform. When he's transforming he'll pushback people near him. If you have a Junk Spin assist you want to be behind Bakal at the beginning and call in your assist when he says "pathetic" as the pushback will push Junk Spin assist into his head, which will stun him. No Junk Spin? Then prepare for a few gimmicks. You can damage him while he's on the ground. If he flies off, be prepared to dodge rune circles. If he's in the background, be prepared to dodge rune circles (I think the corners are usually safer). When he's about to land you'll see a gust and suction on either the left or right side of the room. Don't be there cause you'll get squashed when he lands. Sometimes he just roars and you're stunned (interrupts through all skills, including awakenings). Try to mash out of it. If you have a holder, it's once again a "hold and burst."
    • Castle of Bakal Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: No change
      • Room 2: No change (but you need to move forward enough to make him start his talk and become vulnerable). No Cubes, No Knockdowns, No Knockups (No Infernal Road, No Full Flame Circles, No Elemental Cannon, in additon to cube skills).
      • Room 3: No change (If you have aura use rapid fire and auto attacks or just pass it to someone else who won't kill the party)
      • Room 4: Added Blue pillars that get in your way. You do not need to clear the blue pillars to pass the phase. NO FREEZE! (No Crystal Storm, No Water Elemental Shift).
      • Room 5: He starts off far to the right. Lightning Wall interrupt will buy you enough time to teleport closer to him and use Elemental Rain to get some damage in (or outright kill him) before the gimmicks. Gimmick Ice Ring now spawns in circle in middle. As M.Mage, we are the #1 choice to be the runner. Same old grab ring, teleport to boss (make sure you don't get "frozen" while trying to teleport).
      • Boss Room: Use Junk Spin assist behind Bakal (when he says something about "Pathetic"). He will push the assist into his Head with his new pushback, which stuns him. No more DDR as it's replaced with random pillar explosions (runes indicate where they are). I think the corners are a little bit safer during this part.
    • Dark Side
      • Room 1: Trash room. Save your Lightning Wall for next room. Save your 2nd Awakening for the boss room, so don't use it in any rooms before it.
      • Room 2: Move down to the boss and use Lightning Wall. Once the boss is hit by lighting wall, then throw your biggest (minus 1st and 2nd awakening) damage skills (elemental field, elemental rain). Lightning Wall interrupt him and puts him into juggle state and if you elemental rain immediately, it'll keep him juggled a little. LW also buys time for your party's real holder to use their holds. His gimmicks are: He disappears, but still can be damaged. At low hp he'll wrap a party member in his "cloak." Break the cloak and continue to do damage to him (he'll still be invisible most of the time).
      • Room 3: Berias is invincible until a certain gimmick. You need to hit him a lot of times to get him started in the gimmick. He can also spawn magma geysers underneath you so move out of the way. Use multi hit skills like Infernal Road, Crystal Storm, Crystal Crash, Rapid Fire, Flame Circle to get him to teleport in the middle with a tornado. When you see this, he'll spawn ghosts that'll go to the 4 corners. If you have someone geared, let them stand in the middle of that tornado and get all 4 ghosts. If your party is equally geared, then each party member should be covering a corner to grab a ghost. If a ghost makes it to the corner, the boss will be healed. When you have a ghost on you (will now be green) you can damage the boss. Even if you don't have a ghost, you can still hold the boss (doesn't apply to EBs as we have no holds), or, for us. keep him from walking around too much by using Darkness Mantle. Save your Lightning Wall for next room.
      • Room 4: Astaros. First thing you do when you load in, use Lightning Wall and hope it catches Astaros. If it catches, hopefully you have a party member to follow up with a real hold. Unload your damage when she's held. If still alive, begin gimmicks: She'll wrap herself into a ball. You can break the ball to bring her out of her invulnerable state faster, and she'll spawn destroy-able ghosts. She teleports around and slashes at people and is real annoying. I wouldn't mind using 1st awakening here, to cover all the places she can teleport around. If you destroy the ghosts and are close to them, you'll notice you'll start becoming slower. There's nothing you can do but wait it out. However, if Astaros is dead and you haven't become a statue, make your way to the next room's gate because it'll be gone when you load into the next room.
      • Room 5: Hi Michael. Coin gimmick: If your party has a gold coin above their heads, that means everyone get close to each other. If party has a gray coin above their heads, everyone spread out! If you don't obey this gimmick, it'll cause damage and knockdown to everyone. Michael is annoying in that he has a shield, random invincibility, hammer of pain, wombo combo punches, and can summon an archangel to rain spears at you and heal himself (this archangel gimmick is first phase only). Not only that, you need to kill him twice. You'll know when he enters 2nd phase when he kneels down and the Archangel Descends (but that is also confused with his first phase gimmick). Then, you'll have to do it all over again. Best to have someone hold and burst him. This is also another good room to use your 1st awakening.
      • Boss Room: There's 4 pillars around the room. 1 should start purified (yellow glow) and 3 should be a dark purple. The thing is to make all the dark purple glows yellow by destroying them. However, after you destroy one, it'll summon any of the 3 previous bosses (excluding Michael) to annoy you and prevent you from purifying the others. The best way is to destroy all 3 pillars in one go. This is where Oblivions shine. Start the room by teleporting to the middle, use a fodder skill (like Infernal Road) to spell cancel into your 2nd awakening (if Elemental Field is up at this point, use that instead of Infernal Road). While in 2nd awakening Ozma likes to teleport you into a slightly more bottom left middle spot [which is even better for hitting the 3 pillars]. This should be enough to purify all the pillars. Once all pillars are purified, Ozma is vulnerable and then go ham. Just be careful of the purple walls as it'll damage you if you touch them.
    • Dark Side Short and Sweet
      • Room 1: No change. Save Lightning Wall
      • Room 2: No more blood orb collecting. Now it's break cloak on party member and back to killing him. First thing to do is to walk down and catch him with Lightning Wall so he'll be hit-stunned long enough for a real holder. Hard to do in a party pub as people are a bit trigger happy and will cause him to do his ol' invisible stuff with the first non-hold/grab skill that hits him.
      • Room 3: Ghosts spawn in the middle and move to the corners instead of targeting player in slot 1. Designated dealer goes to middle and takes ghosts. Do save Lightning Wall for next room.
      • Room 4: Catch Astaros with Lightning Wall (first thing you do) and hopefully someone will follow it up with a hold. She can be knocked out of her invulnerable ball phase quicker with multi hits. Her ghosts can be killed, but they still have that slowdown for screen shot poses. If you move to the next room while in this slowdown, it'll be removed when you get into Michael's room.
      • Room 5: No change. Do note if you're soloing, the coin gimmick is still in effect, and you don't have anyone else to pair with or avoid so expect a bunch of knockdown explosions (or eat a Super Armor pot). Since Astaros became easier to deal with, I now use Junk Spin on Michael at the beginning (at his 2nd dialogue box).
      • Boss Room: 4 pillars need to be purified (destroyed) to be able to damage Ozma. Upper right should be already purified for you. Purifying a pillar will summon a previous miniboss (no Michael) to interfere with you. Thus, it is best to purify all pillars in one go. Immediately teleport to the middle and use a spell canceled 2nd Awakening (if Elemental Field is up, use that too). During your 2nd awakening, Ozma will shift you a little bit closer to the bottom left (but still middle-ish). 2nd awakening should be able to purify all the pillars in one go so go focus on Ozma after your 2nd awakening.
    Expert Difficulty Speed Run Videos (AKA I want to By-Pass the Gimmicks!)
    Recommended Gear: Either 9 piece LSA or EBE set, +11 or higher Requiem or better weapon, at least 6 piece MUE and tainted stuff for buff swapping. Scream of Split Mana is a luxury (but helps out if you have a weaker weapon).

    Required Assists: Junk Spin and Hammer of Repentance

    So far these are with the EBE set. This is because there's plenty of LSA videos out (for the old Otherverse which can still apply). I think the things that need to be tested with LSA is the gas room in Void Rift, and Fire Dragon Room in Castle of Bakal with the rework. Is LW fast enough to hit before the gas activates (when I tried it before, either computer lag or party lag said no. I couldn't get Elemental Rain to work either before gas killed me). Can Chain Lightning hit Fire dragon after the LW + teleport? Any master LSA people out there want to give it a whirl for your own "speed" runs (not so much speed, but cleanly by-pass the room before gimmick starts) so I can post them here for the community?​

    Goblin Kingdom sure takes a lot longer now that you can't skip room 5 with oils. Take advantage of Immortality and just let the goblins hit the trap and let it kill you.

    The cleanest, but not the fastest, run. Besides the first room being faster and only 1 gold lizard, nothing much has changed about Nebulous.

    Rangelus didn't change much, besides adding electric barriers and making the Giant Bomb a one-shot.

    Took me a while to find that perfect spot to use 1st awakening to hit all the wisps (I usually miss the bottom right one). Then, I had trouble with Hammer assist failing 8 times for 8 runs.

    Things that can mess up your speed runs. #1 Otherverse knower being dumb and he gives a ton of yellow cubes then adds pink cubes. #2 If you end up in the upper left corner of the gate after loading into Fire Dragon room. This means your Lightning Wall will clip him (which is okay), but teleporting spot is messed up as he's further below your axis, so Elemental Rain barely clips him as well (which won't one shot him).

    Things of importance: 2nd room, let Lightning Wall be the first thing to touch him before you unload with Elemental Field and Elemental Rain. Astaros Room: Start with Lightning Wall, but let Elemental Field be the first one to touch her. This is because when she's in the "shock" animation of Lightning Wall, Elemental Field damage misses her for whatever reason. Michael Room: He's fickle on when he dies and respawns inside the Junk Spin. Once, I had him die and respawn and WALK out of Junk Spin. Oh and coin will still knock you down because the gimmick still exists in solo, so use a super armor potion. This makes sure you're not knocked down in the best time frame to deal damage to Michael.
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  2. I think they changed it so that if your teammates kill all the minions then you don't receive the curse, but if some are still left alive, you'll receive the curse
  3. Ok, thanks for the info, edited the information in. Also, Goblin Kingdom and Rangelus speed run videos are done. It's just Nebulous messing with me. I do a 1min 30 second run but messed up like 2 rooms, then when I get a "perfect" run it takes me 1minute 38 seconds! ARGH! I blame the brown lizards in the gold room for taking forever to spawn and die most of the time.
  4. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    You can probably still get away with Number 28 + Awakening cheese.
  5. It's after the gold lizard dies, I need to wait for the new brown lizards to spawn and die. Here's a clip of what I meant:
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  6. Ok, I give up on getting the cleanest and fastest speed run for Castle Nebulous (Otherverse Knower, STOP GRABBING THE LIZARDS and let me out of the room faster!). Therefore, OV2 speed run videos are uploaded. Down below was my fastest run in Nebulous, but messed up in like 2 rooms:

    Are people interested in me doing these OV runs again with the LSA set?
  7. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    LSA there's not much difference other than a lot of rooms leading with rapid fire cancel into Lighting Wall one shots if you have a strong weapon, and if that won't cancelling into Chain Lightning will kill it.

    Carrying three people, one shotting Ozma's room with Armageddon is a bit difficult. I'll have to try to see if int pots and pet swap will do the trick. Or maybe bring Number 28 for Khai buff.
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  8. Aeon Has an affinity with shortswords

    I'm not sure if this is any help to people with lower gear at all, and some people already know this but I'll mention it anyways:
    Neb1's minions are still vulnerable for a second or so upon getting summoned, and they're always summoned around the champion(if he's near the wall, they'll all be nice n' bunched up).
    If you gather them all up during the vulnerability window, it's possible to then proceed to hold+kill them off(or just straight up oneshot with fast aoe damage).
    tl;dr time aoe bursts to skip the need to have him stab anything.
    I suppose this is more of a strat aimed at speedrunners with cd reset items since you'll use up atleast 3~4 skills otherwise reserved for next rooms

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