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  1. Kiwi-poi

    Just about 3 days ago, I finished leveling my sader, and now he's in your run-of-the-mill lv85 mseal gears.

    So uh... how far can a solo sader go from here?
    I do have a lancer and asura aside from him, and I can tell that even as Bsader leveling with basic gears is much slower than most other classes... I guess eventually I'll have to find company to boost my gearing progression, just because it's the nature of our class, godly buffs and all... but for now I'd just like to focus on farming. I don't think I'm even party-worthy being a fresh lv86 lol.

    Anyways, should I go slowly in my gearing process, like mseal > halidom > chron set > legends > epics, or can I skip a tier or two? I know events are so generous with handing out chrons and/or legendaries, but it's not like obtaining one good item drastically improves performance... right? Or maybe I'm wrong, welp. Are there maybe specific ones you should be aiming / ditching?

    Another thing is about stacking stats Now that Anton raid's out, good saders are wanted everywhere. I'm totally aware that it's still a long way before I can make my sader raid-ready, so until the I'd just like some general pointers on how to stack these stats. How do you mix and match gears to get that 2300 VIT/SPI threshold? Does it come naturally with better gears?
  2. Dice Dragon Unofficial Sader main

    First things first, dont stress raid.

    Basic need for raid is 9pc vow and some stats.

    As for gearing progression, for battle sader, best choice is Halidoms->Gracia->Epics
    Support saders get 9 piece of vow(Not sure on full set name, sorry not in game) and a first awakening set up to stack levels of the first awakening that you swap to when using it, and perhaps an aura setting if super mega serious.

    Bsaders are not so bad, their clear speed is lacking cause of movement speed and abilities that take time to use, not from lack of damage really.

    For support builds ill let someone else explain, but for Bsaders, gracia + epics is basicly end game.
  3. Kiwi-poi

    Thanks, duly noted! I'll start farming halidom fragments and maybe join quick party for OV runs here and there.

    Speaking of which, chron gears can be upgraded from normal anton farming now yeah? How does a fully upgraded (level 85) chronicle gear compare to a pink/legendary of the same category? Is it worth upgrading chron gears overall as opposed to... let's say getting full halidom or full gracia? It's just that I've been looking around wiki and saw that some of the chrons have nifty bonuses that can change/enhance one's playing style. Now it's not like I'll get to doing anton normal anytime soon but still, pretty interesting stuff those chron bonuses.
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Chron Gear Upgrading- This is mostly used for Full Support Saders because it increases the amount of Spirit/Vitality you get on the pieces and from Armor Mastery, which is key for FS saders. This is done through both Normal Anton and Raid.

    Full Halidom vs Full Gracia- Gracia>Haildom. No contest. As Dice mentioned though, Halidoms can help you clear Noire on your grind for Gracia.

    Side note, don't forget we actually have quite a nice guide at the top of this section. I'm sure you can find some more answers there!
  5. Kiwi-poi

    Hmm... I guess that does make sense. Do battle classes generally stack damage, crit, and speed then instead of stats?

    Also I did read that guide, although I didn't quite get it the first time around so I asked away...
    It does make a lot more sense now that I've read them over a few more times though, along with all the explanations.

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