Question about blademasters/PvP skill differentials from Asura

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  1. i5py

    Ive been watching vids, and am curious to what differs in the pvp with blademaster and asura? Blademaster can switch weapons is one thing,

    what about the buffs and skills? The skills in tournaments seem to be the same from what you see, with blademaster and asura.
    What about what I DONT see?

    I am leveling my asura and regretting to like it as much as I do, because my original plan was to make this asura into a soulbender at lvl49.
    I've always liked lightsabres on Blademaster
    clearly not good references but... Reddit says on two different pages "Blade master is fixed damage, your +16 lightsabre will help you more endgame (basically it says this) another post says Blademaster is percent (I do not mind percent classes but eventually plan to have a class that will benefit from a highly upgraded/glowing weapon =D
  2. ArcLight Hiatus

    Weapon Master has a lot of OTG's close-quarter, has much better Y-Axis pressure with Draw Sword and is more relenting with Super Armored approaches.

    (I'd prefer calling him Weapon Master because Bludgeon isn't a Blade)

    He has a lot of launches also, meaning he could start combos in a lot of ways.

    Asura, on the other side, is much more X-Axis pressure with a LOT of waves. When he gets someone frozen, he can start just unrelentingly throwing wave after wave 24/7 on combos.

    Also, Weapon Master is %. Anyone who says he's Fixed didn't play past level 50. His weapon switching is a huuuge bonus because each weapon has a different trait in themselves. A Weapon Master who uses all Slayer weapons effectively can outdo one who has only one type of weapon easily. WM has a skill named Overdrive that boosts his damage output tremendously. It lasts a short while but does a lot to boost his damage. He also has Flowing Stance, which is in itself an branch of skills that all branches from one button. Flowing Stance skills has three active and one buff, but the three active skills can be canceled into another one after one.

    Overall, Weapon Master is what the name says, close-up with super armor approaches, OTG's up the wazoo, each weapon has different effects, etc.
  3. i5py

    You explained this very well :) Does he (weapon/blade master) actually use his lightsabre very often? Most kdnf vids I don't see them using sabre in PvP ( biggest reason I like him is because of his speed, but I just created a nenmaster and decided I do not think I will be going soul bender - and may just stick with my Asura, Still debating on it. From your information/input (very helpful btw) I think I will prioritize my asura over blade/wep master
    Noob question : What is an "OTG"?
  4. ArcLight Hiatus

    Most Blade Masters use a mix between Katana/Bludgeon or Short Sword/Bludgeon. Bludgeon's usually used for sneaky OTG's from Backstep Cutter and Flowing Stance - Swift, but usually is replaced after that. (Their SST has been buffed tremendously, so that might change now)

    Most people who used Lightsabre knows that it's really hard to try to maintain Electrocution. The fact that you need to use a lot of skills just to maintain shock stacks usually persuade PvP WM's away from Lightsabre.

    Bleed is considered much better because of the blood explosion while having a much better Secret Sword Art in PvP while Short Sword has a much better Y-Axis then most other weapons (and a much better Flowing Stance damage output).

    Zanbato is much too slow, but can be used well considering their godlike Ashe Fork and Whirlwind from SST.

    "OTG" means "Off the Ground". In general terms, a move that bounces your opponent off the ground so you can combo more.
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