PVP and steal skill

Discussion in 'Ranting & Venting' started by Meow, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Meow

    I'm not even gonna hold back, I'm gonna swear my fucking lungs out

    this unbalanced piece of fucking shit, how the FUCK am I even supposed to close to winning if I only fight against people hundreds of fucking rp above me, did they even try to balance this turd even just a bit, I have high doubs about that. I've been trying to complete the fucking quest for like 3 days now with no fucking luck because I only fight against people with 1k+ rp, while I'm stuck around 770-800. My favorite part is when my fucking attacks just fly through the enemy, yet when I get hit, all of it connects, very good, love it. I can't even fucking learn from my mistakes if I just get juggled all day. I can't even properly learn combos because it might connect, or might not, depends on the game's mood, sometimes my dragon kick just wooshes trough the enemy, sometimes it doesn't. This piece of utter shit pissed me off so much, I could fucking break something.

    Whoever added pvp in this game should be fucking executed.
  2. I know the pain.. and i really wany bremen for my asura. :c

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