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  1. ntchesterx

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone uses ps4 controller with DS4windows that works under DFO?
    Under DS4windows, the game does not sense any of my gamepad input, but if i move my d-pad or left stick it moves (i believe the game's gamepad support acting).
    DS4 i have set stuff with keybinds, and it works perfectly outside of DFO.
    Now im using antimicro for my controller, but the touchpad button is completely not working.
    Reason being i like DS4windows is because it actually recognise left/right press on the touch pad essentially give me an extra button for skills.
    I have search on google, reddit and stuff and still no go. I tried a few method that mentioned might help
    1) i am running DS4windows under admin mode
    2) i have set the movement button to numpad keys instead.
    3) i have tried disconnecting the controller and launch the game and connect it
    Im completely lost here, if anyone can help that would be amazing <3
  2. Zenruku SRK Memeber

    From what I am gettign through my research. Is that we need xpadder. Its funny becasue I am doign the same thing as you. I even tried using antimicro

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