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  1. mundus

    I don't know what happened to thirst but I like it.. can i get a proper translation because this is what google gave me...
    When the duration increased from 30 seconds to 120 seconds CD was reduced from 40 seconds to 10 seconds to cast the first stage HP is reduced to 0% bloodthirsty Charge HP every stage of consumption values from 5% to 10% and the ability to increase the amount of physical attack and The maximum absorption amount of HP HP unrelated Charge Charge stage may launch stage of any new shock reduction bloodthirsty enemies hit by the shock wave bleeding violent resistance to blood vampire state added bonus of a 50% reduction in blood rage an additional 50% reduction in blood erupted bonus HP per second to reduce the amount added bonus reduced by 50% the amount of blood erupted HP absorb additional bonus reduced by 50%
    and this is the original text
    持续时间由30秒增加至120秒 CD 由40秒减少至10秒 施放第一阶段时HP减少为0% 嗜血蓄力每阶段消耗HP值 由5%增至10% 物攻及力量增加量与蓄力阶段无关 任何蓄力阶段均可发动嗜血冲击波 新增 减少被冲击波击中的敌人的出血抗性 血之狂暴状态下的HP吸血追加加成减少50% 血之狂暴状态下最大HP吸收量追加加成减少50% 血气爆发每秒HP减少量追加加成减少50% 血气爆发HP吸收量追加加成减少50%
  2. dainasor

    The Golden Pig
    -Increased skill duration (From 30 seconds to 120 seconds)
    -Decreased skill cooldown (From 40 seconds to 10 seconds)
    -Decreased HP consumption at cast start (From 12% to 0%)
    -Increased HP consumption per each charge stage from 5% to 10%.
    -Change skill so it will increase Physical defense and STR regardless of charge stage
    -Change skill so it will cause shockwave regardless of charge stage
    -Added new feature that will reduce enemy’s bleeding abnormal status resistance when got hit by shockwave (*Shockwave by Thirst skill)
    -Decrease HP absorption amount increment during Frenzy state by 50%
    -Decrease maximum HP absorption amount increment during Frenzy state by 50%
    -Decrease HP consumption rate per second increment of Burst Fury by 50%
    -Decrease HP absorption amount increment of Bloody Twister by 50%

    Translation isn't mine, it was done by mms0208

    Those are the changes that were done to Thirst.
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  3. mundus

    thnx alot for this
  4. karanji

    These upcoming buffs to zerk in KDnf?
  5. Save 4 Less TWENTY TWO

    These have been live for months. This was a part of the Deep Sea patch (The patch before Kunoichi) which attempted to revamp classes considered "trench" tier at the time, hence the name
    "Deep Sea". The classes focused on were Berserker, both Brawlers, Exorcist, and Rogue.

    Berserker isn't deep sea trench tier anymore but you still need scuba gear to reach his below average powerlevel :mslayer:

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