Post class revamp, how do they hold up against their female counterpart?

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  1. Naberius

    Hi Nexus,
    So I've been wanting to play a spitfire for the longest time now, and am mostly a solo PvE player. With the huge class revamp patch, a lot of things have changed.
    I've always been tempted to go with F. Spit because of the aerial grenades (plus the jetpack, I love me some jetpack). However, when I took a look at the revamp for M.Spit, the buffs seemed absolutely massive.
    So my question to the M. Spit community is this : considering the massive buffs to M.Spit, would you recommend them over a F.Spit for PvE solo play?
    Edit: Ugh, I really should have posted this in the general discussion thread... my bad. I don't know how to delete topics D:
  2. Deacon

    I have 2 spitfires, 1 Male 1 Female both being well geared (Mspit has nearly 4 whole chron sets complete + tear and Lib) (Fspit has 6piece primitive strike smash bracelet from event and free ele tier) for our current content.

    Ill be real with you, Fspit is more fun to play generally. The jetpack introduction was amazing, flying all around the room is mad fun though landing grenades exactly as you want can prove slightly challenging. Its not terribly hard to pull off its just some circumstances make things a problem with a grenade build, which you usually are going to start at first.

    Mspits are pretty solid now as a class however. I actually feel like my +12 liberation is a +12 liberation. Pre-patch I actually joked about my damage because my gear was right but my damage still wasnt there (9 piece bullet hell and +12 Lib with water+ cards on accessories and cube contract water with ratrias..... still didnt feel like what I put into it was coming out). I finally am able to hold my own in any ancient currently. I have the tools to do them all reasonably well, cant hardcarry yet but if I get that Lord Of Ranger then ill be ready. We got so much utility now with Danger Close and its awesome freeze blast that basically perma freezes stuff, reaction mine is better, War Hero is godly now, buffs to crossmore and QoL change to mines makes for a way better experience.

    Fspits even before this patch were great for solo clearing, but it got a bit silly to jump throw 3 nades room or most of room dies, you fall you jump, reapeat. Now they are little B-2 bombers swopping in dropping payloads and flying along the map while doing it. add Nitro Boost and Quartermaster and you have some fun times. Tons of movement, great damage, great clearing, and very rewarding, its rewarding because of the jump mechanic. The jumps give you gameplay options a mspit doesnt have (check out pvp sometime vs a mspit or fspit)

    Aesthetic is where the Mspit shines most imo. I really like playing classes that feel great, even if the gameplay isnt there, but what they do feels awesome. Mspit has got all kinds of goddies that make sense for him being a general. Artillery battery at your command (Danger Close), Sniper on call to 360 no scope some n00bz (Neil), personal armory of bullets, a squad of battle waifus that will follow you to hell itself because they see you as a tactical genius and the only person capable of leading them? Priceless.

    oh and theres the nuke, amazing concept. I wish it were a tad bit more useful endgame

    Fspits really dont feel like a really fitting class for their skills, its not like Fslayer that is similar to Mslayer in theory but hugely different in gameplay (Look at Demon Slayer vs Berserker) they are just Mgunners skills with minor tweaks like throwing nades in air. to me doesnt feel great lore to gameplay for Fspit but thats all opinion.

    those are details, heres the TL;DR

    Damage (solo pve, no epics, chron and lib tier gear):

    Mspit: Good
    Fspit: Great


    Mspit: Mediocre
    Fspit: Awesome


    Mspit: Amazing
    Fspit: Mediocre/decent


    Fspit I dont think anyone will say is inferior to Mspit. Mathmatically she is better for a lot of reasons. But non endgame (Just True Ancients) play what you think feels better. Both will do you fine for solo content

    Mspit is more fun for me overall, Fspit is my main alt though :)
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