Plain Anton guide for beginner

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Is intermediate guide really necessary?

  1. It is damn necessary! I want to make some serious money with sell party.

  2. It is totally unnecessary. I am not sure we are ready even for plain Anton!

  1. Eurasia

    How do solo runners deal with sinister cerebrate/spiritual residue in mateka room? Summoning an APC would work but it's annoying since you can't keep the APC still. I heard using owl coupon works in bakal's numak room. Would that work here too? Or is there any other method people use?

    Different question, is it possible to convert antoniums into anton souls? The ones that you use to buy raid weapons. If so, what's the rate?
  2. 흐켱의소울

    Summoning doll is only method I can think of in solo play. Since doll is blocked in kdnf it is almost impossible to solo run volcano..

    It is possible to exchange concentrated Antonium into Anton soul. Exchange rate is 120 C.A.=1 A.S.

    It is impossible to exchange normal Antonium into Anton soul or concentrated Antonium.
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