OV 2/3 guide for mechanic?

Discussion in 'Mechanic' started by Seraph, May 15, 2016.

  1. Seraph

    Hey, so i'm trying to farm chrons but i'm having a hard time staying alive and being useful in parties. Can you guys give me some tips for ov 2/3 for a m mech?
  2. Pop undiluted intel and vital potion before you run.
  3. Kelevra IGN: James.

    Get a +11 or higher lv85 purple autogun. You can get one for <10m and your damage is pitiful without a reinforced weapon. A good holding assist helps too (e.g. junk spin, scaffold, ground quaker)

    i can bring you along with me some time to show you what i do in ov. just message James. in game

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