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  1. Sahu

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share some info on certain bosses and skips Grappler is able to take advantage of. I regularly solo all OV's at expert and do Master with parties ocasionally.

    I'll limit this to OV3 for now since Stable Spin Set is our usual go to, but may expand to OV2 if anyone wants.
    Also, feel free to share your own tips :D

    Castle of Bakal:
    1st Room:
    Pretty basic, Overwhelming buff into Pierce > Storm Diver clears pretty fast, you can Slam Kick if there are any survivors.

    2nd Room, Green Dragon: Let the skipping begin! As soon as you enter the room rush him (dash skill can close some distance, but isn't mandatory) and use your Black Tornado while running to catch him with Sliding Grab. If done fast enough you'll be able to Cube him while he's being driven into the ground, Wild Cannon Spike or/and Rolling Spike should be enough to finish the job.
    If you didn't manage this skip, you can still Necksnap > Cubes him, just be mindful of his Iframes when finishing attacks so Necksnap doesn't miss.

    3rd Room, Dark Dragon: When soloing, you can kill his minions while he disappears with one of your faster Grab Cannons (R.Spike, TP'd Flings) so not to hit him. After that, you can Necksnap him into Cubes (far easier than Green Dragon since he doesn't have many Iframes). Go to skills after Necksnap are: Pierce into Storm Diver early cancel (press SDiver. hotkey again as soon as it connects), WCS, R.S, Focused Fury (good for holding him longer if in a party).

    4th Room, Gold Dragon Numak: There aren't any huge skips you can do here right off the bat so take it easy. First, you should charge Pierce right at the start of the room to group up the 3 Evil Numak summons, chain Pierce with any cubes to quickly dispose of them (save your B. Tornado though).
    If solo and there are simply way too many light pillars, you can leave 1 Evil Numak alive with Otherverse Knower drawing his aggro, this way Numak won't finish his Force of Light attack and you can catch up, slay the last E.Numak at that moment.
    After his first Force of Light fails he'll fall to the ground, as soon as you know he's about to get up use B. Tornado and go absolutely nuts on him, it is possible to finish him with other cubes at this point (DON'T use Focused Fury though), if you didn't, hence and repeat.

    5th Room, Red Dragon: Ho boy this guy. Parties have a million ways to deal with him so I'll focus on soloing and which skills Grappler can use to greater effect on him.
    First, just as you enter the room you can B. Tornado, Fling, Rolling Spike or Slam Kick him for some free damage and possibly skip the first Fire Breath mechanic. After that, since you can't combo him properly, your best shot are these skills separetely in this order:
    Black Tornado > Pierce (when he activates S.Armor for his attack) > TP'd Slam Kick > Rolling Spike (reduced fall damage) > Downwards Fling. DO NOT TRY TO NECKSNAP HIM.

    6th Room, Bakal King of Dragons: It is important to learn how to succeed his Dance Dance Revolution mechanic, if you're having trouble keep in mind whenever you miss an input the next input will always be the same one you missed.
    Both for solo and parties, you can deal an absurd amount of damage and hold him for a really long period if you manage to hit him with Rhytmic Assault (1st Awakening Ult). If you do, and have anything (e.g: tactician's, halidom) that puts R.A to level 9, you'll be doing a really long 1st Awakenig which should be chained into your 2nd Awakening Quaking Tiger; in order to do so keep inputting Quaking Tiger's command when your character goes for the final aerial strike of Rhytmic Assault.
    This chain has usually more than enough time for a party to burst him down and does significant damage when solo. If he's still alive, he'll probably use his DDR mechanic, so show him some sweet moves and wait for him in the middle of the room. As soon as he lands, Pierce into Storm Diver cancel him, and go nuts with cubes to finish him off.

    Void Rift
    1st Room: Normal clear, much like every other OV3 room, Overwhelming > Pierce > Storm Diver to quickly advance.

    2nd Room, Boxes: The strategy here is pretty straight foward, there are no big skips for M.Grappler in particular but you can use your grabs to cancel out the Boss' stun attack whenever the screen flashes red with any grab. Necksnap also goes a long way here in holding the guy in place, just be careful no to accidently Grab Cannon a glowing box.

    3rd Room, Meteor Bro Skip: The objective here is to deny his jump to the meteor, right before the boss does this he has some vulnerable frames and you want to catch him there. A lot of people use variations of this skip with different classes and supports, if you are by yourself and don't have a long CC support (F.Brawler with Junkspin, for instance) there's the easy and the hard way.
    The easy way: As soon as the guy starts his second dialogue (something among the lines of "The meteor is over there!") use the second Awakening Quaking Tiger, you are guaranteed to super hold him before he jumps to the meteor and can finish him off with other cubes.
    The "hard" way: Keep spamming Air Steiners on top of him when he starts his second dialogue, if successful you'll drive him into the ground, so follow up with Black Tornado and then use your cubes to finish him before he can recover.

    4th Room, Poison Guy: This one is quite simple, just go all out against him and break his orbs whenever possible. If you've managed to spare Quaking Tiger, you can use it in the middle of the room to hit both orbs and him, allowing for an easy finisher when he summones them a second time.

    5th Room, 4 Dudes 4 Squares: Ok so these bastards are a pain by yourself, master your throws direction inputs correctly! Some good choices are: Downwards R.S is a great way to set them down, Air Steiner puts them behind you, downwards Fling and Black Tornado both move the enemy a tad forward so be careful.
    A nice trick is to use use Leap, jump near one and immediately use Breakdown. This way you'll be sent flying with the enemy under your elbow, allowing you to carefuly aim your landing zone to the right place.
    Slam Kick has some really buggy interactions here even if you aim correctly so I don't recommend it.

    6th Room, Gaunis : Minigame time! The only real tip I can give you here is to use WCS when he switches from the first minigame to the second one, if you git gud or already are a pro, you can do the Pierce > Tornado Kick Cancel > WCS combo instead for tons of damage. Gaunis will activate his super armor allowing you to hit him just as the timer for the first minigame finishes, so practice! :D

    Dark Side aka Grappler Hell
    OBS: I should emphasize how much a support character with multi hit skills help here: Kunoichi's Flame Lotus can save you valuable minutes in every run. I would also reccomend some points into Hurricane Kick for this.

    1st Room: Normal clear, Overwhelming, pierce and storm, you know the drill.

    2nd Room, Tiamat: Tiamat has no secrets, basically go all out on him. He'll take reduced damage after a while in solo runs, so don't waste too many skills, wait for his gimmicks and go back to pummeling him. DO NOT ATTACK WHE HE SAYS "I AM DESPAIR ITSELF", let the Otherverse Waifu take your ghost out and wait, otherwise you'll end up killing her. After this stage Tiamat has no more defense buffs so finish him quickly.

    3rd Room, Giant Sword man: Let the multi hit shenanigans begin.. It is possible to rush him and use Focused Fury along with a multi strike support to instantly break his armor, however he tends to use his "Earth Explode!" move early and you might miss horribly. You can wait it out and do the combo afterwards, or if you don't have a support feel free to use Necksnaps followed by Hurricane kicks. The rest is easy, just try not to use your Awakenings here.

    4th Room Astaroth: It is possible to grab her before she starts her first channelling; the safest way to do this is using your dash skill as soon as you enter the room, set your running motion towards her and use a sliding Rhytmic Assault to connect; now all you have to do is grab chain her to death: Rolling Spike, Black Tornado and Storm Diver are all your friends here, Quaking Tiger can be used here but you'd have to wait for it to go back of cooldown for an important Ozma skip.

    5th Room, Michael the Iframed: Michael here will only give you trouble on his second form, stand near him when he begins his speech and try to time a Black tornado when he tries to jam his cross on the ground. Bursting him down the first time is easy since he won't have super armor, but during his second stage you'll want to use everything you've got (outside of Quaking).
    Keep in mind he'll be in super armor for the most part, so chain your grabs correctly, pierce into storm diver cancel dishes a lot of damage here! Also neck snap can help you set things at your own pace. If he ever uses his bubble it's preferable to have a support character to break it, but you can also do it with running attacks, low cost grab cannons, hurricane kicks and air walks, just be careful not to take him head on without a grab.

    6th Room, Ozma: Okay so, it's not as bad as it looks, but it's still pretty bad. There is a MAJOR skip that can be done at the beggining so he won't trigger his Aura of Betrayal.
    You'll need either Quaking Tiger or Focused Fury for this one and a Multi hit Supporter Skill: as soon as you enter the room, rush Ozma and activate your support to hit him multiple times, at the same time, move away so he casts his "Confusion Pillars" away from him. Move back fast, hit him with a couple more shots and his shield should break down; this should be near the 8 second mark so IMMEDIATELY use either Focused Fury or Necksnap into Quaking Tiger, if done correctly you'll have skipped his aura of betrayal phase and will have plenty of time to break his shield again before the next stage starts.
    Since Ozma is such a different boss, here's some trivia to make your life easier:

    1- After his "Confusion Pillars" fade, he will always cast one fireball and then recast Pillars, use this knowleadge to your advantage by moving away from him and running back after they end up far away, securing a safe space during your fight.
    2- Best abilities to damage Ozma are: Pierce into Storm Diver early cancel, Wild Canon Spike, Focused Fury (will reset his shield so use it as late as possible) and Necksnap into Quaking Tiger (QUAKING WON'T DAMAGE HIM OTHERWISE).
    3- If you didn't manage to skip Aura of Betrayal, be careful not to slay Otherverse Knower accidently, her attacks help a lot breaking Ozma's shield.
    4- Best way to use your supports during a solo fight is near the end of transformations, this way you'll end up breaking his shield before the next gimmick phase starts.
    5- He's a dick. :frown:
    6- In a party, people will be able to damage Ozma during the full duration of your Neck>Quaking Tiger, so you can end up bursting him very early on with a high damage comp.

    Hey I think that's all folks, if you have any questions or want to share knowledge, please do so!
    Thanks for reading!

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  2. Umbreon

    Thanks for this! What kind of gear do you think is needed for an m.grappler to solo OV on expert?
  3. Sahu

    Besides having adequate Exorcism levels for expert, there isn't much else you need. I'll recommend at least a Halidom weapon, I used to have an Unique +10 but recently have changed it to the level 80 Halidom +9 so my damage is "OK". I can normally kill Ozma in the 3rd shield break and Bakal in his first landing when doing solo runs.
  4. Gruel we made it

    The alternate hard way for getting the meteor dude is using WCS right before he jumps

    Really frame tight though.

    Love to see how to properly chain grabs on the 2nd Dark Side boss without the Dragon Cry screwing you over.
  5. Running Wild Rock You Like A Hurricane

  6. Tsurugi

    I suggest bringing Super Armor pots for Dark Side specifically. Rooms 2 4 and 5 can be much easier in party or solo when you're not being knocked back while attempting to grab. Also keeping Tiamat and Asatros in the corner in a party will make your job easier keeping them locked down and for your party to be able to burst them down without them flying all over the place. (Partying with people who don't know how to work with M.Grap makes this harder but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try)
  7. Sahu

    First I'll assume Dragon Cry is the knockdown mechanic he uses, so pardon me if this is wrong, then..
    Although long chains aren't reccommended due to the defense buff shenanigans on solo runs, in parties I usually Super Armor through it just fine. My usual combo is:

    Black Tornado > WCS (while he's being driven into the ground)> Shoulder Tackle into Downwards Rolling Spike (after BT explosion)> Downwards Slam Kick > Focused Fury.

    If you didn't use Pierce > Storm Diver for last room's clear I'm sure you can fit it in there as well, possibly right after BT so you activate Storm Diver's Grab Cannon.

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