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  1. Sheep Baa.

    • I'm excluding epics from this because RNG is terrible, and obtaining a full set can cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars (or an excessive amount of playtime).
    • The title is currently unavailable in the Cera Shop, but it can be bought from other players, and can also be substituted for an item with similar abilities.
    • The title enchant is a substitute for this, because that takes 40 days to obtain. Some enchants are also unavailable.
    • You should amplify everything with INT, and to at least +7 (+10 for weapon).
      - This is expensive, so you may want to hold off on it until you don't have anything better to spend your gold on.
    • Upgrade your Chronicle set from level 70 to 85 via Anton. This is more significant than some people make it out to be.
    • Gracia is not better than Relentless Chaser.
    • Unique Motion Aura sucks yields no benefit over other auras for us Battle Mages.
    • With all of this, you can reach a time of around 1:00 on killing Giant Nugol EX in the Training Center--which is S tier (Anton Raid), according to this thread.
      If you can get an epic weapon, such as Chaser Master, you can get a time of under 50 seconds (SS tier).

    Status / Equipment / Link: Build
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    WeaponArmor / Acc.Magic StoneTitle
    Liberation StickRelentless ChaserCold EnergyNINJA
    Ignore the epic weapon. I found it by accident.

    Clones / Pet / Aura
    FaceAttack SPDAttack/Movement SPD
    TorsoAttack SPDAttack/Movement SPD
    TopBattle GrooveINT/Evasion Rate | Water Chaser
    BottomMax HPINT/Evasion Rate | Water Chaser
    WaistEvasion RateAttack/Movement SPD
    ShoesMovement SPDAttack/Movement SPD
    PetGreen ArtifactAura
    BeckyPassionate Artifact - WaterFestival Firework - Water

    Guild Insignia / Gems
    Perfect Insignia of Spirit Water Damage | Attack SPD | Movement SPD
    • Useful Useful x 3
    • Idol Idol x 2
    • Winner Winner x 1
    • Informative Informative x 1
    • List
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  2. Mordreth

    Question with the petit friends rolling up as freebies next weekend.

    Would petit astarte be a -decent- substitute for Becky, or does she provide worse skills?
  3. Sheep Baa.

    Petit Astarte is a very good substitute for Petit Becky. Becky is better, but if you are unable to choose her with the free Petit pet giveaway, then you can do no wrong with Astarte.
  4. EssMDee

    Hey, I finally decided it was time to start gearing my BM and I am kind of overwhelmed with her so I was hoping to ask a few questions. I have +2 battle groove title from TAO package way back, how does this stack up vs other titles?

    Could you give me a general rundown of your playstyle on BM? Is there a certain time I should use normal chasers over evolution chasers (for the AoE)? I can obviously see you stack water damage so assumedly you use chaser evolution and pick water chaser, but in-game it just says they give you a physical defense buff, am I missing something? Also, how do you take advantage of shadow chaser crit buff and fire chaser str/int buff if you use chaser evolution and pick water?

    Finally, I really, really, enjoy apostilize. I realize it isn't extremely efficient unless I'm physical, but it's potentially one of my favorite skills in the game. Using your build as a basis, if you absolutely had to drop skills for it, what would you drop?

    Sorry for the random jeopardy, this class is just very confusing. Cool, (minus the bugs, which hopefully get fixed or worked around in her rework) but confusing.
  5. Harlequina

    Chaser Evolution chasers (is that how you put it?) gives you all of the chaser buffs when you launch them, regardless of which element you picked. So if you use Evolution and pick water, the elemental damage will be water but you'll get the buffs from not only water but also fire/shadow/light/neutral.

    I think water is generally chosen because Enchanted Swing with water property puts a debuff on enemies that decreases their magical defense, which is good for a magic build of course. Not 100% if there are any other reasons than this.
  6. Sheep Baa.

    Well, the difference between that and any currently available title wouldn't be much. +2 Battle Groove is very good. A +20 elemental damage or smash title would be better, though.

    I'll quote myself from an earlier post here
    See Harlequina's post for the explanation on Chaser Evolution, because that is exactly how it works. There is no other reason for magic Battle Mages to use water, also. In the future, however, Enchanted Swing's debuffs are removed, and thus it will no longer matter which element that you stack.

    For my playstyle, you can check out videos I've uploaded on my Youtube channel.

    I would drop Time Bomb to level 14. That leaves you with exactly 500 SP to use for maxing Apostilize.
  7. EssMDee

    Thanks very much to both of you. Very helpful! I will definitely look through your videos as a guide. Thanks again.

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