Omniblade 2nd Awakening Quest Dialogue.

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  1. For those you care about the dialogue that goes on during the awakening stuff, this is for you. I plan to do this for all the other characters (those that already have posts on the Wiki I'll skip.) Now your probably asking, Advent, why don't you just post the stuff on the wiki? Simple answer, I don't know how... If anyone wants to do that be my guest.

    Omniblade Awakens 1
    G.S.D: The next stage of Grand Master is Omniblade.
    Omniblade is the highest level Blade Masters can reach.
    Of course, not every Blade Master can become Omniblade. Their minds have to become one with their swords to reach that stage.
    Once you learn to unify your mind and your sword, you can wield your sword without using hands and subdue enemies with spiritual swords that are born from your mind.
    To unify your mind with your sword, you first have to open the Unification Gates in your body that are developed only after decades of experience in swordsmanship.
    Say, are you interested in becoming Omniblade? I can help you open the Unification Gates.

    G.S.D: Ok, have you made up your mind? Let me check your unification gates.

    Omniblade Awakens 2
    G.S.D: Your pulse tells me that even though you have plenty of energy, your Unification Gates are not yet active.
    It'll take some effort to open all the closed Unification Gates.
    You need help from strong warriors who can use their qigong to unclog your Unification Gates.
    Black Dragon Energy, available at the Black Dragon Tournament in Shonan's Arena, is sustained with the powers of strong warriors. It's considered the best method to open the Unification Gates.
    Join the Black Dragon Tournament and collect 30 Black Dragon Energies.
    I need them to open your Unification Gates.
    Know that the contenders of the Black Dragon Tournaments are also members of the Tower of Despair, and are not to be underestimated.

    G.S.D: You've brought them. Give me a moment. I'll unclog your unification gates.
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