Not sure how to build EB....

Discussion in 'Elemental Bomber' started by SonowRaevius, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    Just got mine to level 41 or 42 tonight (can't remember) and, while I am killing things fairly easily, I keep questioning my build.

    As it is I have everything to the max level they can in: Chain Lightning, Infernal Road, Elemental Shield, Mana Burst, Crystal Storm, Rapid Fire, Elemental Cannon, and Elemental Bombardment, Elemental Shift, and Elemental force.

    I also have 1 point in Crystal shard so I could get Crystal Storm.

    My question is "Is this ok, or should I be putting my points towards something else?"
  2. Kamoe It doesn't matter... NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

    Honestly, it's all up to you. As of right now, EB has no useless skills besides the non-EB skills. Whatever skills you like most should be the ones you go for. As long as you're maxing all three of your buffs and all of your passives, you're set. Endgame you should have enough to max all of your preferred skills minus the 60 and 70 skills because they suck. The only skills I left at 1 on my build are Dark zone and Darkness Mantle. I have Infernal Road at level 19 as a leftover SP sink.

    As far as my personal preference is concerned, I really like Flame Circle and Crystal Crash. Circle is a wonderful way to clear yourself some space in case things get too close, and Crystal Crash has really nice range and it comes out really fast, so it's easy to set up in combos. Hits decently hard for it's cooldown, too, but it's up to you. I'd recommend having at least Flame Circle or Dark Zone as a close range skill. Flame Circle has hitstun and blowback on it's final hit, Dark Zone is more or less an AoE nuke around your character, one hit, no blowback, just Blind status and raw damage. Both hit pretty hard, but Flame Circle has more utility in PvE if you ask me, blowback really helps in densely populated rooms if you need some breathing room. The attack animation continues even after getting cancelled, too, so it's very combo-friendly.

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