Noblesse Awakening Quest Dialogue

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  1. For those you care about the dialogue that goes on during the awakening stuff, this is for you. I plan to do this for all the other characters (those that already have posts on the Wiki I'll skip.) Now your probably asking, Advent, why don't you just post the stuff on the wiki? Simple answer, I don't know how... If anyone wants to do that be my guest. We'll see how this turns out before I do the others.

    Noblesse Awakening 1

    Knight Robato: You're highborn and the energy of the Metastasis pushed you to a thorny path. You've probably thought you're cursed.
    You're not. I believe that was a rite of passage you had to undergo to be reborn a great hero.
    Are you ready to take up arms and save the people of Arad from the tyranny of the Empire?
    The sense of responsibility deep-seated in your mind will show you the way.

    For the day we're liberated from the Empire...

    Noblesse Awakening 2

    Knight Robato: Can you be ruthless for a great cause? You have to see the forest instead of the trees.
    Never show mercy to your enemies. You can feel sorry for them, but you must not show it to them.
    Only after you learn this, you can you learn Soul Render. Each enemy you kill will get you one step closer to your endgame.

    Imprint the images of those you killed today in your mind. Never forget them.
    Imprint the images of your enemies until your mind can't take anymore. That's when you'll achieve your ultimate goal.

    Noblesse Awakening 3

    Knight Robato: Master Draw Sword, and you can learn Spacetime Cutter. That skill literally cuts through spacetime.
    It's a merciful way to kill enemies, don't you think? *Chuckles* That skill is so fast, the target doesn't know until he's dead.
    Acquiring such power takes a lot of effort and perseverance. Just continue with your training, that's all I can tell you.

    Your Ghost Fastener is glowing.

    Noblesse Awakening 4

    Knight Robato: Your ready to become a Noblesse. Don't forget: a great many people are waiting for you to rise.

    Noblesse, glory be to you!
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