Cain Newbie LF Guild/Family/Buddies

Discussion in 'Looking For' started by MrAddison, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. MrAddison

    I may be a newbie, but I'm not a newbie to MMORPGs.
    I've played DFO before but it's been awhile so I'm still a newbie!
    I've never really made it so far in DFO and wish I have!
    DFO is truly a unique game and I wish to see myself get far in the game.
    But, I can't do that without a family and friends!
    I promise to be active and hope that you're active as well!
    I live in the United States and my timezone is GMT -5, that's my requirement in a guild, is to be around this timezone as well so I can find people online the same time as me! International Guilds are okay as well, if that's who you are!
    I'm just looking for a no-drama and mature guild, very friendly, and I hope to make friends along the way and group up with others!
    But, I don't have any characters right now and no one would probably want to level up with me! So, I may get bored doing this alone!
    That's why I'm hoping for a really friendly guild who'd love to be my friend and keep me motivated!
  2. Hervey Administrator

    Communism may be right up your alley. In Communism, all working men are equal, and we can always use more comrades.

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