New to Spitfire PvP, questions.

Discussion in 'Spitfire' started by Basedx, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Basedx

    Im completely new to pvp and recently got some decent gear for my spit (Halidoms + 3 legendaries + an epic + and some other uniques) so i wanted to get into PvP. I really have zero real knowledge of this games pvp so i have some questions, although i have watched some before.

    1) PvP specific build. I have no idea what skills i should be getting and what levels.

    2) Video explanations or at least text explanations of BnB combos? Its a bit harder to learn just by watching without additional commentary for me.

    3) Somewhat of a strategy or general summary of how to approach some generic matchups.

    4) Possibly some good resources for this, regardless of answers to my other questions.

    5)Also ive seen/heard that you want to go bullet build and you want an inflict fire cannon switch for combos? Or do you just use it regardless. Not entirely sure. Since i figured this out today im going to be running epic road looking for Genius Posthumous Work: Hand Cannon or Boom & Boom

    Tried to find info on reddit/here/google but either im stupid or its just hard to find. Thanks for anyones time.
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  2. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Female or Male?
  3. Basedx

    ... Are we not in the f gunner section?
  4. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Lol i just hit new post :downs:
    Me no helply then i bave only pvp with male spit

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