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  1. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    With the restructure of the Mods subforum, the Release prefix was split up into individual categories. Please tag your threads with the appropriate prefix, as this will make it easier for other users to find your mods.

    Prefixes can be clicked on to display all threads tagged with it.

    Class name prefixes cover anything from avatars to skills to sound or skill icons for the respective class.

    UI includes HUDS, Awakening cutins, load screens, chat backgrounds, damage numbers, or anything else related to the GUI.

    Misc. is for anything not fitting into the above. Pets, monsters, utilities, general sound, etc.

    Music is for music swaps.

    Mod compilations or posts with multiple mod types should stick to Misc. for the time being.
    Prefixes are not final. More may be added in the future if Misc ever needs to be split up further.
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