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  1. Hey guys, new to this game and currently loving it. However, I need some direction on how to play berserker.
    I am currently level 55 and have finished my first awakening, but due to how strong the free gear is... I can't help but feel like i'm missing something...
    • what skills should I have maxed?
    • am I meant to Thirst down to 20% at the start of every dungeon, and then play from there?
    • do I choose zanbato weapons, or bludgeons?
    • do I max the Common Skills related to physical damage?
    • am I meant to use Guard, Quick Rebound and Backstep at all during my play?
    • what use are skills like ancient memory and indomitable spirit?
    • generally speaking, should I be juggle comboing as much as possible?
    • blood memory, i've heard mostly bad things about this but due to the fact that there is no updated information i still don't know anything about it, is it worth using?
    • TP Skills (post-awakening), what should I be maxing? I'm assuming I only max skills relative to what I've specced into in my normal skills
    thanks for reading, I apologize for the wall of text and hope to get a reply from an experienced player soon.

  2. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    Welcome to Dungeon Fighter Online and DFONexus forums!

    Thankfully, Berserker is one of those classes that doesn't have tons of different skills, so it's really easy to max most of them.
    Skills that you should definitely MAX:
    Quick Rebound
    Focus: Physical Critical
    Vim and Vigor
    Bloody Cross
    Boiling Blood
    Raging Fury
    Blood Sword
    Outrage Break
    Poignant Madness
    Blood Boom
    Blood Incarnate
    Blood Riven
    Skills that you should get to Lv.1 for utility:
    Drive Slash
    Wave Wheel Slasher
    Bloody Twister
    Bloody Rose
    Skills that you put the rest of your SP into:
    Katana / Zanbato / Bludgeon / Short Sword Mastery
    Mountanious Wheel
    Blood Memory
    Blood Ruin
    Burst Fury

    Katana / Zanbato / Bludgeon / Short Sword Mastery is mostly used by Magic Cataclysm users (Lv.85 Epic Plate Shoulder), because the damage boost from either of Mastery affects only your standard XXX attacks (so our Skills don't benefit from it). Zanbato Mastery is also used by Byeollungum's users (Lv. 85 Epic Zanbato), because either of Mastery also increase our Hit Rate.
    Mountanious Wheel is one of our Skills that has Percent Damage (but it still has Fixed Damage), so it's not the best Skill for Berserker. Even then, it's one of those Skills that you will spam when the others are on cooldown, and it's still good and cheap AoE Skill. Personally, I max it out, but you can do whatever you want with it.
    Blood Memory is worth investing your SP in case you need Hit Rate (again, it's mostly for Byeollungum users) and Physical Critical Rate (you shouldn't bother much with it for now - after you get used to the game and finally get to Anton dungeons, then you may think about Crit Rate seriously). Other than that, you might keep it on Lv.1
    Blood Ruin is worth leveling, especially when you still don't have 2nd Awakening - it has good damage, but the cooldown is kinda high (at least it looks like in endgame), so you won't be able to spam it as often as Bloodlust. After getting 2nd Awakening I don't really use that Skill much for damage (mostly as a hold / grab Skill, so I keep it at Lv.1), but hey, you can decide for yourself if it's worth investing your SP.
    Burst Fury is another Skill that's worth using before getting 2nd Awakening, but after that I also kept it at Lv.1. That's because Blood Incarnate (your 2nd Awakening Passive Skill) doesn't boost its damage AT ALL. Because of that, I use this Skill as another grab / hold Skill as well, so I keep it at Lv.1.
    Pretty much - you benefit a lot from Bloody Cross Stage 3, which is activated when you have 20% HP or less. After getting 2nd Awakening having your HP between 10% and 20% HP is pretty much ideal condition for you. Of course, sometimes it's better to keep your HP higher than that (mostly because some bosses hit you VERY HARD, so getting hit at 20% HP and with Derange activated can OHKO you - that's when people use Poignant Madness), so you'll have to learn when to keep your HP low (in order to maximize your damage) and when to keep it high (so you won't die).

    Whatever is the strongest you have. Most of times you'll be choosing between Zanbato, Katana or Bludgeon, even in endgame. You may check this thread in case you're interested about some Berserker things (although most of my posts there are outdated, and I'm planning to update them, but they should still give you the basic information about Berserker Items).

    If you're talking about General Skills - you should max Focus: Physical Critical.

    Honestly, I don't really use Backstep and Guard much, but Quick Rebound is REALLY good - holding C key after being knockdowned gives you a lot of i-frames. Some bosses even require you to use it. So the earlier you get used to using it, the better your life as a Berserker will be.

    Berserker doesn't use any of those Skills.

    If by "juggling" you meant "keeping bosses in air" (mostly with stuff like Extreme Overkill), then yeah, that and keeping bosses knockdowned is a good idea (unless boss has gimmicks that punish you for doing that kind of stuff).

    Blood Sword, Bloodlust and Outrage Break should be maxed for sure.
    Derange TP is worth it in case you'll be using endgame items that increase your damage during Abnormal Status (Razor Queen's Necklace, Refined Chaos Stone Necklace, etc.).
    Diehard TP is worth Lv.1 for Strength boost.
    The rest TP can go to either Lv.5 Mountanious Wheel or Raging Fury Lv.1 + Mountanious Wheel Lv.1. Second one is probably better.
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  3. this is the exact info I was looking for, thanks so so much
  4. TheLaughingDragon Going Further Beyond

    I'm curious then, currently a level 54 Berserker (fairly a new player myself. Got a vanguard to 86 but that's it so far!) Most of my damage has seem to come from my X string of attacks. I also notice you didn't Mention Extreme Overkill which so far has without a doubt (alongside thirst and frenzy) been one of my favorite skills. I really haven't cared much for Bloodlust or Raging fury when so far again, most of the damage it seems has come from me just spamming X at low health with thirst and derange popped. Have I been doing it wrong or is there something I'm not getting about the class here?

    Here's some screenies of my build:

  5. CuppaTea

    Try to max out mountain crash. At higher level it will have an insane range with a low CD. Helps clear garbage mobs. Then dump the rest into Gore cross because it helps you juggle some mobs to let you xxx some more since you are xanbato. Just take the so out from Gore whenever you need sp for other skills. For your tp, just put into basic training for the moment until you can get those mentioned up there.
    Imo, I barely see myself using raging fury a lot, but it can reset ground combo. Bloodlust is one of berserker bread and butter skill if you are going zan. I use it to grab bleeding targets for invicibility, damage, and a large boost in strength.
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  6. LothorS

    Any zerk worth his salt would know you max your cubes before mount and never into gore cross.

    and before I forget zerk is not a percent class either like wm or sm.

    edit: please read Jaðarsormr post above for anything zerk skill build orientated.
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  7. Kaza No Ari

    Thx for this.

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