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  1. RavenKiro Keh-keh-keh hello !

    Hello Neople, first of all, I would like to say that I very appreciate that you are willing to take a look at the skill suggestions I have. It is something I've always wanted to share with you. I would however hope for 2 things, 1. that you can .... hopefully ready my hand writing. 2. Hope you will... like these suggestions. I would be more than happy to make more skill idea's too.

    if you cant read the hand writing, I'll simply type it out for you.
    First of all, about F. Ranger, I really like her concept, the idea of a western cowgirl with gun blade chains sounded like a really cool idea. However, I've always felt that F. Ranger simply felt as if it wasn't living up to its true potential. It felt uninspired, so I've been thinking since the Nexon days about how to make F. Ranger feel more.... Intense.
    Ok, time to go over the skills....

    Page 1
    Skill 1. "Swift Shot" - Basically a faster version of "Western Fire" Bloodia will shoot her gun behind her and generally pretend like nothing was there. (And she doesn't have to turn around)

    Page 1

    [What's on the page] "Multi-Head Shot Targeting Range - 660px" "Swift Shot (Only if Passive .410 Bore is active)" Blast Range 550px maybe?"

    Page 2
    Passive ".410 Bore" - whoops forgot to mention the Passive. I had this idea, if M. Ranger gets a "Headshot" every time M. Ranger completes his basic attack string, what if F. Ranger was given the something, but with shotgun gauges- the ".410 Bore" passive. This passive will load one of the revolvers with shotgun shells so that the final basic attack string of F. Ranger will shoot like a shotgun, along with affecting a few other skills like what you saw with "Swift Shot". (Maybe, I haven't really thought about how it will affect "Moving Shot")
    Page 2
    [What's on the page, from left to right] "Loads left- I mean one of the revolvers with shotgun shells" "Final Attack (.410Bore) 1 Shot" "Taurus Judge Revolver takes .45 And .410 Gauge" "Reload (G-14 Buster) -Last Animation-"

    Page 3
    Skill 2. "Reverse Spike" - F. Ranger will kick up to 3 times. First kick "Marylin Rose", 2nd Kick "Marylin Rose" again but jumping, and the 3rd kick will be reverse kick.
    Page 3

    [What's on the page] "Jump" "Back Flips"
    What the F. Gunner is Saying "Hai-" "Ya" "TA!"

    Page 4 and 5
    Skill 3 "Lashing Chains" Ever since I saw Kung Fu Panda 3, I've been thinking a lot about how bloodia could swing her chains around like what I saw in the movie. Then I thought about it even more when I saw Kubo. So that's when I thought about "Lashing Chains". This skill also draws back to the Nexon days of Bloodia's 1st awakening skill "Twin Gunblades". What she will do is Lash her chains out 4 times, and...... erm, kinda hard to describe it, but that's what pictures for, haha. It was... also kinda hard to figure out how which directions the chains should flow.

    Page 4
    Page 5

    [Whats on Page 4, Top to bottom] "Maybe....Use it like "Triple Clutch" Passive? or maybe like the "Gunblade" Passive....
    "Based on the 1st awakening in it's Nexon days" "Skill should add Bleeding"
    [What Bloodia is Saying] "Hmph" "TA!" -> Lash outward "Hwat-" -> Left chain Lashes Outward, Right Chain Lashes Inward "Ora!"

    Page 6 ~ 9
    Skill 4 "Blood and Chain" I've been thinking about this skill long before Elsword got this skill out, but it only got a quarter of what I wanted the Bloodia to do. I've seen this move in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as well, Based on Ghost Rider. Throwing her gunblade is exactly what I wanted her to do, but I've wanted her to do more than just swing it around. "Blood and Chain" in my version, can work in 2 different ways. It can work as a grab, or just use it for zoning too. When she grabs, Bloodia will draw the enemy near her, and shoot him while he's on the ground. When grab is unsuccessful, Bloodia will simply lash her gun blade one more time. It can also work while in the air as well.
    Page 6
    Page 7
    Page 8
    Page 9
    [What's on Page 6] "Distance -> from the center of the screen, The reach distance should be full screen" 1. "Throw Chain" 2. "Successful grab -> "Catches it with her opposite hand" [What F. Ranger is saying: "Come-here!"]" 3. Finishing animation (She catches the revolver and fires) 6 Shots fired"
    [What's on Page 7] "If grab was unsuccessful" 1. Lash Left 2. Lash Right "Bloodia will simply Lash her chain twice" "Maybe..... If TP skill is active, it will remove the "grab" feature and just draw the target(s) near her, also reducing cool down.
    [What's on Page 8] "Works in Mid-air too" "If grab was unsecessful, she'll just lash the chain 1 more time (Animation reverses 1 <- 3)
    4. "Successful grab"
    [What's] on Page 9] "The revolver will end up back in the Bloodia's hand" "Perfect spot to follow up with Z or X "
    [What Bloodia is saying] "Going somewhere?"


    I've recently sent this to neople zendesk.... and what they said....they liked it, and would like for me to share it . - .
    but will it make it into the game? I do not know, for they said they'll send it into the proper places it needs to go for further review. . - .
  2. Loriciferica Global Moderator

    This is cute, but the design team is far away in korealand, likely with their own ideas on what female ranger is about. I think franger's is fine as it is and doesn't need more acrobatics or aesthetic.

  3. wow these ideas are amazing I think for page3 they might be able to make that skill using the same animations except at the end instead of "reverse kick" it would be Rainbow and for page 8 and 9 they should add those skill to chain snatch or/and gun blade. Using chain snatch while in mid air would be awesome ^_^. I feel like they would be able make those skills /add on with the animation they already have just like they did for Suppressive Barrage<-(moving shot/multiheadshot animations)
  4. RavenKiro Keh-keh-keh hello !

    I've actually made one for M. Ranger too . - . and sent that through as well
  5. Garyuu *sigh*

    A pretty good set of ideas, even though it's 99.999999% likely Neople wouldn't bother. Granted, a "choice passive" that changes her X-string to gunblade swings is all I've ever really wanted to see.

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