New quest legendary effects after the new update?

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  1. Renanri Jiggle-O-Meter Keeper~

    I heard that all of the quest legendary sets were changed to be more viable. Does anyone have a translation of what the new quest legendaries do and what their set effects are? I know Gracia hasn't been changed at all.
  2. Pyros

    Gracia was actually changed, although it's minor, cube cost goes to 1.

    There's no readily available translation for all of it. There were reddit posts that had parts of translation. You can always use google translate to translate the basic of the patch notes in korea. Reddit thread, check comments too, but some are mistranslated:

    The gist of it is every set is a lot better and are a lot closer to Gracia in power. I actually found a pic on korean boards comparing the sets. Pretty much you'll still want Gracia if you're neutral but you could get Sea God if you wanted to do a cold build instead(say if you have cold princess set or a weapon with water dmg of some sort) with the added benefit of only being 5pc for full damage and if you can't use Gracia, then Dusky is what you want. The other sets are still situational, with source of disease obviously being your go to if you're a brawler and heartrending still being good for supports. Buried Scream is a bit hard to figure out and Great Glory is still kinda meh unless you need big stats for some reason.

    In order on the picture from left to right:
    Great Glory, Heart rending, Buried Scream, Gracia, Seagod 5pc+Frozen Insignia, Dusky.

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  3. Fayefire

    Uh, you listed 7 sets for 6 bars. . .


    Where is the 6pc sea god?
  4. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

    There's nothing on that chart for 6pc Sea God. I think it's because the 6pc effect is essentially useless; from the reddit page, it seems all the 6pc gives is a 5% chance for a proc (probably the same ones as the accs) with a 5s cd. This may or may not be true, but yeah, seems like the most logical explanation.
  5. Pyros

    I listed 6sets. The 7th set which is not on the chart is Source of Disease, because it's so specific it's pointless to compare it, it's a good set for brawlers and a bad set for everyone else pretty much.

    And there's no reason to use 6pc sea god, which is why the test is 5pc seagod+frozen insignia, a middle of the road cold item. The 6pc of Sea God applies curse in an aoe, but that's all it does, and reworked Sea God doesn't require curse for damage anymore, so it's literally just curse. I think some SB stuff has curse synergy, and you might have an ailment synergy somewhere else, but realistically in most cases, it's a useless 6pc. Gives you more freedom to build.

    There is a random Seagod word at the end of my post though, removed it, probably was typing something else.
  6. mchotdog33

    is the more detailed stats of each piece listed anywhere?
  7. karanji

    What about the ward God set?

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