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  1. rpxy24

    I'll start with who i am!
    I'm 30 (ouch) and i'm french (ouch again). Now that my old frog status is highlighted let s move on. I ve been pretty hardcore with games (mmos, fps...) for 20 years. Still have the mentality but can't really pour as many hours as i d like to.. i speak english and french (written-spoken). I don't like drama i'm pretty laidback.

    I picked up this game recently and i like it and intend to keep playing it. Read up what i could find guide-wise (Now i know how to *cough* play my anime world *cough*) and i'm now looking for a guild. I dont know how ping sensitive is the game (living in france) but if not too horrible i can cope with it (played with American friends for years).

    I m not there yet but i would like to raid group and what not.

    Let me know if you have a crew i could fit in and feel free to AMA.

    See you ig,
    Rpxy24 (i know i know... but its been my nickname since...forever.)

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